Thursday, 31 March 2011

De-stress lunch & dessert

On Wednesday, I have one day off in between my hiatus exam week. Crazy idea always pop up in the midst of exam. I just want to get out of my hostel for a moment to unwind my stress after 2 theory papers examination. The de-stress plan went well when Jayren's class finish exactly at lunch hour. Besides, I get to call my cousin, Qi Tyng to tag along with her boyfriend, Andrew.

After Jayren picked me, we went all the way to Bukit Jalil to pick Qi Tyng and Andrew. There, we head to Sunway Giza Mall. The journey was long for me. From Cheras to Bukit Jalil then all the way to Sunway Giza Mall. After lunch and dessert, we travelled back to Bukit Jalil and Cheras. 

My first time in Sunway Giza Mall
We had our lunch in Coffee Chemistry Cafe
(Well recommended by the bloggers and Jayren)

We shared an appetizer
Way better than the tostada chips in Chilis
Love the big chunky juicy tomatoes in the salsa sauce

Extra stars given not only to the taste, the art as well

Top: Iced Cappuccino
Below: Iced Mocha

 Beef and bacon fried rice

Seafood pasta

(Picture courtesy of Qi Tyng)
The one in the middle is Chicken Fried Rice
The hungry people just om-nom everything and plates almost licked clean

For better digestion (not to waste the car petrol as well), we walked over to My Honeymoon for dessert!

We called that The Alien

 I love how they fold this thing, so cute
Durian Pancakes

The cream and durian flesh!
Irresistible for a typical Segamat people like me that came from a place that famous of durians!

Tofu Sweetheart
Love the taufufa-taste ice cream!

I was too busy cutting the durian pancakes while they were too busy looking at me cutting it
We forgot to take the picture of the Chocolate Glutinous Ball with Peanuts!

De-stress works!


Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Bloggers and everyone, we have new friend here!
Her name is Coolblog

All right, what comes to your mind where you first heard about Coolblog?
Whatever it is, in real, Coolblog is a beverage company

Here it is
The motto is
"Be Cool with A Refreshing Blog"

The "blog" here isn't the site you are reading right now
Blog = drinks

So, when you want to have some drinks from Coolblog, you need to say:
"Hey dude, lets have some blog"
or maybe
"I am thirsty, I need a cup of blog"

Which blog you want to order?
Here's the menu

Very colorful kiosk and menu but for the first time, I don't understand the menu and not sure how should I buy a blog

Got my first honeydew milk tea with pearl blog in PLUS RSA Seremban North Bound when my family and I stopped by to take a rest when going to KL

My honeydew milk tea with pearls blog

Now I feel awkward calling the drinks blog
It actually taste NICE!
There is always long queue at the kiosk

There are now about 30 kiosks of Coolblog around Malaysia

This is their official website:
(I'm sorry to say they have very weird and funny English in the website)

Forget about how weird it is telling people you're drinking a blog, but it tastes really GOOD
I recommend you guys to have a try!


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Wishes to all my friends!

To all my friends, with love


Childhood memory

To be happy is simple when we are young
Simple is happiness when we grow up

I may not confirm to say everyone has a great childhood
But I thank God for the great timeline I had before I am who I am right now
Family has been my pillar of strength and love 
My brother and cousins have been my companion

Some self-proclaimed cuteness overload pictures coming up!
All pictures are credited to my cousin, Qi Tyng

Guess who are they?
Left is yours truly, right is Qi Tyng
Err... How old are we that time?

 Leong girls power!
All the PINK rangers (Power Ranger was like super awesome that time whey)
Left to right:
Qi Ying, Qi Tyng, Qi Ern, our youngest aunt & her daughter, Su-Lynn and yours truly

Yours truly and Qi Tyng's reaction on sparkles during Chinese New Year



Friday, 25 March 2011

Yuans Garden, Segamat

Whenever I'm home, I will pick a few days to go out to have breakfast with the Queen of my heart
Well, no Starbucks, no IHOP etc.
But well, at least there is Secret Recipe in Segamat!

Our usual breakfast place is Yuans Garden
It serves mostly classic Malaysia food, more to Chinese dishes
Such as, nasi lemak, mee siam, toast, porridge, toast, noodle, chee cheong fun etc

Yuans Garden

Here's the menu:

Om Nom Nom time!

Coffee C (Hot)
RM 1.60

Coffe C (Cold)
RM 1.80

The coffee and three-layered tea are my favorite of all
The taste is very typical & classic
Not to sweet with strong coffee aroma

 Hong Kong Fish Soup Noodle
RM 4.00
What's special is the soup which is mixed with creamer

 My all-time favorite
Curry Chicken Chee Cheong Fan
RM 3.90

The warm not-so-hot curry sauce with chicken & crispy fried onions
Eat with the curry chee cheong fan 

Chee Cheong Fan
RM 1.70

This is the most original chee cheong fan with the sweet sauce with sambal, topped with sesame seed

Other than that, they did sell some traditional kuih

Calling the yam cake lovers!
RM 0.90 per piece

Ku kueh filled with green tea paste
RM 0.90 per piece
Love this!

My top favorite again
RM 0.90 per piece

Fresh crunchy sweet peanuts wrapped in pandan-flavored glutinous skin
I love the pandan taste and it smells really good

My date for the breakfast


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Project #2

It is opinion time again!
Time to trigger the brain, a bit

You can say I'm just too bored
But, I just love to think about all this stuff

Project #2: 
What item do you think is NOT necessary in this world?
(It is like, even if it doesn't exist, you won't mind after all)

Lets start with what is across my mind

Yesh, for me - Iron!

For me (personal opinion), I don't think iron is super necessary in this world and it leads to misuse

If iron doesn't exist, everyone will have untidy clothes - so it doesn't matter if everyone is untidy right?
Then untidy will not exist, then it is not a problem at all being untidy
Iron has been a weapon for some people to abuse maids, children and spouse
And it may injured ourselves too

I know this is kind of lame for me, but I have been thinking about this for years
Yesh, for A FEW YEARS

What about you?

Hopefully I can hear some responds in the comment box!
Want to know what you guys think about this topic
Thank you~


Monday, 21 March 2011


Home is really sweet!

This is what my dog did when I just got down my car to welcome me home!
Oh yeah, his name is Dao Dao
Dao Dao (cantonese) = Bean/Peanuts (English)
When he do that, he wants me to rub his sexy belly

The main purpose I am home:

I'm still stuck in the same book

Other than just studying, here is all my L.O.V.E!!
My bed and babies!

My giraffe a.k.a Lut is back with me from KL 

Miss my dearie Nemo!
So huggable

Nothing more perfect and warm than home itself
Too comfortable that somehow my study progress is too slow

But, I enjoy being pampered and spoiled again!
Didn't get this in KL


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Supermoon from my balcony

I swear I didn't know there will be Supermoon on the 19th March 2011

Either because I'm

#1 Just so dumb that I never know about supermoon
#2 As IF I study too much because it is study week
#3 I have car lag for traveling home from KL
#4 I'm so outdated
#5 I'm too young to know about supermoon
#6 I have no inner werewolf or vampire-nism

I saw super bright moon from my balcony and grabbed my phone to take picture of it
Then only I realized everyone in Twitter is talking about big moon and supermoon

I almost missed the Supermoon if I wasn't at home and stuck myself in Twitter

For one moment, I wish I have those great-almighty-super-techno-high-class-powerful-professional camera to snap this zillion times!

 I like this because it is covered partially by clouds
Like werewolf movie scene
I use Night mode in my phone camera

It went higher up later!

Upcoming Supermoon will fall on:

November 14, 2016
January 2, 2018
January 21, 2023
November 25, 2034
January 13, 2036

Are you looking at the moon when I do?
Do ya miss me?


Saturday, 19 March 2011

First cheque from Churp Churp!

Got this in my house mailbox last month
Mom took the picture for me

From Churp Churp!

(Picture credited to my Mom)

Never received a cheque before, this is my FIRST one
Also my first cheque from Churp Churp!

Thanks, Churp Churp


Friday, 18 March 2011

End of postings

18th March 2011 marks the last day of my Surgery posting after 8 weeks struggling in this posting
It also marks the end of Year 3 2010/2011 academic session
And also this is the beginning of study week

Half of the batch will be using their 1 week period to munch books of Surgery and Obstetrics & Gynecology
While the other half of my colleagues will do whatever possible for Internal Medicine and Community Health

This time I will be siting for Surgery paper as well as Obstetrics and Gynecology
Fortunate enough to say I already pass my Internal Medicine and Community Health last semester
So, finger crossing that I can pass the other 2 papers to get me through the door of Year 4

Final exam will starts on the 28th March and end on 4th April
I will have 2 months break to relax and to do my elective 
(Hopefully I don't have to spend this 2 months to reseat for any papers)

Basically I will spend my 2 months in my hometown, bidding goodbye to Kuala Lumpur!

I'm going home tomorrow
Spending my study week being a well-pampered princess at home
Hope I'm not distracted!
Will be back on 27th March

This is where we had our lectures and seminars throughout Surgery posting
We called this place Stargate
Spot 2 giant plasma TV? 

My beloved group member of Team Hepatobiliary 1
Aaron is not in the picture
(And it is very normal to have more girls than guys)
Thanks to my Farhana, Nadhira, Syud, Sue Ann and Aaron for these 8 weeks!

Coming to the end of Year 3 after 4 postings:
Internal Medicine, where we clerk and clerk and clerk patients everyday

Community Health, where we travel our way to Tanjong Karang, Kuala Selangor for fieldworks and surveys. Not forgetting the awesome seafood there and how everyone spend their time to bond and create "scandals"!

Obstetrics & Gynecology (O&G), where all of us had first hand experiencing to help deliver babies, feel the pain & love of a mother and also the numbness of being scold almost everyday. Not to forget, how all of us had on-call for 12 hours twice a week from 7am to 7pm and also 7pm to 7am shift.

Surgery posting, where everyone become so blur and also lots of clerking and seminars to present

Let's hope ALL of us will not go over this cycle again (especially O&G posting!)

With here, to my colleagues:
Happy Study Week!
All the best!
God bless!


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Happy Birthday, Nadhira!

U need a MIRROR to read this!

Happy Birthday, my dear Nadhira!



Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Ignore this if you hate people complaining 
It is always best to avoid angry people

You know how to find my rantings...
*just highlight the empty space down here*

Is there people in this world has no common sense at all?
Damn it
Do things only change after being told?

Need a rubber slipper for bathroom use when I injured my foot
I placed so damn at the side of the door of the bathroom
Not even blocking the way
Do you have to move it to the living room?
Look at that pail of you in the middle of the bathroom entrance

I'm only using the slow level of fan to dry my clothes
The switched was then off after 5 minutes
Save electricity?
Okay, I accept that
Then what's with the every morning so bright go on the lights in the room?
Leave the bathroom light on every evening 

I have zero shower items inside the bathroom because all space were taken

Was told via note that I was suppose to pick up those hairs stucked in the bathroom
I'm doing it everyday
Yeah, even for you guys though


Monday, 14 March 2011

Kafe Indulge

Calling all Western food lovers!

Kafe Indulge 
Serves Western cuisine, steak and mouth-watering cakes & desserts!

Kafe Indulgence is a very small and cosy shop
Very simple interior design but can't fit in too many people at one time

They have very simple menu as well
Only 3 pages but they can tickle your taste buds!

Coming up!
Food, drinks and desserts!

Iced Cappuccino
RM 7.90
They took quite a long time to brew this cup of coffee
But, it is all worth it because this is really NICE and just blew my cravings towards caffeine away

Club Sandwich
RM 9.90
A 3-storey sandwich!

Chef recommendation
Carbonara Spaghetti, with chicken or beef bacon and egg yolk
It comes with garlic bread!
RM 11.90
This is well recommended!

Bavarian Chicken Meatloaf
It comes with fried egg, mashed potatoes and coleslaw
RM 12.90
The meatloaf is super yummy!

Croque Madame
It is a French version of toasted sandwich with chicken meatloaf & cheese with Bechamel sauce topped with fried egg plus French fries
RM 8.90
Something new to try!

German Bratwurst (Jumbo sausages)
Mushroom & cheese sausages with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut
RM 13.90

Grilled Chicken Chop
Served with broccoli, carrots and French fries with sauce of choice (black pepper/mushroom/BBQ sauce)
RM 11.90
The chicken was not bad, but it is just too small 

They serve the best ever, directly beat the others

Classic Bread & Butter Pudding
RM 4.90
This is one very warm dessert 
Once put in the mouth, the butter melted with the bread

Hot Fudge Chocolate Banana
RM 6.90
I prefer this ove Secret Recipe!
Other than banana, there are raisins in between the layers of the cake too
Not too sweet, just fine

One thing that will make me come back here again is this
The Ultimate Milk Crepe Cake
RM 7.90

Look at the layering, so thin that you can really slice it one by one
In between those layers there is milk cream!
My family planned to get this next time for our Chinese New Year cake, breaking the history of only having Secret Recipe over the CNY

Love max max!

Not to forget, the owner is so friendly. 
We even ask her whether the cake travel from KL to Johor without spoiling the freshness
What she said was, it can stay in the car for 3 hours with air conditioner 

Other chef recommended dishes:
Aromatic Spicy Fried Rice
Linguini Pasta
Alio Olio Spaghetti
Beef Short Ribs!
Mama's Lamb Shank
Pan-Seared Butter Fish
Pan-Seared Salmon
London Fish and Chips

Within RM 10.90 to RM 23.90

Kafe Indulge
A-0-11 Kuchai Business Park
No.2, Jalan 1/127
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 7984 0866

Business Hour : 11am to 10.30pm


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