Friday, 30 August 2013

8 non-serious things we did in Family Medicine

Family medicine

Speaking about this, I think my course mates play quite a big role in making this interesting. Put aside all the serious thoughts on how we get through the posting. Due to my jobless syndrome, those time we spent in Family Medicine indeed memorable.

In the morning, we love being the group that went all the way to KK Batu 14.
It takes longer to reach = we can continue our sleep.

On the way back, we prefer to be in Pusat Primer. There is where we can visualize our room better!

Food wise, I think my group fall in love with KK Batu 9 (you know who you are!). We have that guy that had potato wedges every morning as breakfast. The girls that had 3 meals of pineapple per day. And me myself that wasn't very healthy back then filling myself with keropok lekor =.=

The sudden strikes of mini c-ex. Happened to me, Connie & Siang lol..

"Oh that's our examiner for this week"
Dr saw us
"Let's do mini c-ex now"
Heart dropped
Read CPG in iPad madly

Teaching in KK Batu 9 and everyone has to clerk the patients!

Dive ourselves into the sea of patients there, so crowded that we are trying to spot which patient looks like a good target that won't chase us away.

3 minutes of clerking, then the aunty said "I need to go now"

Darn, have to go find another one.

All the teaching is actually awesome!

We have great teaching from the lecturers even though we were messing around looking for patients and trying to spend some time fulfilling what we need to do in the log book.

My group had some Tamil or Bollywood movie moments when we were slacking.

Standing at the road side waiting for the bus for almost an hour because the bus driver decided to take a break before picking us. We were playing with the cat at the roadside for an hour!

This post is made for fun, we did have a lot of serious moments to learn. When everything is mixed up, we had a cocktail of experience in this front-line posting.


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Abs: 12 weeks later

I have been spamming my Instagram, Facebook, twitter and my blog with all my fitness routine. I'm so sorry if it bothers anyone. Can I blame the delay of my job? Can you imagine my result was announced on May the 2nd and I've been holidaying since then. And and and... They said I might only have job on October wtfish...

On my 11th week of Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution workout program, I started incorporate yoga meltdown in the routine 2-3 times in a week. How I miss attending yoga class with Tyng back in KL. We thought we've found a good yoga place but who knows they run away with our money after 4 classes pfffttt.... Even the instructors had their salary run away by the owner of the place!!!!!

Now in Week 12 (today Day 81, yay 9 days to go), I still weighed 46kg, no change yay!!!

I'm not looking forward to lose weight, so I'm happy to be able to maintain.

12 weeks before, I can't even do a push up, not even a slight bend of my elbow, I'll definitely fall flat. I can't hold plank for more than 15 seconds, I can't do a wheel pose at all. And, I almost pengsan every time doing cardio circuit workout like almost after 3 burpees.

Now, holding wheel pose for a picture is no longer the greatest challenge. And, I just figure out how to do a modified chaturanga and a few triceps push ups :)

Words can't describe the feeling when I finally get to do this photo series of before and after.

I didn't have diet restriction, still having my daily dose of 3-in-1 coffee, grandma's home cook, some snacks and ice-cream once in awhile, heavy supper every Saturday and a glass of low fat milk a few nights in a week.

Everyone has their own passion inside them no matter what is it, go for it! I wanted to work so badly now because I'm afraid to lose the momentum I used to have in the hospital. Since I can't control when I'll work, why not take this time to do what I love and getting the benefits of it right.. Haha


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