Saturday, 21 April 2007

h@ppy b!rthd@y, j!unn yu

this afternoon i followed my mum to grandma's house in bukit siput.. it is jiunn yu's (ah ti!) birthday today and yet he's still very NAUGHTY!!! as i had some 'tong' of potato chip of mr potato, i gave one to him as a birthday present, i guess.. and he managed to finish it before i went home at 5pm..

he had kept on asking me whether my handphone has a camera. it was because he wanted me to take his picture.. here it is! (as u can see his sis behind there)..

what happen to the pic? the ball supposed to be in black n white! later on, he asked me to edit his picture..


t!kus !n d@ h0us3

these few days, rats are around outside the house.. at the house garden.. so, we decided to put rat cages around.. and we caught one..

here it is! the big fat rat (quite)...

hey.. i'm tired.. HELP!!!!

actually i found it very cute n chubby... but, whatever it is, it is still a crafty, tricky and little naughty rat... R.I.P rat...

Thursday, 19 April 2007

wh0 d!d ! l00k l!k3?

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!'m b0r3d but th!nk!ng

Somebody had urged me to blog more. Let see for now. I'll try if I'm in mood enough to blog. Besides, I have blog in Myspace and Yahoo 360 Degree. Feel free to stop by. But most of the blogs have the same events, what's different is the people who view and read it. This is because not everyone learn that i had created 3 blogs for now.

4 months doing nothing much in my house in a small durian town is something going to drive me up the wall. Logically, i can't even drive myself up the wall but well, it really make me crazy. By the way, you can't have gathering, lim teh all the time. So rich? Since my house is so near to most of the cafe, kopitiam, food stall and supermarket here, so, going out with friends will not really cheer me up. But as long as there's anyone else to talk to rather than sitting at home. My daily routine will be waking up around 8 in the morning. Other than having my teeth brushed, face washed, clothes changed, my 1st work will washing my clothes. Then, i'll have my breakfast. My favourite breakfast will be nasi goreng kampung!! It is really nice! YAY... But, i can't have that most of the morning as nasi goreng kampung is sort of not very healthy food, oily. Besides that, i'll have milo cereal or just milo. Nothing much to have for breakfast. After breakfast, i'll enjoy my good time reading the newspaper. Looking for the comics section first then i'll turn to intech where i like to read the comment for the new released handphone. The last thing i'll do is to read the main paper. I had never read the business section before, it is because i just can't understand all the statements there. Business is just not my cup of tea or any beverages, as I found business is so boring, like me right now.

Two weeks ago, I had made my decision is to take up A-Level in INTI University College, Nilai. I even had registered and booked for my room there. I had paid the registration fee, application fee, deposit and a month rent for my Super Delux Twin. Two weeks later, the matriculation name list is out! Unexpected! I'm so lucky to be chosen to get into the Ministry of Education matriculation programme. Very lucky, huh? Right now, my mind has not stop for spinning and thinking where should i further my study. For very sure, I won't stay in Segamat anymore to do STPM. I have been thinking about it for 3 days and now I'm still considering. But, mostly my choice will be taking matriculation. No reason to be given right now as I found matriculation has it own advantages. I guess most of the people in Malaysia know it. In conclusion, no comment. Haha.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

ch!n3s3 n3w y3@r 2007

Year 2007...
It's all about pigs...

In a small town.....Segamat....
One big family...

One missing....
The celebration still goes on....

Happy Chinese New Year....

the family photo... this year's photo looks quite few people compared to last year... someone is missing in Ireland....

me, tyng & ying..... no doubt, in front of the temple..

my mummy & daddy inside the temple... (let bro sees how's mummy & daddy now in malaysia)

pig's nest.. hehe.. a creation in the temple for the year of pig.. oink oink..

the golden dragon in the next temple...

lion dance in front of my house....

inside the house... praying....

with the lion dance team...

the team leaving.....

!'m b@ck...

Sorry for those who see my blog.. Hehe... Last time, i'm not in mood to blog.. So, i try to blog more often now.. Very sorry.... I'm blog those last time moment that I had missed out here... Sorry for the LATE blog...

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