Friday, 29 January 2010


I am glad the unpredictable GIT assessment result is out

I am glad with what I got

I am glad with what I gone through

I am glad to have the motivation from friends

I am glad...

Thanks God =)

Hope same goes for Endocrine, Neuroscience & upcoming Reproduction...

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I saw something that shouldn't happen

She was right

We have rules

It was how she deals with it

It was a total embarrassment

In front of foreigners

I left the scene after that

Didn't want to get into trouble

Just because of someone having a bad day

That doesn't mean I should have a bad day as well

I still found the whole thing was embarrassing


Saturday, 23 January 2010

♥ I miss u ♥

At this moment, I miss my friends in KMJ a lot
I went through the pictures again
How I miss there

Friends, buildings, lecturers, food, peaceful environment
I think Matriculation has make a very successful job in giving good & comfortable atmosphere to the students
Having the least stressful time
Really enjoy it

Miss the most, my roommates
Asiah (Yaya) & Iza Zarina (Jaja)...
Not to forget Nurul, being a few months with us

Miss my practicum-mate, Hayat 50
The last group of Biology...
Amirul (leader), Azmin, Faiz, Pai, Rebecca, Zatie, Seha, Amira, Zurainah, Rahmah, Hajar, Kak Pah, Ainie, Haida & Fatin...

Miss my Block C sisters
I got 2 families...
1st - Hwei Eying, Yee Ching, Chia Yi, Zhi Ling, Zhiau Hoon...
2nd - May, Siew Gyn, Wei Li, Sin Ying, Shey Man...
They are those who cheer me up..
We chatted for about 5 hours.. Haha XD

Miss Voice Out Aloud (VOA) Club
Jowin, Supia, Farul, Nat, Pau, Fuad, Jackson, Wei Xiang, Aida, Husna & Khairun...

Miss the Bulletin Board...
Hardly recall everyone's name in this club cause we worked in a very short time...
Su Yuen, Elson, Aida, Ryn, Alyssa, Afiq, Yuha, Athirah, Shikin, Ridzwan, Wan, Syafik, Shah & Shuha...

Mentor Mentee LDK 13
*This was when we 1st enter KMJ*

My roommates & Ainie

My practicum, Hayat 50

Chemistry Lab

Having evening walk & fun together

Izzuddin, our practicum friend that stayed with us for a few weeks..

Block C sisters


Bulletin Board

I miss KMJ

Should I?

Should I change my blog template?

Friday, 22 January 2010

OMG attacks!

Lots of thing happened in one day
Yeah - TODAY
Kind of like not so me..
Haha XD

For GIT assessment today
I forgot to sign the attendance slip
I filled it up & I realized I forgot to pen down my signature
But I was there in the exam hall
I thought I was still in Sem 1
I think for about 10 minutes only I realized I tick the wrong semester column

Not to mention about how the exam went..
GIT was kinda terrible

During the so-called 5 hours break before Endocrine paper
Having John & Dinesh together was not bad
At least their brain are bigger & full-er...
Mine was kinda empty & confused..
It was fun although I was totally stressed out...
Haha XD

John even wanna scold me for not teaching him about calcitonin..
I told him about it last minute
Kinda like 3 minutes before we entered the exam hall
Elaine can be my alibi... XD

I was totally going to give up on SLP
Until Elaine came to me telling me about hypercalcemia
I was like, why not just read with her
And make fun of it

That was like so OMG when it appeared in essay
Thanks, Elaine!! =)

There was another OMG when ameobiasis came out in essay for GIT

Conclusion: Both essays are from SLP...!!!
READ SLP 1st next time!!!! *semangat*

Last Thursday was my very 1st time of waking up late for class
I forgotten that I am using my samsung phone
Not Sony...
The alarm rang at 6.10am..
I snoozed...
Bear in my mind that it will wake me up again in 10 minutes
When I opened my eyes feeling satisfied from my sleep
It was so OMG (another attack of OMG)
*Load my mind: Usually, I am already in the bus or waiting the bus at the bus stop by this time*
Jump, Run!!!!!
7.34am, I am at the bus stop...
Feeling proud that I can be super fast as well...

Monday, 18 January 2010

♥ Irresistible♥

This is what Iafter long hour of shopping

MF a man?

I am sure everyone came across this
Megan Fox is a man?
Yes or No..
I have no comment

For more : here

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Crossing my fingers

Walked a few hours around Aeon Bukit Tinggi to find CNY dresses or clothes
Haven't found what I want yet..
Going to Sunway Pyramid tomorrow..
Hope I can find something I want..
So desperate now..
It is very late now..
Got to go..
Still crossing my fingers..
Exam is coming..
I am into shopping now..

*Sad case*

Friday, 15 January 2010

This worth RM30..

Warisan Mesra
35th Persiap Annual Dinner
9th January 2010
Dewan Wawasan, Cheras

*Sorry for the late update, many thx to KTSN tortoise internet connection*

♥The food♥

♥Meet up with my buddies♥
(Hui Fang, Boon Chin, Eddy)

♥Eddy, Hui Fang & I♥

♥Pretty friends♥
(Kah Yan, Mei Sung & Yun Ting)

I wanna thank Hui Fang for letting me stay for awhile at her place
Thanks to Nina for the dress & hair make over
Thank you very much♥

XoXo, Qi Wen

10 years ago & later...

10 years ago..
I used to hit the cinema with my family
Usually, my dad will only buy 3 tickets
For himself, mom & my brother
I will just ran in for free
Before the movie, my bro & I will choose snacks in the shop
All sort of food & drinks

This is how it goes:

I will go in & ran around the cinema
The cinema quite big, 2 levels
I will start eating the snacks when the movie started
Or maybe before the movie
After I finished eating everything
I will start sleeping until I felt someone carrying me out

I hardly finish a movie 10 years ago
I pig out in almost every movie we watched in cinema
Many thanks to the nice & comfy atmosphere in there
Perhaps, I am still very young to learn to understand the message delivered

The cinema closed after it stood for a few years
Lack of business due to pirated DVD

Okay, the another story:

10 years later (which is now)

After there is no more cinema left in Segamat
We watched movie at home
I didn't sleep through the movie anymore
No matter how bored the movie is
I am still there, praying hard
Trying to give some magic to the movie to be nice

I couldn't believe it happened again!
I mean..
The sleeping part...
10 years ago I slept through almost every movie
10 years later, I fell asleep in one of the mega movie
*I did*

I didn't want to offend anyone
Or to upset anyone
This is very personal
It was my body reflex
The hormones were working hard enough
And I dozed off... ZzZzZz..

I am sorry, Twilight fans..

New Moon created another history of my life

I better ciao before I saw lettuces, shoes or eggs flying towards me

*Run for my life*

Sunday, 10 January 2010

2010 Midnight Madness

A review of what my brother, cousins & I did after 12am, 01.01.2010

2010 Jenga arrangement







Jenga dominos... *wink*
by Ying

Friday, 8 January 2010

In love

I love this!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New hobby

Lolz.. I think I found myself having a new hobby...

I guess Tyng & Ying started to have the same hobby syndrome now..

Haha XD

I found that we like to kacau Su-Lynn's chat box in her blog now....


Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Resolutions of the year - lolz XD
I think I had the same one every year
Well, let's see
Maybe it is just a few days of 2010
I feel kinda determined

I end up having wars with my biological rhythm (Mind & Body)

I read a lot
CONCLUSION : My brain totally jammed up

I tried to spare some time to sweat out
CONCLUSION : Muscle sore..

1. Read a lot - I wish to score better in exam & improve my knowledge
2. Exercise - Prepare to fit into a better dress / clothes for upcoming CNY!!!!!

*I am desperate for it (them)*

But I don't know how long this can last.. I am impatient.. >.< "The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work" - Harry Golden-

Sunday, 3 January 2010


I know I have no rights to complain how fast the time passed by & why a second is meant to be so short.

I couldn't measure the level of happiness for each year. If to ask which year is the most 'awesome' I ever had, I would rather not to choose. OR I'll only say : The best year of my life is the year I was born to learn what life is all about. Whether I like it or not, lesson need to be learn.

2009, it was another year for me to thank God for the ups and downs, as always.
From a 1st year student, I passed my exam to proceed with my 2nd year.
From being 'jakun' about taking flights to taking multiple flights in a year.
From losing someone I loved to gaining a new family (keluarga angkat).
From walking to ice skating to flying fox. From bowling to archery.
From peninsular Malaysia to East Malaysia.
From staying only in the country to Singapore twice a year (the last time I went was 1997).
From crying to smiling again..

The most important thing - Never regret on anything that makes me S.M.I.L.E

It was a history.. As well as experience..

2010 - Another year to grow older.. =) *It is not a bad news after all*

L.I.F.E - Life is forever and eternity... Forever & Ever


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