Thursday, 25 March 2010

PBL 19 Sem 4

PBL 19 Sem 4 09/10

Responsible leader, Ainur
With the guys:
Quiet Izwan
Slumber Jimmie
Cool Ryan
Strong Ying Yi

With the gals:
Brainiac Pei Sun
Baby dinosaur Zatie
Shy Nabihah
Funny Wei Wei
and Blur ME!

Pictures in Papparich & Psychiatric Department in PPUKM

Ainur, Jimmie, Izwan

Nabihah, Ainur, Jimmie

Ying Yi & Ryan

Wei Wei & I

Pei Sun & Zatie

Us (+ Wee Keat) with Dr. Hazli


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mouse + Dream = Dream comes true

Love this
Mouse + Dream = Dream comes true

Never stop dreaming

"Nothing is more beautiful than you wearing only the moonlight & my kisses"
"Did my heart love til now? Foreswear its sight--for I never saw true beauty til this night"


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Pi Day

Saw this when I start my Google Chrome today.
Very creative..

Happy Pi Day!


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Hurt Locker

Talking about Academy Awards, I bet most people crossing their fingers Avatar to be the top movie of the year. For me, I got no comment about movies.

Flipping through newspaper, the big words of Sandra Bullock and The Hurt Locker were seen.

6 Academy Awards for The Hurt Locker..

I started to wonder, "Hey, what movie is this?"

So, I went to take a look at the movie official website, The Hurt Locker
First thing - THE MUSIC.. *cool*
Ah, a war-like movie about bomb technician..
I'm going to watch it some day then..

Kathryn Bigelow, the director..
Best director as 1 of the awards..

I am not very familiar with the world of movies
And I just got to know that she is James Cameron's ex-wife
Both of them were nominated for Best Director

The Hurt Locker vs Avatar
Low budget movie vs Super high budget movie
Ex-wife vs Ex-hubby


The Hurt Locker, a low budget movie director by ex-wife of James Cameron beats Avatar.

Another thing, a big WOW to Sandra Bullock
In 24 hours, she was awarded Worst Actress and Best Actress..
Amazing huh?

Ending my post thinking "The Academy Awards was superb!"


Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Date : 7th March 2010, Sunday
Venue : FRIM, Kepong (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia), I think
By : HE Set 48, Faculty of Medicine

This was taken after jungle trekking and we were introduced to some plants and trees.
And, this was before we started to hike up.. Behind us was the entrance to hike up until the canopy walk. We were separated into 2 groups. ALL THE GUYS and some girls were in the other group behind us somewhere. We didn't meet them at all throughout the journey..

More pictures coming up. I need to chase after the photographer. The pictures here were taken by Zulaikha and I grabbed it from Facebook.

Ending this post with this picture. We rest halfway through our hike while waiting for the others and those who were sick during the journey. I am glad that everyone made it safe. We were actually pretending to study the pharmacology lecture note in the jungle. But it ended up looking like 3 jungle planners or construction workers planning for a big project..

Anyway, support the Green Earth.. Green Explorace coming up this Saturday..



Friday, 5 March 2010

I still think I am creative =)

I still remember when I was 5 years old
When I was having my art class in the kindergarten
The teacher gave us a piece of paper with butterflies
We were required to colour it with water colour
Those kiddy type of water colour

I am very curious
What happened if I mixed up 2 colours from the plate
and what would turn up if I mixed more than that
I think I am so daring that time
I mixed it up
Some nice colours turn out
Some shitty colours turn out too

I was wondering
There are so many butterflies around
Of course there are beautiful & shitty coloured butterflies
So I painted them with those mixed & non-mixed colours

The teacher came to me and scolded me for messing the butterflies
She said I didn't know how to colour
She said it was a mess
She even told my parents that I used to mess up the pictures that we were required to colour on it with water colour..

I did not understand why they said it was a mess that time

Now I did..
There were actually no problem with mixing the colours and painting it..
The main problem was the teacher did not want to clean the mixing plate for me

Haha =)

I am just giving an excuse to myself..
I am not creative, just love experimenting those stuff..
What is the big deal with kindergarten art class anyway...


Monday, 1 March 2010

Only for K-Yan

As what I had promised
I am going to THANK someone in my blog
The reason of THANKING her:
She helped me to do family tree in PowerPoint
because I am so 'dumb dumb' in it
when I haven't finish my own slides
She came to the rescue

Actually I forced her to do

This might sound 'dumb dumb'
Other people will say:
Har? Draw in PowerPoint only ma
'Sha' de this 2 people

It was a last minute job
Sorry to another person
Due to our funny + 'dumb dumb' brains
There is an 'S' there
He was troubled
His credit was kinda wasted

OK, here's the promise


(I put big big some more, even bigger than JL de)


Well done for today presentation

Thumbs up for KFC (later)

xoxo (11b)

KLCC Wonderland

Last Saturday (27 Feb) went to KLCC with Tyng. It had been so long that we didn't took the public transport together. Our initial plan was to go to Petrosains + Muzika.. So, the combo cost us RM15 per person.. This was my 3rd visit there (My last visit was during Form 5 school trip)

We had Starbucks for brunch : Chocolate chip frappuccino with whippped cream, I had minced chicken & omelette sandwich, while Tyng had sausage & omelette sandwich.

After Petrosains, we had dinner in Chili's..

Torstada chips (bottomless chips) with salsa sauce as appetizer..
I had honey spicy crunchy chicken (I forgot the real name).. It came with a cob of corn and fries..
Tyng had fish and chips
Both of us had bottomless juice as well...

Due to overmakan, we walked around Kinokuniya to look for Ying's books then to the Starbucks again to grab English Muffin for Ern and Ying. It took us quite some time to find the outside ground floor Starbucks.

We found Alice in Wonderland promo near Parkson. Tyng and I took some pictures there before we left. We reach Bukit Jalil LRT station at about 8pm..

Tyng & I in Muzika
This tube/pipe-like thing is to put on the white spot on the globe
Music will be played representing each country

BMW Sauber F1 car in Petrosains Speed section

Torstada chips
Love the salsa sauce
We couldn't finish it

My chicken with honey and spicy sauce

Tyng's fish and chips

Alice in Wonderland tea party with Mad Hatter

The party looks so real
The cakes look real as well!

Queen of Heart

Tyng & I posed for pictures..
Hope we joined the party in our 'wonderland' as well...

Some other decorations..

I shall call this day: Eli & Adeline in Wonderland


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