Friday, 5 June 2015

My Braces Journey Day 1: Braces Day

My initial appointment should be on the 9th of June, thought of having it set on my teeth, then I can spend my rest time at home during this end of posting period. Got a call from the clinic that my orthodontist will be outstation for a period of time. Got my date reschedule to 5th of June, instead.

I'm actually excited!

Commercial break
Went for bowling with colleagues few days back in MITC

Back to the topic

For the past few nights before I could fall asleep, I've been scrolling through stories and blogs about the procedure. Giving myself an idea how it is done and what to expect. I'm mentally prepared and excited about being the new member of metal mouth gang.

I was among the last patient that day, since they give me the 4pm slot (seriously killing my excitement). After a long day, Dr Kok still being very nice and friendly. Not much exchange of conversation, well, I couldn't talk during the procedure while she was being really focused.

Scaling and Cleaning
COFFEE LOVER just can't escape this step. I have this guilty laugh when she told me "You need a lot of cleaning". Yeah, coffee stains the teeth a lot, but I'm not giving up (Grin and slowly roll away).

The amount of discomfort during scaling is way disturbing. Some areas of my teeth and gum are quite sensitive, the sharp poking and scraping pain gives me some jolts at certain part. I wish it will be over soon. However, it took about 15 minutes. It might sound like a short one, but no, I freaking don't like it.

When I was ask to rinse my mouth, quite an amount of blood from my gums. 

Putting the Braces On
All I was focusing was watching the busy hands of my orthodontist and her assistant. I have no idea what's going on. The whole process is fairly comfortable. Keeping my tongue relax is one important step that I need to keep myself reminded. 

I could taste how sour the adhesive is. I was informed that she was placing the bracket starting from my lower set of teeth, followed by the upper set.

Pressure was felt when she placed the archwire into each bracket. Each bracket of the Self Ligating Braces has their own door called Auto Clip, once the door is closed, the archwire stays in place. This is where the difference from the conventional braces, where coloured elastic band was used to keep the archwire stays in place. 

The archwire has memory of its own original shape. It exerts pressure on the brackets and then to the teeth for it to go back into its own straight line. I guess this is the simplest way to explain how it works. I'm not the best person to describe this. Hehe.

Awkward gigi pictures ahead!

Mirror image (The coil spring on the left of this picture is actually on the right side of my mouth)

Pay attention to how crooked the archwire is crossing every bracket in each tooth. 
They must be crying to get their straight position back.

Lips is super dry, effects from all the foreign objects in my mouth. Taking time to adjust.

Right side

This is an open coil spring, used to open up space.
Open coil spring is the most annoying monster in my mouth now, it is jutting out, scraping my inner lips 24/7. Due to its most outer position and rough surface. Wonder how long this monster gonna stay there.

Another monster is the hook attached to the bracket on the canine. It has a blunted round end, but it still happily scraping my inner lips.

Notice that one tooth that doesn't own a bracket? Because it has insufficient space for a bracket until my right canine fill up the empty place, where my premolar was extracted.

The criss cross wire at the side is called colligation, it is to close the empty space by pulling the canine.

Left side

This side is less troublesome, the hook over this side is a bit more in the inside, staying in a further distance from my inner lips. There are times it still try to scrap my inner lips, but way better compared to the right one.

Edited the colour of this picture to emphasize on the colligation over this side, for the same purpose, to close the gap.

See that monster on the left side of this picture, the most jutting out part. That's the coil spring LOR!

I called this Life Saver!

All the sharp hooks' worst enemy, the dental wax. Just take a pinch, roll it into a ball and had it paste over the sharp area. Safe me from getting more ulcers.


I didn't feel any pain on the first day.
Just a mouthful of metal, taking time to adjust how to close my mouth and my lips just feel weird. Definitely lots of pressure inside, but no pain felt at the moment.

The most significant changes is that I can't bite!
Even the softest food in the universe. My teeth feel so tight that bitting is painful and sensitive.
Well, no problem la, since I've been on soft diet on the past few weeks, full of experience fuhhhhh....

Cost: RM 2,900 (RM 100 for consultation)


Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Braces Journey Part 3: Tooth Extraction x3

My Braces Journey Recap:

Here comes the last pre-braces step!

The most significant thing after my wisdom removal is how tiring it is to chew only on the right side of my mouth, besides some weird pounding and sharp pain over the suturing site. Food might stuck around the suture, and yeah it is yucky. Still, had to clean them despite the pain over the raw area.

Just 6 days after the wisdom tooth left its root, another 3 are the upcoming victims. Due to overcrowding (hate this word now LOL), both of my upper premolars and left lower 1st molar have to bid goodbye. Sorry, your owner has a cute small jaw to fit too many of you. Teehee.

During my first consultation, Dr Kok mentioned that she will do the extraction in view that she was the one that decide which teeth to be removed for her to fix the braces. After I had my suture removal with Dr Leong, both of them were discussing about my extraction. She came over to Dr Leong's office and did another examination on me. In the end, she decided to have Dr Leong extracts the other 3 for me as well.

"You sure you want to have 3 extraction on the same day? You can try both on the same side first, and come back another time for the one on the right."

Well, I understand the situation that eating will be easier if the tooth on the same side being removed together, so that I still can chew easily on the other side. But, making another appointment sounds tedious to me and my working schedule.

"It's okay, I want 3 out at the same time"

As expected, eating is getting more difficult. Wisdom tooth removal area still kinda raw, now I have EXTRA 3 sockets in my mouth.

Bleeding took quite some time to stop because I couldn't focus to put on constant pressure to 3 bleeding sockets at one time.

I had to bring porridge to work. Until about day 4, I couldn't stand taking too much of soft diet. Soft diet makes me super hungry. My satiety is not satisfied at all.

Day 5 post extraction (with 4 teeth less in my mouth), I finally had Korean food for dinner!

I had to drag my friends out to eat with me. And yes, I'm finally a happy girl.
I insist to eat the crunchy anchovies and peanuts, which I might not be able to eat once I have my braces put on.

I'm excited.


Friday, 22 May 2015

My Braces Journey Part 2: Wisdom Tooth Removal

Here's the recap for My Braces Journey:

Part 1: Consultation (07.05.15)

Call me bad luck.

How many wisdom tooth a person has?

FOUR (4)

How many I had mine removed?

THIS IS THE FREAKING THIRD ONE in just a span of 7 months. Sit one corner and cry.

Putting that aside, I calmly called up Dental Clinic of Mahkota Medical Centre to schedule an appointment for my left lower wisdom tooth removal. Time and date was booked under Dr Leong SY, an oral maxillofacial surgeon.

I went to the clinic on my post night, thinking that being sleepy is good enough to bear the pain. Ah, yes, I hate the local analgesia injection. The dentist has a bigger, silver high tech looking LA syringe, as compared to what I used in hospital. Troll!

My wisdom had to be removed surgically in view that it is only partially out, at the same time it is facing at my buccal mucosa. The alignment is so out, so not wisdom at all!

The surgery took slightly longer that predicted, my surgeon sort of missed out that one tiny hook of the tooth at the bottom of the gum. It was a bit vague on the X-Ray, even I didn't notice that tiny notorious bit. That is when all the DRILLING and DIGGING came in to get it out.

I am not sleepy anymore after the drilling. I can even feel when the hole was being sutured, the pressure, not the pain of course!

Since I have so called the experience of removing 2 wisdom tooth previously, the pain was expected, the numbness was expected.

I have to go on soft diet for a week AGAIN. Bye bye to all the crunchy keropok in Emergency Department.

While I did my next booking for STO, I made it the same day for extraction of the other 3 tooth on 28th May, which is actually 6 days after this surgery. They were like "Girl, are you sure?"

I'm not out of time. It is just tough to plan off days for appointment.


Thursday, 7 May 2015

My Braces Journey Part 1: Consultation

Hey there, it's time to CPR my blog here. It has been pretty dusty here. Anyway, I bet it will interesting to jot down this new journey of mine, should be pretty interesting to be reading it again in the future.

The thought of getting a braces was way back when I was in Secondary One. I've pretty bad overcrowding since my baby teeth were replaced. All the permanent one was growing everywhere within the gums. However, the thought of having to go through the pain fears me, so I defaulted the idea of getting braces done. To make myself feels better, I thought my fangs were pretty unique, and that's for who I am. The decision has been on and off until now.

Many reasons why I decided to embark this journey now:

1. I can finally pay the expenses on my own.
2. I am ready to be responsible to the discomfort.
3. I want straight teeth (echoing x100000).
4. My teeth is getting harder to brush.
5. I want straight teeth.
6. I want straight teeth.
7. I need a change in life (shh secret...).

It's all started on the 7th of May 2015.

I had an appointment made under Dr Kok, an orthodontist in Mahkota Medical Centre for my very first consultation.

Here's the journey before I could have the braces fixed on me.

1. I need to get my left lower third molar (wisdom tooth) out surgically. The tooth is partially out, however it was severely misaligned laterally towards my buccal mucosa. It does give me some discomfort upon manipulating the tooth.

2. After that, 2 of my upper premolars and my left lower first molar will have to be extracted due to overcrowding. Thank God I had one missing tooth naturally, so nothing need to be down over my lower right side of my teeth.

P.S: 6 months ago, I had my right lower wisdom tooth surgically removed because it was impacted. On the same event, the upper right wisdom tooth was extracted because it was too long with slight misalignment causing injury towards my buccal mucosa.

3. A mould of my teeth was done. The taste of the pink color mould yucks!!!

4. Dr Kok explains the different types of braces available with all the pros and cons. On the spot, I picked self lighting braces. However, I still have to go through all the steps above before I could have it fixed on me :(

5. A lateral cephalometric X-Ray was done showing that my upper set of teeth was protruding causing slight overbite.

Next appointment was made to remove my wisdom tooth on the 22nd May, scary shit!

It didn't look so bad from a far portrait of myself, but certainly can't deny it wasn't a set of nice straight teeth. Gonna miss my FANGS the most.

Close up with friends.
Now you see how bad my set of teeth was compared with my friends.

Want to read more? Here:


Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Crazy day indeed..

I've been working without a full off for almost 2 weeks now. All I got was multiple night shifts in a week with post night off.

So far so good, I'm enjoying the company of my colleagues. 95% of orthopaedic house officers are 5th poster seniors.

Thers are times that I feel so secure with their presence, at the same time I feel inferior when medical officers started to compare our performance with them.

Who has never been in the place of being the 1st poster as house officer anyway..

I've done with my CME presentation today! Phew! Feel so relieved now even though I suck in all the Q&A by boss. Spent more than 80 bucks to treat everyone in the department for lunch. It is the rule, where the presenter has to buy the lunch!

Got my CNY annual leaves today :)

Bought tons of book in Big Bad Wolf that day.. wonder I really got the time to read


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Post MIA update :)

Wow, it is getting dusty here that it layers like a crepe cake now!

Just realized my last post was like end of August. I've been MIA, multifactorial reasons. But hey, I finally have a job and entering working life almost 1 month now. How time flies..

The main point here is, I have not get my salary yet.. Lol..

Haha, random.. Showing my point of view currently while typing this.

I'm enjoying the free 3 in 1 coffee I got from my ward sister, sitting on my mattress with my blanky. Not to forget the wonderful sunshine taking its peek from my window. Can't conclude it is a lovely day yet, long way to go...

Speaking about work, I guess I'm still learning.. Pretty lots of mistake and doing dumb things around, either in the ward or clinic. Being the only first poster in the ward, I'm really thankful to have bunch of great colleagues around to help me clear the cloud in my head.

Orthopaedics, not my forte at all. Job like desloughing still okay for me, when it comes to removal of k-wire, I'm so sorry to cost so much pain on that boy. So blessed that the MA was around to help, man..

Has been sitting in clinic with MOs for quite some times already even though I wasn't place in clinic in the schedule. They called all the way to ward to request who to help them in clinic. I suppose "Leong" is an easy name for them to remember since only 1 suku kata.. Not sure I'm being fortunate or unfortunate at the same time. I missed most of the ward work by helping out in clinic..

So far so good.. I guess that's it for now.. Going to enjoy the sunshine before I'm going to be in owl shift tonight :)

Finally I'm done with my convocation ceremony in UKM :)


Friday, 30 August 2013

8 non-serious things we did in Family Medicine

Family medicine

Speaking about this, I think my course mates play quite a big role in making this interesting. Put aside all the serious thoughts on how we get through the posting. Due to my jobless syndrome, those time we spent in Family Medicine indeed memorable.

In the morning, we love being the group that went all the way to KK Batu 14.
It takes longer to reach = we can continue our sleep.

On the way back, we prefer to be in Pusat Primer. There is where we can visualize our room better!

Food wise, I think my group fall in love with KK Batu 9 (you know who you are!). We have that guy that had potato wedges every morning as breakfast. The girls that had 3 meals of pineapple per day. And me myself that wasn't very healthy back then filling myself with keropok lekor =.=

The sudden strikes of mini c-ex. Happened to me, Connie & Siang lol..

"Oh that's our examiner for this week"
Dr saw us
"Let's do mini c-ex now"
Heart dropped
Read CPG in iPad madly

Teaching in KK Batu 9 and everyone has to clerk the patients!

Dive ourselves into the sea of patients there, so crowded that we are trying to spot which patient looks like a good target that won't chase us away.

3 minutes of clerking, then the aunty said "I need to go now"

Darn, have to go find another one.

All the teaching is actually awesome!

We have great teaching from the lecturers even though we were messing around looking for patients and trying to spend some time fulfilling what we need to do in the log book.

My group had some Tamil or Bollywood movie moments when we were slacking.

Standing at the road side waiting for the bus for almost an hour because the bus driver decided to take a break before picking us. We were playing with the cat at the roadside for an hour!

This post is made for fun, we did have a lot of serious moments to learn. When everything is mixed up, we had a cocktail of experience in this front-line posting.


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Abs: 12 weeks later

I have been spamming my Instagram, Facebook, twitter and my blog with all my fitness routine. I'm so sorry if it bothers anyone. Can I blame the delay of my job? Can you imagine my result was announced on May the 2nd and I've been holidaying since then. And and and... They said I might only have job on October wtfish...

On my 11th week of Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution workout program, I started incorporate yoga meltdown in the routine 2-3 times in a week. How I miss attending yoga class with Tyng back in KL. We thought we've found a good yoga place but who knows they run away with our money after 4 classes pfffttt.... Even the instructors had their salary run away by the owner of the place!!!!!

Now in Week 12 (today Day 81, yay 9 days to go), I still weighed 46kg, no change yay!!!

I'm not looking forward to lose weight, so I'm happy to be able to maintain.

12 weeks before, I can't even do a push up, not even a slight bend of my elbow, I'll definitely fall flat. I can't hold plank for more than 15 seconds, I can't do a wheel pose at all. And, I almost pengsan every time doing cardio circuit workout like almost after 3 burpees.

Now, holding wheel pose for a picture is no longer the greatest challenge. And, I just figure out how to do a modified chaturanga and a few triceps push ups :)

Words can't describe the feeling when I finally get to do this photo series of before and after.

I didn't have diet restriction, still having my daily dose of 3-in-1 coffee, grandma's home cook, some snacks and ice-cream once in awhile, heavy supper every Saturday and a glass of low fat milk a few nights in a week.

Everyone has their own passion inside them no matter what is it, go for it! I wanted to work so badly now because I'm afraid to lose the momentum I used to have in the hospital. Since I can't control when I'll work, why not take this time to do what I love and getting the benefits of it right.. Haha


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Workout :)

First time blog from a tablet, so it is a bit weird..

Ever since I'm back from my trip in Kuching, for the first time I seriously start myself on a workout program. Don't get me wrong, I'm not planning to lose weight. I just want to train on my own strength, stay lean but not thin, and strong.

Ok la, I super admire girls with really nice define abs with no flabby arms. 

Since I started watching The Biggest Loser, I love Jillian Michaels!! Bob and Dolvett too. But Jillian is my definite idol, she is petite (just 1-2 inches taller than me) among the Americans, once an overweight child, but look at her today! 

The Biggest Loser contestants did give me a wake up call that since they are able to do it, why can't I? I know some must have look down on them on how they get to the path of being really overweight, but at least their determination are way over the respect bar. They are the best motivators and I love seeing how great they look in the final. Can't wait for Season 15!!

I've been doing Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution (a 90-day program) since 3rd June. Today I'm on Day 56 (week 8) and Sunday is my rest day according to the workout schedule. I've graduated from Phase 2 of the program. There are 3 phases, each phase last for 4 weeks. I will do 4 strength circuits and 2 cardio circuit per week.

The results? Not sure whether the result obvious or not, but I definitely improve. Currently, heaviest weight I have is 4lbs dumb bell. For some of the workout, I think I need more.

Above picture taken on the earlier stage of the workout. The below picture took few days ago. 

I still have 4 more weeks to go. Maybe next time I should have arm pictures to compare as well.. Haha..


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 7-8 thoughts

Episode 7

All right, this episode reveals the reason why Summer hates Jayden, Jim Jim showing interest in the Pre-Pilot Project (PPP) and Holiday is in HK!

Yay, I love watching the brothers. Their conversations are funny and they look really natural together. 
I love this part when Issac is making sure Sam is okay after he just bumped into Summer. He was peppering toothpicks into his food :D

In the airport, the trio (Issac, Roy and Coco) finally has ended their topic on worrying Sam meeting Summer. Roy will be the pilot flying to Taiwan, where he used to work. This is the first time he admitted the he has a girlfriend in Taiwan (I just knew about it, and I went like okay... until the next scene)

Wow, I didn't know that the girlfriend he meant earlier was actually girlfriends! Two of them!

If I'm not mistaken, the girlfriend everyone knows is the girl in the bottom picture. Initially he was spending his time with the girl in a beach until his girlfriend called. They met in another place where Roy has to pay extra to the taxi driver to overtake his gf's taxi. He vomited when he reached the location, LOL! Well, he still made it before the girl.

He gave really lame excuse when the gf questions him!

"Why are you wet?"
"Oh, there is a fountain. Did I look sexier?"

"Why is there sand as well?"
"The fountain sprays seawater"

This character of him reminds me of his character as Lo Sir in Mysteries of Love.

Looks like somebody is learning something from Jayden, haha!

Here we see Jim Jim again, a rowing athlete (if I'm not mistaken, correct me please)

His acting was really stiff here, or was it his character's requirement because he is always so polite and shy when he was surrounded by fans.

He was hiding in the airplane toilet after being surrounded by fans, a socially awkward?
Coco put him in First Class cabin after that to calm down the fans in the Economy class, and benefits Jim Jim as well.

He looked so shaken from all the fans! Hmm, I'm still curious about Jim Jim's personality.

While he was leaving the airport back in HK, he takes a look at the PPP poster. *hint hint*
Previously, he mentioned to his brother a.k.a coach that he wants to try something new besides being an athlete. Expect more from Jim Jim :)

Whenever Jayden around, he used to be really strict. Throughout the episode, Issac and Jayden develops really close bromance with each other. They interact in a more relaxing way, which I don't have to held my breathe for Issac.

After Jayden signed the PPP documents given by Issac (from Sam), he was taking a look on the PPP poster, the one that Jim Jim saw earlier. He left the cafeteria in a rush that he did not eat the cake a pretty cabin crew treated him.

He looked really serious and left the cafeteria after seeing the date on the poster, 10th November. He went all the way to the technician area looking for Summer's toolbox. Initially he wanted to leave a note for her, it was then he found out an antique watch who I guess used to belong to him. He took the watch happily and abort the idea of leaving the note.

Jayden then met Issac, asking him to help him to have the watch fixed, as he knew someone who fix antique watch.

Summer, still as cool as always, had no choice but to confront him when her watch went missing. Jayden denied the whole incident and challenged Summer to search the watch on him. Summer backed away from her brother and left. Issac still look so shocked that he has become part of the lie, was then convinced by Jayden everything is going to be all right.

Back at home, Sam has the same watch as the one Jayden took from Summer's toolbox. Sam's watch was a gift from Zoe.

"Not only they (Zoe & Summer) look alike, they even have the same taste in watch design"

A book fell from the rack when they were having conversation about Zoe.
Issac started to feel spooky again, LOL this guy damn bad luck!

Jayden then had Issac and Tracy's help in preparing a birthday party as a surprise for Summer on 10th November. All of sudden, Issac has become the sidekick for Jayden. 

Summer doesn't look surprise, indeed cooler than before without a word. Jayden gave him the watch which is working again, as a surprise for her.

Ah B then told Jayden that Summer's birthday was 11th October, and they already celebrated for her last month. It turned out to be a terrible mistake, which show how Jayden didn't pay much attention in his little sister. Couldn't blame why Summer hates him.

Summer took the working watch and dropped it into a jug of drinks.

Interesting part here, stories are slowly revealed here.

When Summer left the place, Jayden chased her asking why she has to treat him that way.
"Why can't you understand?" that's the first thing Summer asked.

She then revealed why she kept the watch unfixed. When she was barely 10 years old, Jayden left the house to join the military. She convinced Jayden for not leaving her alone and clinging on him. However, Jayden insists to leave and left Summer fell off with the watch. That was when the watch stopped at 2pm, until the day before it was fixed.

The watch constantly reminds her on the painful experience she had with her brother, who she couldn't forgive.

During the conversation, Issac was watching at the back. The mystery then no longer a secret.

The playboy has nothing better to do when his sister makes him sad.
Jayden tells different stories about himself whenever he was with different girl. 

Nobody in Skylette Airlines knows about Jayden's background because everyone has a different story version about him.

Issac took Summer's watch back. To get the watch running again, a new core (I think) was needed. Without hesitation, Sam offers his watch to help changed the core in Summer's watch. The watch is too antique that no shop sells a new one.

Sam mentioned something really meaningful here:
"If Zoe is here, she will do the same. Helping Summer will be my way of remembering Zoe"


Issac showed Summer the watch that was belong to Sam, but return the spoiled watch back to Summer without doing what Sam told him to. 

"I just want to show you this watch, which was belong to my brother. It was given by Zoe. I just want to say, watch is just an item, it was the link it has that matters. Being able to become siblings isn't easy. Appreciate the relationship"

The phrase quoted by Issac was something like that, but sounds more meaningful. I quoted this from my memory, sorry if it sounds way different.

This is my favourite scene of the episode!

Holiday is in Hong Kong, after she went missing in Episode 6.

She called Sam from afar, ran towards him, hugging him then she started to shake his head and shoulder vigorously! *shaken baby syndrome LOL*

Omg at her chicky voice when she loudly called Sam..

Sam let Holiday stays over his place, an act of his gratitude towards Manna when he used to stay over her place in London. 

"Your brother, Sam is always so serious and stiff. He looks like he put on Botox on his face" 
That was what Holiday told Issac when Sam went to get her a cup of tea (so formal English style how he presents the tea)

"This is the most high quality description I ever heard about my brother. Very good"

That is how the screenshot came about after the conversation, looking at Sam's reaction.

They started to interact, getting to know each other. Holiday as cheeky as always. Sam told Holiday not to disturb Issac because he is going to take his exam. He just passed a CQA exam and there are 6 stages of exam to go before he is qualify to be a captain.

Coco then supported Issac that he is going to pass all the test and become a captain at a younger age compared to Sam.

A sudden scene on Apple (by Toby Leung) back in the airport cafeteria. There are this fellas wanted to do some project regarding airport and their crews. Since Apple is famous of her story being a baby left at the airport and grew up here, they interviewed her.

The unnamed character by Stephen Hyuhn then become so nervous on her story that he spilled his coffee. Josie was there too during the brief scene. 

It stopped there, leaving more questions to the audiences.
Sorry to say, I don't like to watch Toby Leung :(

The final scene shows Holiday taking picture of airplane with Jayden driving passed her. The focus was on Holiday's bracelet, which has a key to open it. The key was once found in the jacket sold by Holiday in Paris by Jayden, and he took it with him. 

The episode ends with Holiday shouting at the aeroplane "I am coming!"

I love this episode because most of the scattered pieces of question are able put together to see a better picture. Even though, not as its best, I want to see how they progress. But, there are no pilot on the plane seen this episode..

*   *   *   *   *

Episode 8

This episode looks like a dedication episode for Roy and Heather, so many of their screen time. Other than that, we see how Holiday used to know Zoe before, just realized that she is Sam's wife.

In the last episode, Sam did briefly mentioned that every cadet and pilot needs to have their own "magic" or guide book to help them get through exams when he was talking to Issac. Holiday then sneaked into Sam's bedroom to look for the book, which might help her get through PPP interview.

Sam came back all of the sudden, leaving Holiday to create lame excuse on how she gets into his room. She quickly jumped onto Sam's bed and pretended that she went into the wrong room after going to the toilet in a dreamy state. 

Old-fashioned excuse, that a normal peep won't accept. Well, it was to add in the humor here.

I wish they would extend the scene when Jayden decided to let Issac to become the captain in-charge for the first time. 

Since Jayden is less popular among the male counterparts, Issac is the only guy he was really close to and how he helps him in preparing the oh-so-wrong birthday surprise. It is awesome when your boss let you take over his place to train you and give you a valuable lesson. Awesome.

The Captain will have to sit on the left seat. Jayden wants to train Issac to get used to control everything from the left side, which most of the new captain had their mistakes. Sitting at the captain's seat for the first time, Issac was looking for the launch button on the wrong side and then only he understands what Jayden meant.

After that, they didn't show how Issac handles the whole flight being the one in-charge. 

I don't know about others, I wish to watch more scenes like this.

The husband & wife, Heather & Tony met Roy in Kaohsiung, Taiwan although they are flying a different plane. For easier story development, they will always be neighbour in the hotel. 

When Roy realized the two were staying right next to him, he tried to abort the plan of having his girlfriend #1, Philis (the girl in bikini at the beach in Ep 7) at his hotel room.

Overly attached girlfriend Philis strikes!

When Roy trying his best to cancel the plan of meeting each other, Philis wants him to answer 15 questions of where did they date from the first date to 15th! As a girl, I don't think I remember mine either if I have one.. Haha!

Roy got all the places name right anyway!

Since Philis no longer joining him, he went around the streets to enjoy the delicacies in Taiwan. He stopped in front of a juice stall that sells guava juice, there he met Heather asking "You still want to detox your bowel?"

"No wonder you look so familiar, I remember you!"
That is what Roy replied..

Well, Roy and Heather used to work at the same airlines in Taiwan. 

Omg, a flirtatious guy like you don't remember seeing Heather before until this episode?

When he was flying with Captain Lee in Taiwan, the captain had him drank a cup of guava juice that eventually cause him to have diarrhea. He had a terrible time for not being able to leave to the lavatory until the flight has landed. Heather hands him a new pair of pants after his bouts of diarrhea.

Heather never revealed his secret ever since then.

Roy's phone was out of battery and still charging in his hotel room. So, he has to borrow Heather's to call Philis to report to her what he is doing and when he will call her again.

Back in the hotel, Tony was seen sleeping soundly from a lethargic flight (or jet lag?). Heather then packed her sexy lingerie back to her bag with disappointment. Her planned sweet holiday with her husband turn out not as what she expected. But it doesn't reveal much here. Hmmppp...

Roy's girlfriend #2 Joanne (by Skye Chan) gave him a surprise when she was supposed to reach the next day.

At the same time, Heather received a call from Philis (remember, Roy uses her phone to call Philis) that she will coming to look for Roy tonight. When Heather reached the beach, she had to point her phone at Roy to tell him he is in trouble. Then they had some conversation at the beach when Joanne went to Roy's room, Heather did hint that she had more experience in having planned stuff that eventually turned sour when Roy complained about handling 2 girlfriends.

Holiday still not giving up in looking for the "magic" guidebook Sam mentioned the other day. Finally she found the book entitled Cadet Note in one of the drawer. At the same time, she found the Sam and Zoe's wedding picture, which leave her in awe.

Back in her room, she was seen holding this Triangel (it is Tri-angel, not a wrong spelling of triangle haha!) saying "Who would have guess Sam is your husband"

If I'm not mistaken, this Triangel was seen in Triumph of the Skies 1 that belongs to Zoe, a gift from Belle to Sam, then to Zoe, no?

Holiday spends more of her time going to the airport to take photographs of the aeroplane after she gets bored reading notes and notes in preparation for PPP interview.

There is this one day that she saw Sam was holding Apple's hand having a walk, thinking he already found a new partner. She took out the Triangel, looked into the sky and said 
"Zoe, you don't have to worry. Sam has move on"

The flashback showed how Zoe came across Holiday's life. Both of them met in Hong Kong airport, both flying to London. But Holiday couldn't get a ticket and she will miss celebrating her boyfriend's birthday. Zoe overheard that and gave her ticket to Holiday.

Zoe asked Holiday whether did she trust fate.

Zoe gave Holiday her Triangel that will bring her luck of fate, telling her in case she happened to see her husband (who is Sam), tell him not to blame himself. 

Remember what Sam said in the previous episode when he wants to giveaway his watch?
"Zoe likes to help people around. She will definitely do the same if she is around" and much more.

Here we recap the personality of Zoe, who is so friendly and loves helping anyone regardless the outcomes. She sacrifices her ticket to see her husband to Holiday so she can meet her boyfriend, and she even present a gift from her husband to Holiday, hoping the doll will bring her luck!

Where can I meet friends like this???
Nevertheless, one of my favourite scene because there is Zoe!

Does that mean it is a wish from Zoe to Holiday that someday she will be fated Sam's partner? 
*hint hint*

Holiday then left the Triangel on the spot where she met Sam and Apple, saying that she already had her mission accomplished in helping Sam to find a new partner. She left the doll there, with the hope the next fated person will own it to continue the link of luck.

Who knows the next person who picked up the Triangel was Summer!

Back in Hong Kong, Roy just realized Heather & Tony stay in the same building where he used to stay. To thank how Heather helped him settle his triangle love, he offers to treat them his home cook dinner. Since they just reached home, he haven't got the time to tidy up the house. It ends up having a meal in Heather's and Tony's place.

The scene here is basically to show how lovey dovey Heather and Tony is, even in front of a friend, they aren't shy to show their affection to each other. 

Roy, now you found friends who stay nearer, no longer you'll see him eating at Sam's place anymore! Haha..

When I saw this scene, I went like "Girl, your bag!"

She was so excited to take photos of the aeroplane reflection that she threw her bag like that. 

Summer recognized her that she was the girl who left the Triangel behind. While she was taking picture, Summer appeared at the reflection of the car window. She become victim #2 (after Issac) thinking that this is the ghost of Zoe.

Summer returned the Triangel to Holiday without interrupting her being so excited taking pictures. 

Okay, now I see why she has to drop the bag in the scene, this is the reason behind it.

How she got so shocked when she saw Summer in the picture she took when she browsing all of them in her laptop. She spilled coffee on the Cadet Note, alamak!

She got even shocked when she found the Triangel in her bag, thinking that Zoe's soul was still with her. She covered the Triangel with a piece of paper!

Through the trios conversation here, Holiday just realized Sam and Apple is not dating. Sam adopts Apple when she lives in the orphanage last time. Apple is Sam's goddaugther!

When Holiday realized she made a big mistake, she prayed and apologize to Zoe that she couldn't help her to get Sam a partner since she herself is still in a mess!

In conclusion, I don't like this episode. Too much Roy-Heather story that doesn't seems to be very interesting. Holiday's story started to see a different turn, I am anticipating for her PPP interview in the next episode.


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