Monday, 29 June 2009

The starting line again..

Post number 92 marks my starting line as 2nd year medical student.. Hardly slept last night as I felt so awkward sleeping alone in hostel.. I let the light at the study table on the whole night..

2 hours of lecture about our 2nd year by the module coordinator, as well as a welcome speech by our Dean.. He just set a rule that made everyone felt like going to punch him.. *sweat* He was so strict in dress code, even we are only in campus attending lectures.. He wants formal!!! Honestly, I don't feel comfortable with it if it is only to attend lectures..

We had our very 1st lecture for our 1st module : Blood & Lymph..
I am kind of blur & I day dreamed most of the time.. We were at the back, so my attenttion was hardly there..

Went off to Kamal Bookstore to get an official stethoscope for myself.. Navy blue.. As well, went to the stationery store to stock in highlighters & ruler as I left my pencil case in my cousin's house.. *sigh*

Tyng did message me whether I want my pencil case back soon or not, so her dad can send it to me.. Well, I still can survive.. Thanks for the offer anyway..

Long hours nap I had this evening.. And now, I have to start boosting my energy & concentration that I lost this morning in the lecture to revise what it was all about...


Sunday, 28 June 2009


So sad... Back to KTSN & start my life in A106 (my new room).. Well, as I mentioned before, it is really dull here at the ground floor.. I only managed to meet Ciau Wooi & Chui Ung here same floor with me.. I have no idea who is next to me on my left & right.. The rooms are empty.. Maybe, not yet as only us the medical students start our class this week..

Noises are around now as I can hear my friends talking at the balcony up there at the 1st floor.. They seems to enjoy a lot.. Meanwhile, I still feel lack of excite-ness & energy to boost my likeness back here.. But if to compare between friends here & friends in Segamat, there is an obvious winner - Segamat friends.. They are so sporting & cool.. But over here, things start to struck my nerve when everyone is having their own new vision. I have my vision as well but my mind & soul hardly reach KL by now.. *sigh*

Haha.. Wondering what is on for the freshmen now? Honestly, I don't care much about juniors or who is my buddy.. I'm excited for my friends in different university now that are having their orientation. Talking bout that, orientation still vivid in my memory.. It was disaster & as well not-so-disaster once it was over..

Well, clean my room for the 2nd time when I came back jz now.. Jz to make sure everything is neat & nice so that I know where did I placed all those stuff.. New experience, single room.. All of my friends are in single room as well.. Went touring around Block A & C just now, but I am tired right now.. So, I came online & blog.. Hopefully I can get used to this situation faster.. Haiz..

Mind & Soul of Qi Wen, where are you? Come back to me... I need you!! My class is tomorrow, how can you not here yet...

Will try to update everyday... Tataz..

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Day transformed!!

Yes, got to watch Transformers (Revenge of the Fallen) today in The Curve.. Sitting at the back of the cinema, my very 1st experience in that position.. No tilting needed which is good for our neck, if not.. (haha) Another new experience, we had the couple seats.. 3 couple seats, which consist the 6 of us.. We had our popcorn before the movie started. Well, no time for snack after the all the action starts.. Anyway, thanks to Kevin for the movie..

Lunch... Aiks.. We had it in Italiannies for the 1st time. The portion is SO BIG & the waiter didn't informed us about that. I had a BIG, HUGE penne bolognese with Esprit Raspberry. I am so bloated right now. I think I can't swallow any food more for the rest of the day...

So, my day transformed from a person who doesn't care much about Transformers to a person that sat through the movie excited bout it.. Haha... More transformation of me-self needed day to day.. To stay happier & enjoy my life in UKM...

Forget! Forget! Forget!! I know I can do it!! I'm letting go now... Tataz...

Friday, 26 June 2009

Atfer 6 hours in KL...

In KL now.. 6 hours after I reached KL, I am super tired right now.. Still miss my life in Segamat, especially I have a bunch of good friends around. I am not homesick.. I just have the feel that there is still something left in Segamat.. But I don't know what is it.. Perhaps the smell & mess of my bedroom or my dog?

I don't want class to start so soon.. I am put in Block A106.. Gosh, 1st level.. I am the only one there when I moved in just now.. *Sigh* I counted the rooms there, 7 rooms.. This is so crazy.. I am going to live in a quiet & people-less area for another year.. Miss the time when I had a roommate, now we are all alone as senior.. The good thing is the room belong to myself, just myself..

I indeed still love my life during holiday not being a medical student.. Sometimes, as medical student, people used to freak out. I am not a powerful girl as what people used to see when you are a medical student. I am just as normal as anyone else. Perhaps, we just have different interest. Somebody has to take over the job as a healer, right? I love spending my time wildly.. Thinking of tons of medical stuff that I need to munch munch munch into my brain & not my tummy, it stops me directly for another crazy day.. Haiz..

Good luck to all my friends that are going for registration as the newbie in their respective & lovely university starting tomorrow. Don't worry too much about orientation. It is going to be ok very soon.. I still remember well how my orientation went last year, time passed so fast.. So, don't freak out!! When you need help or any CRAZY TIME & STUFF, count me in!!!!!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

End of 2 months break

Frankly speaking, I don't wish to go back to KL.. Life back home was too good in this 2 months.. Haiz.. I have no choice.. Even the schedule for Monday was out few days ago.. What in my mind now is that - when will be the next holiday? Arrgghh... I want more comfort, more freedom & spend more time to meet my friends...

One thing I regret the most in this 2 months was I didn't spend more time with my friends.. High school friends, KMJ friends & even UKM friends... I just spend most of my time sitting in front of my pinkish lappy that was so lag.. I only met my friends the last 2 days before I am back to KTSN, my hostel..

By the way, thanks a lot to Jia Min for the invite to meet with our high school classmates, May Yeen & Wan Chyi.. Not to forget, Jia Xin as well.. Meanwhile for today, I met my KMJ friends & a friend in Segamat.. So, no matter how the gathering went (although it was a total failure that I didn't get it why did it occured) I am still grateful to meet you gals & guys.. Thx to Zhi Ling, Jin Hao & Javis for it.. This might had partially grant my wish to stay close with you guys..

Going back to KL tomorrow lead to a heavy heart feeling to leave home.. Home has been a wonderful place where I live like a princess.. I don't have to worry about food, works & what coming up next.. I know this can't last forever, but still love the feel of home..

For those friends I didn't get a chance to meet, I am sorry for not meeting you guys earlier & a last minute plan of gathering..

To Joshua, hey dude, I'm so sorry that I can't meet you although we make a deal to meet.. It was nice to hear from you in MSN & all the funny voice record.. I know you must be dying to meet me in Giant.. Haha.. Too bad, I'm not in mood & I don't think I can just blend myself in with the gang.. Sorry...

All right, I will stop my sort of emo a.k.a 'don't wan to go back KL' post here.. Haiz, UKM KL here I come again...

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Memories to gather..

.:My Life Begins in UKM KKL:.



.:PBL 3:.

.:PBL 13:.



.:LAB 11:.










Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Restaurant City

My most recent decoration of my restaurant... The Black Restaurant...

Inside my restaurant....

This is the game that had make me a freak few months ago until now... Unfortunately, level 27 is the maximum level.. After getting into the top level, there's nothing much to do except to level up all the dishes by collecting ingredients and trading....

The "QWEEN" (Queen) List..

Thanks so much to those who had wished me for my birthday on 21st June which is Father's Day as well.. Many many thanks to my family & friends out there..

The QWEEN Thank You List

1. My Parents
2. Egg Tam
3. Hidayah
4. Y Hong
5. Zhi Ling
6. Ping Peng
7. Faidhi
8. Hawa
9. Billy Saw
10. Shalisha
11. Farul
12. Hwey Ling
13. Jia Min
14. Gerard Lum
15. Jackson Tan
16. Boon Chun
17. Sam Leong (Bro!)
18. Zack
19. Kang Nee
20. Isaac Tan
21. Amy Yeo
22. Punitha
23. Mardhiah (Marx)
24. Yi Sin
25. Nishanti
26. Faten Nadira
27. Javis Wee
28. Chun Shen
29. Benjamin Teh
30. Qi Tyng
31. Rebecca
32. Izzuddin
33. Amirul Hafifi
34. Kai Seng
35. Tiam You
36. Ie Lane
37. Charlotte Tan
38. Yi Lian
39. Kheng Gek
40. Maryam
41. Lim Qian
42. Meng Her
43. Szuat Li
44. May Tan
45. Wei Li
46. Shey Man
47. Li Ching
48. Nadhira
49. Joon Yi
50. Chee Wee
51. Wei Ping
52. Lorraine Ho
53. Shir Hwa
54. Stephenie
55. Ainie
56. Wee Chin
57. Cheng Leong
58. Danny Phua
59. Yun Ting
60. Wei Fong
61. Sheau Ni
62. Hui Fang
63. Serene Lee
64. Huey Kuan
65. Poh Ling
66. Ngan Shan
67. Wan Lin
68. Yu Zhen
69. Cen Yang
70. Xu Vin, Elaine & Wei Wei (thanks for the call & the song)
71. Nicole Seet
72. Zhau Wan
73. Li Ling
74. Li Weng
75. Eunice Kow
76. Nur Idanis
77. Kae Wen
78. Jacinta Tay
79. Sarega
80. Xin Jin
81. Wen Li
82. Amilin
83. Li Wen
84. Xue Ni
85. Jayanthi
86. Chun Yeal
87. Pui Xuen
88. Sin Jie


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