Tuesday, 31 May 2011

4th year postings

Yesterday was the day I have been anticipate during my holidays, which is waiting for the list of posting for my 4th year. It is exciting to know that who will be sticking with me for another 1 year as posting mates

Spot my name if you can
I'm in Group 3, which starts with Orthopedic

The flow of my 4th year posting (Semester 7 & 8)

Semester 7

(picture courtesy of qwikstep.eu)
I'm going to start my first 8 weeks with Orthopedics & Traumatology 

After Orthopedics, will spend my next 8 weeks in a very exciting posting
I have been very anticipating to go through this
When I was in Matrikulasi, I wanted to be Paediatrician
But to date, I think this is super tough, might just put that thought aside for a moment

Semester 8

3rd posting, the 8 weeks that I'm going to spend with the most departments
Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT)



3 subjects in 8 weeks

Ending my 4th year happily in this so-called "relax" posting - Psychiatry!

Hope this is another smooth sailing year ahead for me before aiming high entering my final year


Monday, 30 May 2011

Eli's Random DEF

When there is ABC, it shouldn't stop just right there...

I have very bad, near zero sense of direction

Eli, short for Elisabeth

Sorry, no Foul words with me


Sunday, 29 May 2011

My Sister of Eternal Flower : Pig Pig 猪

Spending my remaining holidays watching the new released drama series in Hong Kong, My Sister of Eternal Flower (花花世界花家姐). To date, Hong Kong and Astro had just release 10 episodes of the series, while myself is chasing this series online!

Starred by Charmaine Sheh as Fa Lai Chu, being as a girl with intellectual disability with with only IQ of a 10-year old child. Alongside with the main actor, Raymond Lam as a notorious wealthy guy. Toby Leung and Pierre Ngo as the supporting actress and actor.

It was so cute to see Charmaine in mushroom head playing with her Pig Pig  that was said it was made by herself in the series, that later will lead this plushie to the market with the help of Raymond.

Pig Pig 猪 is the main thing that attract me in this series, besides the casts!
See! So cute!

The casts along side with big Pig Pig during their series promotion

Can I have some Pig Pig  too?


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Eli's Random ABC

Own an Angry Bird plushie on my bed as the new member of all plushie

Joined blogger.com since 2006 but started to blog in Friendster since 2005

Helpless coffee addict that Mom has to set a quota for me to only have a cup per day
The "target" sign stands for my favorite action game - Counter Strikes


More about Eli

The About Me section has been there for awhile

Time to know more about Eli

*Lack of post to update*


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray

About the product
Thermal spring has been declared to the public benefit in dermatology in France since 1874. This thermal spring water is said to soothes and softens skin, especially for sensitive skin with its unique and constant composition. This product is hypoallergenic and preservative-free.

Help soothe and soften sensitive skin
Variation form of irritation
Razor burn
To complete cleansing
In summer
When traveling

Directions for use
Spray onto the skin in a fine mist. Wait for a few seconds, then gently pat dry

My experience
I came across the Net learning about this product and have friends that are using it. Most of them give a good review about this products quite some time ago but I didn't get to try them. Facial mist isn't in my daily facial list and I did not prioritize it. Finally I got it when there were promotion for 3-in-a-pack of 30ml with the price of RM15. It has a very simple packaging, white and orange bottle. I do not have a sensitive skin, but this spray works well with my skin. I use it whenever I feel my skin is dry and every time after shower after my workout to soothe my skin. If I'm home sleeping in air-conditioned room, I will use it before going to bed. For a bottle of 30ml, it lasts for about 1 and a half month to 2 months. 

This product is of course unisex as it is also indicated to soothe razor burn, no worries.

30ml - RM 18.90

Eli's "Love-it-or-Not" Meter
Packaging: 3/5
Effectiveness: 4.5/5
Worth the money: 4/5
Long lasting: 3.5/5 

Total: 15/20

This is my first product review. Any comment is welcomed to improve my future reviews. Thank you


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Kenny Rogers

A decade ago, when my brother and I was young, we used to tour Melaka a few times in a year. Those old time, there isn't much fast food or food outlet to choose other than the food court, McDonald's and KFC. Kenny Rogers Roasters has always been our craving and we can only have it in Melaka.

Well, until now Kenny Rogers Roasters still not available in Segamat. That is why our KFC outlet here is always full of people. Poor chickens

After countless year I never enter Kenny Rogers outlet, I'm here again with my friend before the Thor movie during my time in KL

Kenny Rogers outlet in Berjaya Times Square

My Drumstick Delight with the choice of either rice or macaroni with cheese
A very small portion, isn't that satisfying after whole day of work
The drumstick is so small and meat-less
Not a dish to recommend

With my Vanilla Cafe Latte
Love the drinks more than the food!

Friend's egg sandwich with coleslaw
A very healthy choice

Overall, I can see Kenny Rogers Roaster had expand its variation of food choice from only chicken to having the choice of macaroni and sandwiches, lots more. I'm not sure about the healthy choice here, but from my knowledge, I bet roasted is better than fried chicken in KFC or McD, correct? I am not very happy with the current dishes they served and quite disappointed with the quality compared to before. This might be my personal taste buds opinion, but somehow I bet it is still a lot of people's favorite food.


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Mutton Curry Puff

Leaving National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) does not only leave a piece of memory and making new friends there. My fellow colleagues gave me a new crave before I left the place. 

There was this one day they didn't buy lunch, but they bought lots of kuih from the Medan Selera nearby late morning. Most of the kuih were familiar to me because I used to have it during my matriculation year, the most. But, there is this one kuih that I never had in my years of life that eventually made my day and I'm craving for it now.

Lots of kuih to replace our lunch on that day

My very first mutton currypuff!!!!!
This is very BIG, HUGE, VAST, FAT!

Om nom nom nom
There is no trick with its big size, it has a lot of mutton and potato with mouth-watering spices inside

Close up look!
I'm craving for this every day at home now
I have no idea where I can find mutton curry puff in Segamat

NCSM not only teach me what I should learn from my scope but they leave me a good crave of food as well


Monday, 23 May 2011

I like Nippon Paint because they care

"Whatever you bought for us, it is still Dad's money"

That was my Mom's golden sentence when I bought something for them during their birthdays, Parents' Day or whenever I feel like getting them some stuffs from KL when I was home for a break. It might sound harsh some times but it was true. I'm a student that never experience working life, never got any salary before. My scholarship can't cover everything actually, which til the end I need their help financially.

For this very first time, I wish to win a gift for them without my Mom have to say that golden sentence that I shall miss one day. My parents' bedroom has no changes ever since they got married until now which is near 30 years to date. They have been working hard and keeping the money to give us the best education than using it on them to decorate their own bedroom. 

My parents' bedroom that never been redecorate or makeover for almost 30 years

I left home since 2007 to further my studies and I'm not able to accompany my parents. I heard Nippon Paint has a wide range of colors that can give different atmosphere and impact towards a room. I wish to give a warm, peaceful and friendly environment to my parents' bedroom as an accompaniment than having them resting in a room with dull colours wall. In addition to that, my Dad is currently still working in his retirement age just to keep us financially stable because none of us as children are earning yet. My Mom was a cancer survivor. Both of them need a tranquil and joyful bedroom to have a better rest and sleep. With that, I wish that Nippon Paint can have a room makeover for them so that I don't have to be so worry about them whenever I'm not around because I believe Nippon Paint cares.

(Picture courtesy of Nippon Paint Blobbies Facebook)

"I like Nippon Paint because they care"

Why did I say so?

Ideas & Inspiration 
Products range 
Paint Expert 
Odourless aircare 
Near to heart

#1 Natural

How I describe Nippon Paint as Natural? 

This is due to their commitment towards environmental wellness that was driven by philosophy of enhancing life through innovation. With this commitment, Nippon Paint comes up with Green Choice Series that cares for the environment as well as their user because Green Choice Series are:

Environmental Friendly
Less toxic, no added lead & mercury
Easy Breathability
Near zero VOC that lets us enjoy an almost odour-free experience
Heat Reduction
With Sunblock Technology reflects heat to cool the house and help saving energy
Bacteria Resistant
Protects the walls from bacteria to promote better hygiene and health
Provides tough resistance against algae, mould and corrosion

#2 Ideas & Inspiration

Keeping up with the latest trends each year, Nippon Paints has this Ideas & Inspiration section that keep us with the most to-date trend for our home. 6 categories were proposed to their ever-loving customers for this year colour trend - Colour Trends 2011, every colour has its story to tell

Back to Basics
Basic colours such as woody, forest greens that symbolise growth and renewal recreate a perfect natural sanctuary within homes where we can retreat and submit to tranquility
Individuality & Optimism
Inspired by the great deal of influence by the social networks. The lively, almost acidic shades of yellow and green evoke the post-futuristic images seen in today's pop culture & likely, tomorrow's fashion
Urban Treasures
Taking cues from the sleek, sensual silhouette of cityscape. Within home, these range of colours work seamlessly to create industrial chic with its alluring sophiscation
Sky's the Limit
Dare to let our dreams to take flight just as we did as kids, using chalk-smeared fingers to trace them in the air
New Luxury
In this increasing cluttered world, the ability to slow down and live in the moment lead to a new luxurious dimension
Homage to Culture
In unpredictable times, we always looking to our forefathers for their renewed strength and reassurance. Their unflappable wisdom keeps us grounded, their stories and challenges conquered a world of possibilities

#3 Products Range

A very wide range of products offer to Nippon Paint's customers from the inner to the outer layer of paint. Every product was made with technology and care to ensure the best for every customer's shelter.

Sealers and Primers
As the first coat that applies on to a new or repainted surface. It penetrates and help to seal the wall surface. Other than that, it protects paint against alkalinity and moisture on walls. Protect against:
Flaking & peeling

Interior Wall
Wide range of high quality and attractive paints for the interior home to WOW every person that walks into your house

Exterior Walls & Roof
To protect home from harsh weather, produces best finish that last for years

Wood & Metal
To enhance and protect wood and metal surfaces

#4 Paint Expert

Who doesn't know that Nippon Paint is the Pain Expert in paint industry. With their professional vision to guide light for everything they do in the aspect of integrity, entrepreneurship, partnership and quality. Nippon Paint has the background of 129 years of experience in paint technology and they are pleased to bring us advanced paint technology to protect and beautify your world. Nippon Paint is one of the major paint manufacturers not only in terms of its production capacity but also through impressive volume generated in terms of annual soles turnover

#5 Odourless Aircare

Nippon Paint put in a lot of effort to give the best care to all their customers and Odourless Aircare was created to keep all of us away from the harmful formaldehyde

Highlights of Odourless Aircare:
Absorbs formaldehyde, refresh air
Near zero VOC and odour
Superior washability and scrub resistance
Eggshell finish

#6 Near to Heart

Whatever Nippon Paint do to the community is all about CARE. From our most reliable and loving place, our home to our personal health. That is why I love Nippon Paint!

They have super cute blobbies too!

Did I tell you that I slept in between my parents when I was a kid on this bed?

Want to know more about Nippon Paint and their cute blobbies? Check it out in http://www.facebook.com/nipponpaintblobbies

*Finger crossed for my wish comes true*


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Nothing is easy

After so long without words post....

Coming to realize, I have not update about myself in this space for quite a long period of time. Most of the post that I have been putting up these days were reviews about food and events, and not to forget my first ever unexperienced gadget reviews.

I have a lot of people tapping my shoulder telling me how great it was to know that I'm now doing Medicine. Being in medical school has always give people impression that we are a bunch of geek or nerd that has no life. From the outside, we are so-called the smart people that has no life holding thick books and those who are not afraid of blood. For the patients, we were the most annoyed kid that has no idea why we were there asking the same question and taking their blood for no reason causing them more pain. For the doctors, we are the most brainless people in their hierarchy that never do revision before class and giving them nonsense answer. While for the nurses, we are the young haters that love to disrupt their job that eventually one day they have to serve us.

Throughout 3 years, lots of word had been throwing towards me (exclude my another 265 course mates that I have). Example:

You're not a safe doctor
Do you ever think you're going to graduate like this?

Being told I was brainless wasn't the worst thing in life. What's worst was when a doctor looking in your eyes telling me that I am not a safe doctor. Nothing more important than knowing what is in front of me because it is dealing with the most cruel micro creatures in the world that has no mercy and LIFE. There is this one point in the posting that we gave it an award for being the Most Crazy Posting ever that I asked myself "Is this what I want?"

Yes, it is


Saturday, 21 May 2011

Family Gathering

The next morning after Pirates of the Caribbean premiere screening, my family came from Segamat, Johor. The first reason is to pay my cousin, Alex that has just come back from Hong Kong for his semester break a visit. The second reason will be my extended stay in KL has finally ended, it is time for me to go back home.

Awake by their conversation downstair, feeling really worn out due turning in late last night after the screening. My Mom even came into our room to wake me up, no choice, have to pick myself up and get ready because it is almost lunch time.

As usual, family lunch in Seri Petaling Seafood Village or we just called it Driving Range as the golf course is attached to the restaurant

Seri Petaling Seafood Village Restaurant
Lot 24221, Jalan Merah Silu,
Bandar  Baru Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 – 90561095

My SOUR coconut drinks with super thin near negligible coconut flesh
Not my day, thought of having coconut drinks as it contains antioxidant that help slow down my aging after I had not enough sleep

Family members introduction
(Paternal side)

(L-R) Eldest aunt and grandma
Grandpa is at home, he didn't want to follow them to KL

Yours truly and parents
My Dad is the second child, the eldest son

2nd uncle (Dad's younger brother) with my cousins Qi Tyng and twins, Qi Ern & Qi Ying

On the right is my 3rd uncle 
With my aunt and Alex

Start to makan!
Qi Tyng's dad knew this place so well that he don't have to look at the menu to order the dishes
Pro already!

More food rolling in!

After lunch, we went over to a new supermarket in Kuchai Lama called NSK to have a walk and bought some stuff. It was public holiday and the supermarket is so full of people and kids running around with sword-shaped balloons.

Tyng asked "What does NSK stands for"
I have been wondering about that too, then I told her it might be "New Straits Kuchai!"
Oh, whatever and we think it fits in

After shopping, we went to have coffee and cakes in Kafe Indulge that was just right behind the supermarket, 100m. Qi Tyng & I joke that we should have just sprint here, it only takes 20 seconds than going in the car, drive out and search for parkings.

Waiting for coffee and cakes!

Coffee crepe cake
As a coffee addict, how can I say I not love this piece of cake here
But my Mom said it was bitter for her

Ah, this!
Can't get the taste out of my taste bud and mind now
Durian crepe cake
Oh my! This is super lovely!
Everyone agree that this is the best piece except my Dad, he loves the original milk crepe cake
My Dad is a cheese-butter-milk person, understood!

Alex's vanilla sundae

Then we jalan-jalan in The Store because they want to grab some bread home
No longer after that, yours truly have to get into the car and head back to Johor


Friday, 20 May 2011


Went all the way to Millenium Square for lunch few weeks ago and for the first time, I tried this place that have been recommended by a few people, Piccadilly

I kinda like the ambience here, very comfortable

This simple-looking menu is crazy

See, when open up, it is so long, so many pages FULL of list of dishes

3/4 pages of the menu
Tired of capturing the menu, I gave up on the 1/4
Need to bring a big group of people here to try different kinds of food that they serve 

Belacan Siam Fried Rice
RM 5.90

Spaghetti Carbonara with Mix Seafood
RM 12.50
The smell of the carbonara sauce is super cheesy and creamy before it lands on the tongue
I like the Extra creamy taste and the sauce is thicker than any other sauce served in other places
The mix seafood that they served were prawns and squids, too bad they don't have mussels

Orange juice, as usual

Will go back to try out more food!

LG006 & LG007,
Millennium Square, Dataran Millennium PJ,
98, Jalan 14/1, 46100 Petaling Jaya.LG006 & LG007, Millennium Square Jalan 14/1
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


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