Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I am currently reading...

I am currently reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

It is now in production as a movie, taking the lead as Elizabeth Gilbert (the author herself as this book is all about her personal life) by Julia Roberts

ZzZz *new signing off icon*

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Yr 3

I don't have the gut to think what is coming for me for 3rd year

And that was before

After yesterday, I start to look around what is there waiting for me

Here is the link for our 3rd year academic calendar..

Perhaps you guys already knew it

I just don't have the gut then


Friday, 23 April 2010


Thanks God
Feel really b.l.e.s.s.e.d today

You heard my prayers


Sunday, 18 April 2010

Take a break, have a *kitkat*

Will be away until Thursday

For those who read my blog

Thanks a lot

Really didn't expect it... *muacks*

Will blog soon I am home

*don't forget to do the poll on the right sidebar*



Saturday, 17 April 2010


All right, after the case of exam
Post-exam activity is a must!
After all the :

1. Disappointment
2. Caffeine excitement
3. Sugar rush
4. Brain saturation
5. Neurons depletion
6. Back pain
7. Hand pain from writing too furiously
8. Any pain

Here is the time that let all that to RELAX

The heavy rain is pouring down after my OSPE
It means something, huh?
Something deep into my heart

Kah Yan, Yun Ting, Li Chin, Mei Sung & I
Went all the way to Times Square
to stuff ourselves with sushi
*relieving symptoms no.2, sugar rush*
Plus with green tea
*relieving symptoms no.4 & perhaps 5?

We walked around and planned to watch a movie
So we took a lift way down to 3rd floor to the ticket booth
All the movie starts kinda late
So we cancelled our plan

*It was funny + pitiful when Yun Ting was left alone in the lift when all of us stepped out without realizing she was trapped inside.. Later, after the lift door closed, she was sent up to 10th floor before she got down again* -so BAD la us.. We couldn't stop laughing when we saw her brought up by the lift & got way so high to the 10th floor-

Next station : Sungei Wang, Green Box
The receptionist told us we will have to wait til 6pm (or was it 8pm?)
Plan cancelled

We were deeply desperate to have fun

Next station : Low yat Red Box
It took us quite a long time to search for it
We didn't know how to get to Basement 1
We were stuck in the lift for of people for some time to reach Basement 1
We missed out that level

Finally, we got to sing in Red Box
Student price RM8 each..
What else?
Sing la...!

I am super paiseh in the beginning
This was only my 2nd time karaok-ing
After my super sporting & cool friends singing
I followed to release all the stress
We sang til 8pm

Got our dinner and head back to KTSN
I totally forgot that it was the same day I had my OSPE after singing

All thanks to Yan jie, Yun Ting, Li Chin & Mei Sung

Lunch in Sushi King
Members' month, RM2 each for most of the sushi
I think it was just right after OSPE
I didn't eat a lot compared to usual day

Our mission kind of not very successful
I won't say we failed
Although we didn't succeed to stack it HIGH
We made ourselves happy enough to relieve stress

Kah Yan 'jie'..
See, how serious she is..
*consider she ate all that*

I told ya
See, how happy she is
*yan 'jie', when you see this, don't angry k? I am just helping to promote you XD*



Yeah, this is a late post
I guess it was because I am TOTALLY SPEECHLESS

In my memory, OSPE was something we learned in lab
Practical, meet the expert session (MES)

Reality check!
From GIT to Reproductive system
Most of the slides & pictures were from lecture notes
What the *dot dot dot*

The only fun part was when we changed stations every 4 minutes
Seriously, I really think it was FUN
Even though I didn't get the answer
I love walking around when the bell rings

Clinical !!
Upper limb -Tone, Power, Reflexs
*tendon hammer time*
As I expected, I did not get the brachial reflexes
*but I pretended to be serious*

History taking on GIT case
What is colicky pain?
At this moment, it made me realized that I did not know colicky pain well
I couldn't exactly answer that

PPD station
Gosh, that guy was so hard to be console, man!
His prejudice was so STRONG
For some moment, felt like want to stomp on him
Luckily it was Dr. Heikal as my observer / examiner
He showed me a 'thumb up' after I finished
Thank you, Dr!

Conclusion : This was the fun-nest clinical & PPD stations I ever had... A bit more prepared and relaxed...

This is all about my exam reviews for now...
Hope I don't have to slit in another one..
*praying hard not to resit any paper*

I really wish 203 out of 203 of us will go posting together this June
Till then...


Saturday, 10 April 2010

Water please...

Got this in email from Tyng

Australia super hot weather, up to 40 degree Celcius


I will just let the pictures explain everything


Friday, 9 April 2010

not my choice

In my previous post, I mentioned I am mentally prepared to retake my Neuroscience paper & I am very positive about it..

Until this afternoon, I am still open to that..

After that..

I wish it won't happen at ALL..

There is something that totally trigger my positivity..

There is someone that need me more than anybody else

How could I being so selfish being lazy and fail my paper when there is something else waiting for me

This is not about regret.. I didn't..

There is just an urge who change how I see resit paper from another angle right now

Trying to be positive



Thursday, 8 April 2010

Review : Neuroscience & Eli

Who can fight it? =/

Is going to be a long review with lots of curse and complains

Before exam

Slept at 1.30am, couldn't stand the saturated brain anymore
With a hint of headache
Alarm set : 4.15am


Woke up
Check my cellphone

When did the alarm rang?!


*totally no confidence*
I dare to say this was my 1st time stepping into the exam hall with nothing in my mind


Anatomy, anatomy, anatomy
*tikam tembak, any cara la*

There are lots of questions that I seems to know
A, B, C, D, E...
I cancelled out 3 answers which definitely wrong
50-50 towards the correct answer
*this one la*
and I tell myself not to look back
Cause' whenever I look back & change the answer
The previous answer will the correct one!

*go back check - WRONG..*
OK nevermind, wrong 1 only...
*check 2nd question - WRONG..*
Don't want check oledi la...
'Qi shi ren'


More choices of answer.. A to H or J
Some I know lor...

*haven't see essay questions also know will die already*

Muscles of the neck
*I tak sempat baca*
CNS Infections
Sedative & Opioids
Cranial nerves nuclei
Functional part of the brain
*is it? the one with basal ganglia, amyglada, hippocampus*
etc...(I forgot)


Essay 1

A gal that tends to fall forward or backwards. Couldn't erect the trunk. Coordination of limbs are normal... Diagnosed with cerebellar disease kot..*something like that*

Parts of the affected cerebellum
Name ALL nuclei in cerebellum
*ALL? so many ah? sei lo.. anyway, I end up putting in DEFG*
Describe anatomical & functional divisions of cerebellum
*flocu-- fluco-- flo-- *dunno what* --nodular*
*lots of spelling mistakes here*
Arterial blood supply to cerebellum
*dang! forgot liao.. PICA?*

Essay 2

Based on the same situation above

DESCRIBE 2 tests for coordination of the limbs
*limbs? what limbs? which one?*

The coordination is normal. She still can play a piano & sing.

EXPLAIN the process above affect which cortical areas & tract. EXPLAIN the function of the cortical area & the tract...

*play piano & sing at the same time?*
*play piano & then only sing?*
*play piano without looking at the pieces?*
*play piano while looking at the pieces?*
*sing looking at lyrics or listening to words in radio?*
*Or just randomly sing her own creative song?*

All this run through my mind because of the vague situations
*poof... 8 marks bu jian liao (gone)*

Essay 3

Parkinson's disease

Describe the gross morphology of Parkinson's disease
*what a gross question?*
*Honestly, I am not sure whether I didn't read about it or I really never see the gross morphology before*
*I even don't know how to CREATE an answer*
Mind you, 5 MARKS!

Describe histopathological changes seen in Parkinson's disease
*banyakla 5 marks..nothing to write also*
*write mampus, didn't write mampus also*
*simply create.. SO HARD TO CREATE*

10 marks bye bye

Essay 4

Give this Parkinson's disease patient Levodopa

Mechanism of levodopa
*still ok.. This is my prediction of the module*
*at least there are still something predictable*

Levadopa + carbidopa. What can be alleviate from this combination of drugs?
6 MARKS!!!!
*I tak tau I answer correct or not*
*at least I understand this questions*

For a moment in the hall, I hope there is electrical breakdown so that the paper is cancelled.
Wish doesn't come true
Oh well
Back to the same word --> F.A.T.E

Number 13 still lucky
Number 101, what luck also dun have

Conclusion of the day : I am mentally prepared to reseat this paper.. I am very positive towards it and didn't take this as a stress.

What done is done...
Takkan you want me to cry outside the hall la...

P.S All of us were so SAD & EMO & DESPERATE when the exam ends, suddenly here come the KTDI Persiap representative telling us when to daftar for our hostel in KTDI, when is our elementary clinic & PPD camp...

I was like --> NO HOPE

Coming up next week!
Review : OSPE/OSCE & Eli


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Review : Reproductive & Eli

Thanks God it is not Friday
Crossing my fingers that 13 is not bad luck after all

Here comes the module that I hardly finish my revision


Starting with anatomy as usual
Which I am not very good at it
*KIV-ed some questions*


This is always the uncertain part of my life
Histological features of testicular carcinoma
Hormonal contraception
Muscles of the pelvis

*1st time I see the answers are so long in EMI*
*It took me quite long to figure out the options*

*Elaine jie jie was right.. PREGNANCY*

Essay 1

Positive urine pregnancy test.

Name the hormone that give +ve result in the test
The role of the hormone
Name other 2 hormones that is increase and their roles

15th week of pregnancy, the 5 years old son has varicella

Pathogenesis of varicella in pregnant mother
Complications of varicella (mother & foetus)
*for a moment, I couldn't really connect what is Varicella*
*My mind was thinking about Herpes Simplex Virus.. oops!*

*I almost fall asleep in the exam hall a few times when I am doing the questions*
*Brain juice drying out*

Essay 2

*at this moment I am still quite satisfied as I didn't see any anatomy part of the essay*

Screening, the foetus is a MALE (XY)

Describe the development of p***s
*Public blog, trying not to make it sound adult in here.. hehe XD jk*

*damn! EMBRYOLOGY.. apa pun tak tau =.=" *

*crap the answer..*
I think if the normal development is exactly what I wrote, I guess I am creating an alien here
*still can laugh... wakakaka*

35th week, premature rupture of the membrane..

Mechanism of oxytocin
*kinda expected*

Describe the uterine contraction caused by oxytocin
*Sound vague to me, I hope what I answered is right*

Another indication of oxytocin

Essay 3


Explain milk secretion & excretion during breastfeeding
*5 marks wooi..*
*Got so many things to write mieh?*

Found painless mass on the breast ---> Fibrocystic changes

Describe MORPHOLOGICAL changes in fibrocystic changes of the breast
*morphology... another weakness of mine*
*5 marks*

Quite a number of people hand in their papers before the end of the exam
I bet this was so far the okay-iest for everyone
I still can't decide
I still think I am 'pun thong sui' (half a bucket of water :P) in every paper
As if like none of the questions I could answer it full without doubt

Conclusion : My seat number 13 not so bad luck after all.. Maybe it is not Friday 13 =)

P.s Consider lucky 13. Usually the side row will be call to hand in their paper last.. We made it 1st today so that I can run back to my room earlier for another revision. ZT paper in the afternoon

Advertisement time!
Here is the review of exam by Xu Vin in a different aspect.
I love it... It was c.u.t.e!!! XD
To read, click here

I am not going to do any review for ZT paper
Out of the hall after 25 minutes of exam
Which is not in the rules
But, who cares?

Coming soon (in less than 24 hours!)
Review : Neuroscience & Eli
*a nerve wrecking review!*
Stay tuned


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Review : Endocrine & Eli

Doing Endocrine, but my bladder doesn't work well today

I felt the urge to go to the toilet when I started my OBA
End up forgetting about it
It was so annoying


20 questions
Lots of symptoms of the hormone irregularities
Most asking for reasons
*Well expected that I like it cz no anatomy*
*silly mistakes here & there*


Histology, cells
Lots of hormone
Anti-diabetic drugs

*hmm... quite hard to choose which one is the best*
*lack of knowledge*

Every hormone seems related & it was so confusing

*jeng jeng jeng*

Essay 1
Growth hormone
*metabolic functions*
*effects & complications* (5 marks *dang*)

Essay 2
Addison's disease
*somehow I didn't see it coming*
*hypocortisolism* c00l word

Mechanism of hyperpigmentation in relation with Addison's disease
*seriously, I know what is that, but I never really find out WHY*
*being creative and sound PRO, I crap something*

Other features/effects of Addison's disease or complications?
*OK, I have memory loss here*
*I didn't remember the question & I lagi tak tahu what I answered*
*Means, it was something that I did not really know the answers*

Bacterial infection in that guy, was prescribed with Hydrocortisone for LIFE

Describe the dose given to this patient
*Actually, I didn't excatly know what did it means*
*Anyone can teach / tell me?*

State another drug for this unlucky fella
*simply put one*

Here comes the reason of why we choose the other drug

Essay 3
Grave's Disease
*like what the disease called, memang masuk 'grave'*

Mechanism / Pathogenesis of GD
*agak-agak la*
Important steps tertinggal!!
*gali graves*

Mechanism of Methimazole
*i ada baca =)*

Side Effetcs of Methimazole

Patient becomes pregnant, change to PTU --> Explain the reason

Essay 3 was the 1st essay I did.. I only know the pharmaco part though
*everytime also like that haiz.. half bucket of water*

Conclusion : Yesterday was a challenging day, today is a confusing day, tomorrow continues..

P.S A few minutes before the exam ended, the urge of visiting t.o.i.l.e.t annoyed me again

Coming up next!
*stay tune with me, same time tomorrow, at http://luvqiwen.blogspot.com/*


Monday, 5 April 2010

Review : GIT & Eli

I think I brought the wrong brain to the exam hall today

OBA (One Best Answer)
*flip, flip*
Gosh! Why so many anatomy?
*sure die*
*tikam tikam*

So many histological characteristics..
*ok ok*

EMI (Extended Matching Items)
Anatomy *phew*
Chronic Liver Disease *no memories =(*

*kua kua kua*

Read 1st trigger -> Ulcerative colitis *I know! =)
*scroll down*
Questions : Regarding colon *S.H.I.T!!!!*
Anatomy of colon, location & relation to posterior abdominal wall, blood supply!
*blink blink, rub eyes*
Like that, I don't know.. I only know UC..
*mampus la 1st question*

Essay 2

Gastrinoma in the head of pancreas
*wait! what is gastrinoma har?*
*think hard*
OooOooo.. I know...
Why stetorrhea? *still boleh la~*
Regulation of the pancreatic juice in this case
*trying hard to relate gastrinoma & prancreatic juice*
*write craps*
*half of it habis liao~*

Omeprazole -PPI
Mechanism of action
*so angry I couldn't recall a single thg*
*salah semua!*
Side Effects

Essay 3

Chronic alcoholic guy
Liver failure *list effects and complications*
*1st confident answer*
Pathogenesis of liver cirrhosis
*sei liao~ how already har?*
*tembak tembak*

Essay 4

My prediction! Hepatitis!
Not Hepatitis B leh~

Pathogenesis of Hepatitis A
*simply create lo, agak-agak*
Immune response
*I know something there, but I forgot their function*

DRAW A DIAGRAM *alamak* of serology profile and clinical features
*I apa pun tak tau*
Draw something that looks pro

Conclusion : Bring the wrong brain in but I have only 1 brain.. *kia si lang*


Sunday, 4 April 2010

kan cheong (nervous)

It is 10.18pm now..

Less than 12 hours away from exam

Include my sleeping time



Saturday, 3 April 2010

Addiction to dream

Recently, other than facing my lecture notes and no time flipping my books, I tend to waste some of my time browsing through fashion blog.

I started to love them
Almost every single of the clothes, dress
Except leggings..
Maybe someday I will love them

I got so addicted to check a few blogs for prices and types of so-called 'Baju'
So far, I had bought 2 tops from Ladies Fashion & 1 flora top from Hearts Fashion

Addiction, yes it is..

From there, I am thinking to pass my exam
Graduate fast
Earn money
Grab those 'baju(s)' that I really want so badly

And then

bought a FEW wardrobe or maybe a room of baju


All right, should back to my lecture notes
I can see them waving to me


Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday

Good Friday is the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross; the day He left His body. It is a historical event. Jesus bled heavily, wearing a crown of thorns, and was nailed to the cross. People spat in His face, condemning Him.

i may not be a Christian..but then...i believe that all religions are one and there is no harm in realizing the divinity in each religion..To my dear Frens..be it Christian or non Christians....please ponder this...

The cross represents several aspects of life. It represents a combination of pain and pleasure, a crossroads, the question: To be or not to be? The cross represents the burden, the heaviness, and the pain of suffering that all of us have in life.

As humans, we have our problems; we have our difficulties. We all suffer. Just as Jesus never complained, but carried the cross to the Hill of Calvary on His shoulder, so should we be able to carry the cross of life. We should be able to shoulder the duality, the ups and downs, the sighs and smiles, the tears of joy and pain alike. We too have to carry this cross of life.

It should be noted that Jesus was not put on the cross for any blunder or mistake He committed. In those days, the tradition was to crucify a person for a crime or sin. And yet Jesus, who was spotless, perfectly ideal, and totally Divine, was crucified. It was a demonstration of how to maintain equanimity. It is open proof of how to maintain balance in life, to accept negative situations, and how to bear pain.

Society may spit on you. Society may condemn you. You may feel pain, over-burdened because of the heaviness of the weight of the cross, and yet you continue to strive. You continue to struggle; you continue to march. You continue ahead, onward, never backward.

Particularly on the spiritual path, we struggle. It is no bed of roses. It is not a comfortable life; it is a challenging life. In material life, you are sure of profit and loss—you may sustain a loss today, but you will receive a profit tomorrow. Success is based on your intelligence, and your ability in management, maneuvering, manipulation, politics and conspiracy. But in spiritual life, these abilities get us nowhere. Indeed, spiritual life is the genuine challenge.

Think of the times when you are totally frustrated, despondent, and depressed, and everybody condemns you. Nobody walks with you, not even a family member stands by you, and you have no hope. God doesn't come stand in front of you and say, “Come on, I will help you.” No chance! He just lets you cry. Spiritual life is a challenge. You have to continue on and on, come what may, in spite of all slander, rumours, condemnation, mud-slinging, and character assassination. Inevitably, these things happen, but we march on.

Jesus looked to the Father, not to the people around Him. He didn't look to those who were attacking Him, the people who were condemning Him, who crucified Him. He looked up, and prayed to the Heavenly Father. That's what we must do today.

Instead, in times of difficulty, we say, “God, what are You doing? Are You on vacation? What are You thinking? What's wrong with You? Why don't You look at me? Don't You feel for me? Don't You see my suffering? Are You not sensitive?” These are the questions that come to our minds when we are suffering. None of us think, “Oh God, this is Your decision. Oh God, this is the design of Your will. This is Your plan. I accept all that happens. Thy will be done.”

Jesus on the cross represents the spirit of surrender, reminding us that man has to look up to God in spite of difficulties, whatever they may be, in spite of any and all physical, emotional, and mental suffering.

Not only did Jesus not condemn those who were responsible for His situation, but He forgave them. He prayed, “Oh God, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Jesus on the cross represents forgiveness.

If anyone says something against us, we wait for an opportunity to pay him back plentifully, with compounded interest! We cannot bear any criticism, so we try to see that he is cut down to size. We want everybody to accept what we ourselves feel, what we do, what we say, but we don't care what the other man thinks. But Jesus forgave.

We don't want to forgive; we want to be forgiven?? If anyone acts or speaks against us, we are not prepared to forgive him—but we want God to forgive us! ”

Judge not, lest thou shalt be judged. Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Forgiveness from my side is the first step in expecting God to forgive me. Understanding from my side is more important. It is a preliminary requisite I must complete before I expect God to respond to my situation.

To sum up: in one story, Good Friday gives us all the important lessons that Christianity has to offer. The story of Jesus on the cross teaches us about love, sacrifice, human suffering, surrender, acceptance of God's will, and forgiveness.

LOve is God..GOd is LOve...

205th Birthday of Hans Christian Andersen

Actually, I didn't know who is Hans Christian Andersen until this morning

(Saw it when I on my Google Chrome again..*cool*)

I believe (if I am not wrong), this is the Google series of THUMBELINA

Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish poet & fairy tale stories writer..

Famous fairy tales :

The Ugly Duckling
The Snow Queen
The Little Mermaid
The Nightingale

Lots more...

He met Charles Dickens when he first when to England. Dickens published David Copperfield right after he met Andersen. In David Copperfield, featuring a character Uriah Heep was said to be modeled on Andersen.

*amazing huh?*

The Nightingale was based on Andersen's love interest Lind, a opera soprano..

I learned new thing during my study week other than just what is in my notes or books...

Should thanks to Andersen for all the entertainment / fairy tales that I used to like since I was a kid...

Now I know who you are..... *wink*


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