Monday, 13 September 2010

Universal Studios Singapore

Generally speaking, I am not sure how should I describe Universal Studios Singapore. I was there on the 7th of Sept, very hot weather (lucky us), even though some queues were long, everything just happened so quick.

My plan to visit these "studios" or theme park was quite long ago and with a blink of an eye, I did it. I just can't believe I am writing this in Tanjong Karang, a place that I had complain numbers of time.

The map of Universal Studios Singapore

Let's starts at the entrance
The very famous Universal Studios globe that spins and spins everyday


After that, this will be my favourite decor theme, Hollywood
I have always imagine this only happen in Disneyland
Not anymore!
Frankly, just don't get too excited about it, it might not as BIG as a lot of you think
I am amazed
Never had such thing comes into my life, now I have my 1st experience
Very lovely to be surrounded by Hollywood-styled buildings, newspaper machines
Filled with atmosphere of Hollywood with their glamorous music
We took picture with Woody the Woodpecker!

Attraction : Pantage Hollywood Theater
Now they are showing Monster Rock Live Show
There are 3 shows a day
And monsters definitely R.O.C.K!
Lots of merchandise shops around this area, the most you can find
Food :
Celebrity Cafe & Bakery
Hollywood China Bistro
Mel's Drive-la (always crowded here)

New York!

Old fashioned police car, taxi, break dance on the street
Attraction :
Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg (must see!)
Stage 28 (coming soon - it is a film production indoor studio)
Food :
KT's Grill
Loui's NY Pizza Parlor

Sci-Fi City

What caught everyone's eyes here are the Battlestar Galatica HUMAN & Battlestar Galatica CYCLON
The red roller coaster trail is the HUMAN, the blue is the CYCLON
A dueling roller coaster to see who cross the finishing line faster
But it was closed after a technical glitch was discovered after the routine safety check
So, this blockbuster attraction was halted from operation
Other than that, there is Accelerator, something similar to the spinning tea cup in those fun fare
Did not really attract a lot of people trying it

Ancient Egypt

Here, placed the most adventurous ride (other than Battlestar Galatica) and the most boring ride
Yeah, they only have 2 rides in this area
The adventurous : Revenge of the Mummy (must try to those that does not suffer from motion sickness)
I did not try this! (But, my bro did)
The boring and should not exist : Treasure Hunter
Nice name right? It was written on the entrance that this attraction is moderate extreme
After the ride, only a piece of BIG question mark stick or stamped on everyone's face
Something like "Ahha, we get to tricked you, in your face!"
Gosh, who ever invented this, even a merry-go-round is way nicer
Moderate extremity?
Food :
Oasis Spice Cafe
Middle East Food, see my previous post about Food in Singapore
One merchandise shop : Carter's Curiosities

The Lost World

Yup yup, Jurassic Park, it is not plain at all
Definitely a place that I found my enjoyment in here
Most recommended attraction this area, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
Be prepared to be wet or soaked in water
Lots of surprise a long the ride, fast water currents and something you won't expect in the d.a.r.k
*evil laugh*
My brother and I went for it twice, we were completely soaked
Then, dry ourselves under the sun, natural way and more UV!
Canopy Flyer (a must try)
Legs dangling, bird eye view of The Lost World and part of Madagascar
Some will get the chance to sit facing the front, and some (unlucky us) facing the back 
Started off very slumber until I reached an accelerator in the middle, then it went fast & sharp turn
Sudden stopping of the ride *laugh at the end*
Dino-Soarin' is a very kiddy ride sitting on dinosaurs then flying round and round
Amber Rock Climb need extra payment, so I am not going for it
(rock climbing plan halted)
Water World was a big miss for both of us
There were shows going on, but we just didn't know about it
Food :
Discovery Food Court
Fossil Fuels

Far Far Away

My childhood dreamland, the castle
It only comes true when I am in my 2nd decade of life
Oh well, it might be a little late, at least it did come true
Recommended attraction here, Shrek 4D Adventures
Even though the briefing and some introduction show before the real 4D was kind of a bit unrelated to what we are going to watch later
The staffs made us feel really great about the whole thing, just that it took too long
Enchanted Airways, the junior roller coaster with the head of dragon in front and dragon's tail at the back
And, tracks at the dragon's bottom, opps!
Magic Potion Spin is an indoor ferris wheel that is seriously small and slow
I wonder where is the fun?
It is attached with the merchandise shop, Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop
Donkey LIVE, musical show for the young a.k.a kids
Food :
Fairy Godmother's Juice Bar


I like to move it move it!
That's the place
No attractions for us yet, Madagascar : A Crate Adventure is coming soon
It is build inside a really HUGE and real looking seven-storey ships
King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round, just a very typical merry-go-round
At least it looks better than Treasure Hunter
Merchandise shop, Penguin Mercantile
Food :
Marty's Casa Del Wild
Gloria's Snack Shack

That's it
We went for the last show in Hollywood called Kowabunga Kove

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