Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Braces Journey Part 3: Tooth Extraction x3

My Braces Journey Recap:

Here comes the last pre-braces step!

The most significant thing after my wisdom removal is how tiring it is to chew only on the right side of my mouth, besides some weird pounding and sharp pain over the suturing site. Food might stuck around the suture, and yeah it is yucky. Still, had to clean them despite the pain over the raw area.

Just 6 days after the wisdom tooth left its root, another 3 are the upcoming victims. Due to overcrowding (hate this word now LOL), both of my upper premolars and left lower 1st molar have to bid goodbye. Sorry, your owner has a cute small jaw to fit too many of you. Teehee.

During my first consultation, Dr Kok mentioned that she will do the extraction in view that she was the one that decide which teeth to be removed for her to fix the braces. After I had my suture removal with Dr Leong, both of them were discussing about my extraction. She came over to Dr Leong's office and did another examination on me. In the end, she decided to have Dr Leong extracts the other 3 for me as well.

"You sure you want to have 3 extraction on the same day? You can try both on the same side first, and come back another time for the one on the right."

Well, I understand the situation that eating will be easier if the tooth on the same side being removed together, so that I still can chew easily on the other side. But, making another appointment sounds tedious to me and my working schedule.

"It's okay, I want 3 out at the same time"

As expected, eating is getting more difficult. Wisdom tooth removal area still kinda raw, now I have EXTRA 3 sockets in my mouth.

Bleeding took quite some time to stop because I couldn't focus to put on constant pressure to 3 bleeding sockets at one time.

I had to bring porridge to work. Until about day 4, I couldn't stand taking too much of soft diet. Soft diet makes me super hungry. My satiety is not satisfied at all.

Day 5 post extraction (with 4 teeth less in my mouth), I finally had Korean food for dinner!

I had to drag my friends out to eat with me. And yes, I'm finally a happy girl.
I insist to eat the crunchy anchovies and peanuts, which I might not be able to eat once I have my braces put on.

I'm excited.




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