Friday, 22 May 2015

My Braces Journey Part 2: Wisdom Tooth Removal

Here's the recap for My Braces Journey:

Part 1: Consultation (07.05.15)

Call me bad luck.

How many wisdom tooth a person has?

FOUR (4)

How many I had mine removed?

THIS IS THE FREAKING THIRD ONE in just a span of 7 months. Sit one corner and cry.

Putting that aside, I calmly called up Dental Clinic of Mahkota Medical Centre to schedule an appointment for my left lower wisdom tooth removal. Time and date was booked under Dr Leong SY, an oral maxillofacial surgeon.

I went to the clinic on my post night, thinking that being sleepy is good enough to bear the pain. Ah, yes, I hate the local analgesia injection. The dentist has a bigger, silver high tech looking LA syringe, as compared to what I used in hospital. Troll!

My wisdom had to be removed surgically in view that it is only partially out, at the same time it is facing at my buccal mucosa. The alignment is so out, so not wisdom at all!

The surgery took slightly longer that predicted, my surgeon sort of missed out that one tiny hook of the tooth at the bottom of the gum. It was a bit vague on the X-Ray, even I didn't notice that tiny notorious bit. That is when all the DRILLING and DIGGING came in to get it out.

I am not sleepy anymore after the drilling. I can even feel when the hole was being sutured, the pressure, not the pain of course!

Since I have so called the experience of removing 2 wisdom tooth previously, the pain was expected, the numbness was expected.

I have to go on soft diet for a week AGAIN. Bye bye to all the crunchy keropok in Emergency Department.

While I did my next booking for STO, I made it the same day for extraction of the other 3 tooth on 28th May, which is actually 6 days after this surgery. They were like "Girl, are you sure?"

I'm not out of time. It is just tough to plan off days for appointment.




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