Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Day 30: Learning issues answered!

Day 30 : in this month, what have you learned

I always have lack of self awareness and reflection on what I do. Hardly refill the lacking in me. This is even tougher than writing a book or speaking in front of the public. Even if I can list down what I have learned this August, it hardly to be so true or real. But I believed, indirectly I must have learned a lot having internal medicine and community health posting filled in this 31 days. This task comes at the right time but not at the right place. Reflecting myself at the end of the month, seriously is something an oriented and discipline person will do. That is why this is completely so-not-me. And, this task trigger my neurons to come out with something that I have never think before.

Sometimes it is better to think inside the box than outside the box.

Pay attention and take action 
*Learned this during internal medicine posting. I mentioned previously I yawned a lot and have very short attention span. I always hope a class or teaching to end fast, so I don't pay attention after 15 minutes. After the class, I did not practice or take any action on it. That is why the short case examination feels so awkward to me*

Don't guess what your friends are thinking
*Sometimes we are curious why our friends did this or that through their body language and also their incomplete conversation with anyone. We used to think otherwise than what is real, some times, I don't emphasize on every time. It is because what we think and guess is actually reflecting what we ourselves will do if we are in his/her position. That is not the way of understanding our friends, but understanding our true self*

Love myself
*Never keep complains how sick and painful to the same person again and again even though close friends. It is not that a true friend will think you are annoying, it feels like you don't love yourself by creating a better situation for own self. It is hard to explain how it feels...*

Be open and brave
*I am not a very open and approaching person, not very brave in front of people. I learned this must not go on when I am doing community survey. I am lucky to have two very brave and outspoken team member during the survey. But that teach me a lesson that being open and brave is really the way to work with other people and how they react to respond to us. I tried it, and the respond is so much better, I am glad.*

Sleep more!
*Seriously, I need this, even though I have a lot in Tanjong Karang now. I feel the goodness of having enough sleep, feeling really fresh and long standing energy. I am not trying to promote this guy name 'lazy', I mean enough sleep not overslept. I don't have to elaborate, try it and your body will tell you the answer*


Another year of independency

*yawn* (again)

Merdeka meh? Oh my gawd! So not patriotic.

I know it is Independence Day for Malaysia today, 31st August. Just for a moment, it doesn't register in my mind what is happening. The reason? It was due to our community survey work deadline was the same day as our Malaysia's birthday. We have to redo our data analysis due to sample size error and I did it again for the third time. It was actually not a real tough work like what I thought, maybe it was due to 3 times repetitive experiences. Anyway, having the chance to sit in front of this desktop and placing my fingers in this black keyboard (cut the crap) means I am in my relaxing mood now. The work is done, finally. From 11pm to 3am, with a bunch of people singing patriotic songs with sparkles outside my room and the work continue at 11am just now once I opened my eyes for another new day.

This is not my very first time celebrating merdeka in different places, but this include as a new place for me. I celebrated most of our beloved Independence Day in school last time, joining activities like interclass netball, card making contest, crossword, Malaysia history quizzes and gaining experience as emcee in my school. After leaving the school era, I celebrate all of these day in my matriculation college, hostel in Titiwangsa and this time in a place called Tanjong Karang doing SPSS. *sigh*

Raya holiday is approaching. My mind and soul currently traveling on their own back to my hometown. My shell (body) is still a big mushroom reput-ing in Tg Karang. Feels better after my job was kind of done.

So, how's your Independence Day today?


Monday, 30 August 2010

Day 29 : person you miss the most

1 sentence said it ALL...

My family!

*going back in 5 days time.. countdown*

Sunday, 29 August 2010


I am leaving the task for day 28 until I reach home in like 5 or 6 days later. I am using public desktop in the complex here right now, and it is not interesting without pictures to call it task accomplishment. 

Not really in the mood of writing today. I have been pressing my butt on the bed here since last Wednesday until today without really doing anything. There is a soon-to-be hole on my bed soon. At least there is fieldwork tomorrow, but I didn't hope it is a long one. I feel guilty that I yawned too much unconsciously whenever I have lecture, fieldwork or briefing. I never realized I yawn and yawn multiple times, but the person who was talking give me some awkward unhappy look. Then only I realized I actually yawn a lot and my impression dropped in jet speed. Not that I am sleepy, I just *yawn*. How easy.

Slacking too long in between without a jog gives me awful muscles sore now, in every part of my leg and thigh. Ouch! I even have awkward gait when I am walking on my less than an inch heeled sandals resisting the pain. The pain completely comes in every directions. I wonder this is called 'semangat' or 'padan muka'..

I will be super glad if someone can be my calories counter and diet advisor.
I have been eating all types of food in a coma mode.


Saturday, 28 August 2010

Day 27 : why am I doing this?

Day 27 : why are you doing this 31-day challenge

Exactly! This is the question that I have been waiting for. Because this is what I have been asking myself as well, why am I doing this? I am only updating my blog with answers of questions, not really what is happening around me. In this 27 days, my blog has turn out to be a Q&A site than an update of my so called crazy life.

One that I can confirm is this is completely out of boredom. Through the lens of a brighter side, this give me a chance to activate my brain for critical thinking. Believe me, I only read through the list of the task once when I first decide to do it or not. So, I only know what I am going to write on the day itself, which means I check the list everyday I log into blogger.

Life in Tanjong Karang improved but still mundane, to date. Improved, it may due to after more than a week here, I start to adjust my daily life here. No more walking around the toilet looking around whether it is dirty or not, no more watching the trail ants rushing on my wall. Mundane, because it does not change what is in my mind, my perception. I look at the mirror everyday, fortunately, no mushroom grows on my head yet. Or perhaps, I myself is already a big mushroom a.k.a fungi walking around Tanjong Karang.

Doing community health posting in a kampung area during fasting month isn't a good idea at all. Worrying a lot about lunch and also dinner. Lesser for the latter, though. We still can follow the bus to the bazaar in the evening. But, the bazaar here is below so-so level, I am out of idea what to munch and digest. I have to take in KFC food that I never list in my favourite. Help!

P.S - Just jog today. But damn bad result, not very happy about it. Darn. So long didn't jog already, shouldn't slack for so long in between last run.

The missing piece is unlikely a cat for me.
It should be my friends & family 
Not to forget, nice food!


Friday, 27 August 2010

Day 26 : what do you think?

Day 26 : What do you think about your friends?

If I call someone as a friend and the other different person as friend as well, it means it brings no border in between the meaning of friends. And I believe, friends are somebody God gives me to take care of me. It is not important how I think about them, the most is how we treat each other with heart as friends. Nothing beats sincerity and the truth to make friends and to maintain a friendship. It does not comes one to one, and it is not like love which one plus one equal to two. Friends do not work with only two, it works in a circle, we called it social circle. It works together likes the saying "we are on the same boat", we called it friendship. Some negative or bias thinking about friends seriously will appear in some circumstances, little did we noticed it only happened when there are pressure and unpleasant moment. 

I apologize to my friends and all of you if I am harsh sometimes or coming up with very embarrassed negative body language towards anyone. I forgive those unwanted emotional negative attitude towards me. It is because I believed as friends, we did not want to hurt each other, we have no intention. It happened may due to misunderstanding or maybe our own very silly act and sudden drop of EQ. I personally see it as Newton's First Law of Motion.

" Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it "

There are still a lot more definitions to go for how do you think of your friends. It can be positive, negative, neutral or even a LIE. Sometimes, people might think, since I am blogging in public, I am writing something that trying to impress the others about myself. If this is what people think after reading this, you need to know about me more. I am not good in approaching anyone to build up a friendship, I am not good in initiating any conversation because I always start off lame. I am not good in giving reaction after a joke. But deep in my heart, I wish I can do the best for my friends.


Thursday, 26 August 2010

Day 25 : Guess what in my bag?

Day 25 : what would you find in your bag

Things that you MUST found in my bag :

♥ water bottle

♥ medications (a small bottle) especially antacid and Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun

♥ tissue packet(s)

♥ mometasone furoate cream usp

♥ pen

♥ keys

Things that you MIGHT found in my bag :

♥ biscuits

♥ plasters

♥ vaseline / lip balms

♥ personal stuff

♥ rubbish

Things that you MAY found in my bag some times :

♥ 2-way foundation

♥ eye liner 

♥ eye shadows

♥ hand cream

♥ note book


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Day 24 : A letter

Day 24 : a letter to your parents

Before I realized this was my task for today in my blog, I was thinking when this 31-day challenge is going to end. It is not that I did not enjoy the challenge, it is hard to maintain good posts along the challenge when there is inconvenience of internet facilities here in this small town of Kuala Selangor. After reading what's in the line for me on the 24th day of my challenge, it did triggered me for a moment before I can proceed placing my fingers on the keyboard before dancing through it. A letter.. The last time I wrote a letter to my parents was when I first entered matriculation, my English teacher gave all of us a task or so-called homework to write a letter home to our parents telling them what we felt and experienced after 1 week of matriculation life.

Frankly speaking, I never really write a letter to my parents for the purpose of stay connected. All I do everyday was to call them. Seriously, none of the day I did not talk to my mom. The only letter I wrote was all given as task. So, here I go again, for the second time in my life.

Mommy & Daddy,
     Zhe li dou bu hao wan de. Bu tong zuo mo ren jia quan bu dou shuo lai dao zhe li le dao hui hen relax. Wo men mei gei jiu zhuo dao hen sien na yang. Mei tian zhuo de dong xi dou hen men de, bu hao wan de. Ei, bu yao jiang le la, gai tian cai zai tian hua jiang ok? 


"It is not fun here. I didn't know why the others mentioned that it is very relaxing here during this posting. But, all of us here right now are so bored. The things that we are doing now are all really boring and not really that fun as expected. All right, I better stop here, we talk in the phone next time, ok?"

If you see, I don't talk or write formally to my parents. Being too formal unlikely to be my style when I was with someone very close to me because ideally it doesn't show love at all. Secondly, I speak mandarin and cantonese only to my parents. I am not good at all in creating formal sentence in Chinese as I only know speaking language, not really in reading and writing it. The letter might look or perhaps completely lame and useless, but I don't think it is necessary to me. I talk about everything to my mom everyday (yes, emphasize on everyday), what can I tell more in a letter?


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tanjong Karang

It started off with a picture drew by Kah Yan

Moved in to UKM Tanjong Karang complex
A room for two with air conditioner

Dinner in chinese restaurant with all the chinese (16 of us, Yi Lian haven't join us yet) in this posting
Kah Yan, my roomie here

Dishes, ordered by Hiang Jin

Went to Kampung Bukit Belimbing with John & Kok Joo for community survey

Coconut freak!

Yes, that's the way!

Till then


Day 23 : Craving

Day 23 challenge : something you crave for a lot

There a lot of things to crave off, but shouldn't be greedy here. If I am to put up the rule that I can only choose 1 in this challenge, I will choose having healthy body.

It was darn awful having very low immune system. It was not fun witnessing other people having fun while I myself couldn't absorb the fun due to the dry immune system I had.

I am craving for having a healthy body that I can wake up without worrying am I going to be in trouble later after eating this and that.

Maybe a lot of people will think craving for food is the most important than craving for more comfort, with the reason as long as there's something satisfying the tongue. Duh! Tongue? And the next thing your brain get tricked by your taste buds. It is a blessed to crave for food because some people never ever taste those food.

I just want a better health so that I won't turn moody in front of people and spoil somebody's day.
Receiving sympathy is unlikely what I want at all

Tanjong Karang Times 
reported by myself

It shouldn't be my last time having a tour in Hospital Tanjong Karang as my group was given 3 days schedule. Anyway, we had finished visiting all the remaining units today and so I am free since 10.30am today. It was neither a good news nor a bad one. Due to my group speed visiting in hospital, I am free tomorrow. The slot for Thursday in our schedule is community survey. It was also due to my group speed survey and lack of houses in our area, we have holidays on Thursday as well. Friday is going to be a public holiday and Saturday  & Sunday are weekends (do I have to tell..sigh)

It means - I am going to be free from now on until Sunday. But doctor did not approved our application to go back KL this weekend. The third big SIGH of the week!

These few days I did not do much except watching TVB drama series and Sudoku-ing in my room. So what if there is air conditioner in the room and there is nothing around this place. People called this Hawaii posting or somehow a place for honeymoon. I don't see Hawaii, I don't see honey, I don't see moon, but I see trees!

All right, since I am so bored, I watched Ghost Writer and have no physical contact with my internal medicine books yet. So bored yet so lazy right? Studying is not really my type. I prefer reading story book, watching drama, playing Sudoku and other mind challenging games.

Wonder when this is going to come to an end. 
Can't wait for Raya holidays!
Traveling time~


Monday, 23 August 2010

Day 22 : happy?

Day 22 : a picture of something that make you happy

I am now using the computer in the computer room in my Tanjong Karang complex, so I couldn't upload any picture right now.

To make me happy, most pictures do. A picture of family, friends and pets give the most effects. For this time, I will choose the picture of my soft toys. My soft toys are like a happy family and I am totally part of it. From having the most beloved and first ever soft toys Monie (dog) to the others such as Nemo, AhLut (giraffe), DaiTaoPok (dog), Lion, MutMut (christmas bear), Pink (pink bear), bear bear & dog dog. I even talk to them! I am not schizo, just part of my fun time. Don't ask me how I picked those names, they were completely random.

Tanjong Karang report :

Went to visit Hospital Tanjong Karang today and we were given a schedule to follow whether which unit we should visit and looked for the person in charge for briefing. We were supposed to go to 5 units today, 4 units tomorrow and another 4 on Wednesday. Due to the semangat of wanting more holidays this week, we had done 9 units today. Only 4 units left tomorrow and we will have our full day break on Wednesday. Friday is a holiday for Selangor, which means I am going to roll on my bed without worries. Instead of that, we actually wish to go back to KL for the weekends as we have 3 days holidays. My big group leader told us once we had finished our survey fast, we will be able to get the consent from doctor to go back KL. Looks like it is just some words but not a promise. My group (Kok Joo, John and I) had finished covering the kampung area, yet we are still stuck here. I am not sure about the reason why, perhaps there were groups still yet to be done. Another BIG SIGH of the day!

Nothing fun here
I didn't know what so fun here, so I interviewed friends around here to ask did they have fun
99.9% agree with me 


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Day 20 & 21 : sorry, miss out..

Day 20 : someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future

Even a future teller or a magic 8 ball wouldn't give me the exact answer for this question. They might only tell me in a few years or perhaps in some specific days I will meet someone and things will happen. Anyway, how many of these are true actually? Nobody can actually really tell me what will happen.

What I can actually tell now is family member. He is going to be my family member anyway, so include 'him' in the family wouldn't be a mistake at all. This question is really awkward right now. Better stop here.

Let me continue with day 21, as I missed out day 20.

Day 21 : what's make you different from anyone else

I myself makes the difference as there is no second Qi Wen that looks like me and share exactly the same personality with me. My mom and dad makes me someone that can't be duplicate or clone.

Report from Tanjong Karang :

As I mentioned previously, I labeled this posting as boring posting. Until today, nothing really interesting peppered in my posting yet. Even though it was weekend, we did not have a rest day. We started our community survey walking around in Kampung Bukit Belimbing Saturday and we continued to cover the area today (Sunday). Gee, this is even worst than my internal medicine posting. And what we done here was totally bored to death. I don't see the enjoyment yet except seeing through the lens of the villagers (lol, didn't mention this word for so long). Walking few kms only covering 22 houses with Kok Joo and John was very tiring but we are not done yet. A real big SIGH!


Friday, 20 August 2010

Not my day

Even though it is just 1pm now, this is totally not my day. I hardly have a nice sleep due to my abdominal cramp that disturb me a lot. Then, waking up at 4 for toilet. Then more toilet breaks to come, diarrhea. Not only that, I had vomited twice in the morning. The pain is awful, the nausea and vomiting feeling was such a disaster to me.

I am not only losing water from my body, but losing my opportunity to go to Hospital Tanjong Karang with my group. There is community survey coming up at 2.30pm later, I hope I am able to go as this is the major group work that we have to do it together. Already guilty with my absence this morning with my Kuala Selangor group, I really hope my body is recharging back to a better condition to join the survey.

Another thing, there is no electricity here right now. Goodness, the weather is totally red-HOT-chili-pepper! Anyway, there is a trail of ants walking so fast or perhaps running on the wall in two directions from and to the windows. From my observation, the ants are telling me it is going to rain this evening.

Let's see how these ants change the chili weather into the cucumber version later on.

My stomach is getting better now, less diarrhea, no sign of vomiting. Only sweating a lot. Still a little of weakness in my body due to food restriction, no oily and super solid food.


Day 19 : nicknames XD

Day 19 : nicknames you have; why do you have them

Read as 'man' (not lelaki itu 'man', is in a very baku way of MAN like how you read rah"man")
It was given based on my name "Wen" translated to Cantonese.
My family members called me mun mun since I was born until now.

Don't misunderstood, my mom called me baby because I am the baby of the family.
And I act like one too..

Duh, it was given by Raha, my high school friend.
She mentioned that my name Qi Wen (that people used to call as keevan) when she repeated my name lots of time, she said it sounds like chicken
Don't you think there is no relationship at all?

-Xiao Mei-
This nickname was only called by my friends in KMJ.
Usually it is by May, Shey Man, Sin Ying and Wei Li
It is also because I am the youngest of all

Some "ulat" ask me to add this in as well
Eww.. I myself hate cockroach so much after it crawled on my feet twice back in KTSN last time
Obviously, it was given by "ulat" because she feels so lonely for being the only worm and she needs cockroach as friend


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Adidas Fluid Trainer

Adidas Fluid Trainer is designed for both running or a walk in the town. Have you seen it? 

This is just one of the five colors. Wanna know more about it?

Support Adidas Fluid Trainer!

Day 18 - Plans and JKM

Day 18 : plans/dreams/goals you have

Duh, how many times do I have to tell about all these? It is easy and simple. No other than chasing my career in medical field, being healthy, be good to all my friends and love them, love my family and appreciate them and travel as much as I can.

Speaking about plans, since I am going to have the same Raya holiday with my brother, we plan to pay a visit to Universal Studio in Singapore. Still not sure whether it will turn out a success and my cousin haven't reply me whether she has her holiday as well to be with us. I seriously miss Singapore. Flipping through my passport, I have only Singapore immigration stamps on it. The one and only.

Another version of "dreams", these few nights I have super weirdo dreams. Few nights ago I had a dream having some party or gathering with my course mates I have now. The surprising part was one of them is pregnant. (and I still can remember who is that in my dream, don't ask me who, this is just real funny and don't forget it was in la la land)

It has been my 4th day doing my second posting, community health, otherwise called as JKM (Jabatan Kesihatan Malaysia). But it is just the second day I spent in Tanjong Karang, one of the mukim in Kuala Selangor. Girls are the lucky one here, we stay in the complex provided by UKM with 24 hours guard, drivers and a room of 2 with air conditioner. On the other hand, the guys stay in rental house nearby (not really by walking distance, that's why they drive here just to have the car to drift around).

Nothing much done here, so far. I labeled it as a boring posting for now. 

Lucky me, I am in group Kuala Selangor. We spend most of our activities around the area here and sometimes just inside this complex where I stay. Another half of my friends are group Sabak Bernam, they have to wake up earlier for their activities there. Seriously, I am lucky and I am talking about being bored. Duh...

Oh yeah, there is no Wi-Fi here. I still have some briefing or so called talk by the people from District Health Officer at two. I am just hanging around in this tofu size computer room now. Just to keep my readers update as well as my family members that read this.


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Day 17 : Switching life

Day 17 : someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Getting tough when I grow older, I think. When I was a kid, I wish to be with those kids singer that sang Chinese New Year song in the tape (during my childhood time, we use tape, not much of CD around except for computers). So naive.

Kah Yan suggested that I should switch life with a TVB actress. I agreed in the beginning, but after thinking twice, I don't think so. Being an actress not really as interesting as people used to think of. So, no!

I can't think of who to switch with until now (I thought I can think of one since I start typing this until this paragraph). Since it is only one day, I really should make use of it and choose someone. Hmm.. I want to switch with a world traveller (I can't name any of these people). Why? It is my dream other than chasing my career in medical field. It is all about looking at the side of the world, people, culture and life experience.

Since I am using Sue Ann's lappy and broadband now, I stop here. Signing off~

Oh ya, I am already in Tanjong Karang.. (just realized it is Tanjong, not Tanjung. It does matter)


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Day 16 : Myself & rantings

Day 16 : Another picture of yourself

Luckily, it was a simple task today for my forever never ending 31-day challenge.
Before that, I wish I can rant about indigested feelings in my heart. I am leaving KL to Tanjung Karang in 12 hours from now. I didn't feel like I am going to leave, at the same time, I don't feel like leaving as well. I have been annoying Pei Zhi about how un-fun it feels to be in this posting when people with the experience kept pursuing me to change my perception. I hope this perception can change as fast as I can. I want to enjoy and be happy, I am serious.

I shouldn't complain so much and just go for it without any worries. Should curve my downward lips upwards, I don't care! I am put in a good group with friends around, not bad mentor, good roommate and everything is good. I shouldn't be so negative. Duh.. Everyone seems to hate their second posting now. Maybe too much love was placed on the first posting and the love has run dry and low now. Need some time to recharge.

Archery in Sunway Pyramid


Monday, 16 August 2010

Day 15 : Songs shuffle

Day 15 - put your iPod on shuffle : first 10 songs that play

I don't own an iPod, so I am going to replace it with my cellphone music player

1. 21 Guns - Green Day

2. Air (Sarabande) in E major - Maksim

3. Black or White - Michael Jackson

4. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

5. Mungkin Nanti - Peter Pan

6. Too Little Too Late - Jojo

7. 無可取代 by SHE

8. Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

9. Bet On It - Zac Efron

10. You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift


Sunday, 15 August 2010

Day 14 : A family story

Day 14 - interesting story about your family

Do I have to tell?

Here we go. From pictures I had shown in a lot of my previous post, and not forgetting the the one at the sidebar, it is clearly shown nothing more interesting than being together in my family. My dad's side has 5 siblings and same goes to my mom's side. This is amazing for me that it was such a coincidence or perhaps during the 50s' everyone has the same amount of siblings. Total up, I have 11 cousins all together.

Let's start from the top.

The most almighty ancestor I know was my great great grandfather, whom story was told by my grandpa and other family members a few times, Mr. Leong Yong. I am not sure whether the story about the great him was completely true. I was told he was a very heroic and master of kung fu China man that works somewhere in the palace. Sounds like watching Wong Fei Hung. And the kung fu story continues and bla bla bla... This is the most interesting part of my family when everyone start mentioning about the kung fu ancestor. Perhaps what they said is true after I saw Jalan Leong Yong in one of the road in Segamat. *gasp*

I live with my paternal grandpa and grandma, plus with my eldest aunt. Grandpa can be cute some times. He always bought me the same food everyday after I give a thumb-up in a particular breakfast. There is this one holiday, I had nasi lemak for almost everyday. Grandma is the world class cook, nobody can ever replace her as the President of kitchen. Whenever my cousins come to Segamat, none will get out of the house on diet or being thin. Aunt is the ever-loving assistant of grandma or perhaps the advertising CEO of the dishes/meals. She will introduce food to us and tell us to try.

My dad and mom, I don't have to tell much. They are my most lovely and cute people in my life. Dad can't multi task, so he wouldn't talk when he was eating, reading newspaper and watching TV. On the other hand, my mom always like to talk to him telling him this and that. At the end of the day, my dad didn't get any of it.

My one and only sibling is my koko (brother). The one that claimed I am super noisy and ran away when he first saw me after I was born. Interestingly, there is one time we speak Bahasa Melayu for years to each other. Now, we speak rojak language like a Malaysian. Seldom see him after he flew to Dublin and flew back to Penang.

My cousins are all lovely people around me. When we were young, we seldom met because some stay in KL, Teluk Intan as well as Johor Bahru. We were kind of scattered around Malaysia. We used to be very shy when we met during Chinese New Year or any holidays. We won't talk to each other until the adults initiate us. Fast forward to now, we don't have problem creating conversation. We talked about anything, everything or even vegetables! Lame, right? It just so random, because we are random as well.

Uncles and aunties are all very friendly people that we can talk and laugh together. When they talk to each other, they are amazingly cheerful. They can laugh so loud until it reaches us upstairs. That is a good sign, you know. Now I miss the merry atmosphere back in Segamat. Even the dog loves starring at us when we chatted around the house.


Saturday, 14 August 2010

Day 13 : A letter to someone who has hurt me

Day 13 - a letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Dear You (yes, you!)

Hi, how are you? I hope you are in the pink of health. I am as fit as fiddle here, in my top form. (lol, so formal). All right, straight to the point. To avoid being a jerk here or sound like a monster here, I am hereby to warn you I am very angry right now. Yes, angry, don't be puzzled. Not only angry, there is a scar of blade in my heart now. If you ask me why, I can tell you it is you. Don't you just get it?

You are not only hurting my inner soul badly, you hurt my head as well. It hurts so badly that blood resurface on my skin. Water sprinkle can make it so painful, you don't even need to put salt on it. I don't like how I feel now and writing a letter to show you that I am hurt totally reflects my own self being such a jerk. This is not what I usually do to someone that hurt me.

I take good care of you so much, I love you more than anything. Nothing is placed higher than you in me. I pamper you so much like my baby. You smell so nice and ever-loving. You always stick beside me but why don't you just understand me. I just want more comfort from you and love me more. It is just a simple request, why can't you do it. You make me feel I had waste all my time loving you and taking care of you. Waste money and time.

You dandruff! Stop itching my scalp. Blood resurface when I scratch it because it itch so much that I feel like having flea. I changed to a better smell shampoo just to pamper you with something new and fresh being yourself. I take care of you like no other. But why you can't tolerate with the new shampoo and cause pain after every scratch. Ouch!


You have to turn..

Warning : This is going to be a long winding one...

A turning that one's take in life does not exactly need to be a wrong turn or taking a longer road and regret about it. Some times, when there is the need to turn and to change direction, just do it. Whether I like it or not, in less than 72 hours (maybe), I have to move on to another stop where I don't have to scratch my scalp off to think whether to turn or not. There is no junction of choices, either. I might sound like a desperado right now, I hope to prove myself wrong along the way. 

A posting like internal medicine is a great challenge to trick my own brain from applying what I had MEMORIZED during my pre-clinical year into what is real in the ward has really dig in a big impact deep into my heart and soul. I could not forget the disappointing steps I took during my short case examination. Friends and family have tell me to just move on and that is life as how I told my friends as well. Until today, I expressed something very sincere and I have no doubt telling my mom that I love internal medicine. I told her I even wish to work in that department. Luckily, my brain and heart did not fight over who is right and who is wrong over the matter.

This is what I thought it would happen :

My heart : Feels the wonder of internal medicine and I want to be there in the future. (Then, transmit this to my mouth and I voice out to my mom)

My brain : You serious?! You suck in the exam and used to have your own day off to the ward.

Seriously, making serious decision has never been a major for me. Speaking about what I am studying and doing right now, I had never dream of it, never speak of it. 

When it comes to "What do you want to be when you grow up?" or the simpler version "What is your ambition?" back when I was in school, doctor has neither stay at the corner of my mouth nor trying to struggle to fit in my neurons.

During Standard One and Two, full of confidence I would answer that I want to be a teacher, a music teacher. My mom even agree with that, telling me it is appropriate for a girl to have a job that works half day. Mind you and myself, teacher does not really work half day. The side effects : hypertension.

I didn't know why I became so damn God creative when I was in Standard Three, I told my English teacher I want to be a deejay. No doubt, I listen to radio almost every day that time and love how they speak. You wouldn't know my answer when I was in Year Five, it was author. If that comes true, I am going to be an author writing books for insomnia people. In my last year of primary school, something serious (finally) popped in my head, I said I want to be a lawyer.

To become a lawyer stays as option until I finished my SPM, but more options on the way (you know, my decision making is pretty sucks). More to come such as taking mass communication (due to my fews success as the school events host and emcees) and pharmacy when I found my love in Biology. 

After all the process, the final product : I am strolling in the wards.

The sharp turn or I called it the 'hair pin turn' I am going to face soon from a very medical related subject to community health does impact my mood (where I am going to leave Prisma and house mates). Or maybe I am having serious typhoon of mood now, I am not very sure. 

So, here I am ready to take the challenge. I am going to take this hair pin turn and make the best out of it. I am going to love it. I want myself to declare this once I finish my second posting "I love being the JKM people". Here I go...


Friday, 13 August 2010

Day 12 challenge : Why I blog?

Day 12 - how you find out about blogger and why you made one

All this have to flash back where I am sitting right now 4 years ago
Post number 269 has mark how many baby steps I had took for this blog until I had brought up today
This blog is going to blow its birthday candles on 16th August this year

4 years ago, this blog started no other than curiosity
My brother owned his blog far before that
During my school days, I used to have the time to create stories and wrote a few books
I found them in my cupboard few days ago and it was really naive
Funny plus non-logical stories with friends as characters
With passion, interest and love
This is how this blog started

It started with effortless baby steps
I did not know the main concern of this empty space and what should I fill in
Before the real passion was found, this is totally an abandon site
Until around 2009, I found the interest of blogging and I am way back the technology world

It might be annoying when there is update or are updates everyday
Yeah, everyday
This is not because I am too free
Recently, blogging has been in my hobby and interest list
Seriously and sincerely.

My pink Dell Inspiron 1420 has been my company in every post here
This is going to continue...

Maybe it can be my part time job in the future other than working in health care field?

There are still lots of leap to take to become a real good blogger
Trying my very best to prove myself a 'blogger'

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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sincere from my heart. R.I.P.

I am not puzzled when I saw the news in the newspaper when my mom asked me about him. But I have a sudden feeling of loss. I am just a medical student that has miles of experience steps to walk through and to explore. But that does not stop me from approaching patients and care for them. The process of knowing them and to care them than learning more about the disease is even tougher. I am going to miss the medical wards that I had spent for 8 weeks there during my posting. 

I had seen patients which had no relatives around to visit them, some waiting for their children all the time, some have family members by their side even it is not visiting hour and some had lots of friends and family visiting them changing the atmosphere of a ward. 

With all my heart, deep inside, I wish that he will rest in peace and my warmest condolences to his family member, especially his ever-loving wife whom has been with him 3 weeks in the ward and also his friends. 



Day 11 : High school & now

Day 11 - another picture of you and your friends

Hmm, I am thinking to put up more than one picture here in this post. Feels the urge to do that. Most people know my current life now very well, so I decided to put up pictures of my high school friends and I, which I hardly introduce them in my blog. When life getting busy and looking forward, some times we tend not to turn back from where we are. However, my friends in this small town called Segamat has grown up with me in our precious teenage life. It is funny when I recall my time in high school. The main problem is always "to friend or not to friend". I used to stand in the middle of the situation and unable to give any appropriate opinions.

Our time when we were in Form 4 with the rabbit from Science Club
We are now in different places chasing our own dream

This year Chinese New Year 2010 in Wen Li's house
I am glad that all the pretty ladies surrounding me now still stay in touch until now

Gathering during Chinese New Year in Old Taste 
Spot Shalisha in there?
Yeah, she was my classmate a.k.a class monitor and now my coursemate

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Day 10 challenge : The songs of mood

Day 10 - songs that you listen when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped & mad


Can I Have this Dance by Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron


 安靜了 (silent) by S.H.E


When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne


I have 2 songs here when I am super hyped


We're All in this Together by HSM casts
(because I will dance along with it.. Hehe)


Gee by Girls' Generation a.k.a SNSD


Whataya Want from Me by Adam Lambert

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The son appeared!

Remember my post Some Malaysia Mommy?

Now it is Some Malaysia Son!
The mommy who is searching for her son, Mohd Khairuddin and the son now reply his mom's video in YouTube.

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Day 09 challenge - Proud of me!

Day 09 - something you're proud of in the past few days

Yeah, I am cooking, which is something very rare and hardly happened.
The picture was not taken for the purpose of Moral Project, okay..
I really cook that
I guess people will go like "Duh, just cooking only (-ma)"
Anyway, what I cook was just onion omelette
And it didn't turn out to LOOK nice but TASTE nice

I know this doesn't look delicious
But I am very satisfied

Other than that..
Finally I am no longer P license driver..
Should have change it during June but ran out of time on previous holidays
Less marks will be deduct if I make a mistake now (touch wood!)

*the reason why it is RARE that I cook is because I hate jumping oil sparks! I usually ran away*

Monday, 9 August 2010

Day 08 challenge - Goals

Day 08 - short term goals for this month & why 

Sleep more, rest more

Involve myself more in study group with my friends during JKM posting

Prepare myself better in exams and never ever screw it again
(I promise.. Hopefully)

Love my parents & family, of course

Love my friends no matter who they are
(Nobody is stupid in my life)

Enjoy life more & more....

Have healthy lifestyle & diet

Pray to God


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