Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Post MIA update :)

Wow, it is getting dusty here that it layers like a crepe cake now!

Just realized my last post was like end of August. I've been MIA, multifactorial reasons. But hey, I finally have a job and entering working life almost 1 month now. How time flies..

The main point here is, I have not get my salary yet.. Lol..

Haha, random.. Showing my point of view currently while typing this.

I'm enjoying the free 3 in 1 coffee I got from my ward sister, sitting on my mattress with my blanky. Not to forget the wonderful sunshine taking its peek from my window. Can't conclude it is a lovely day yet, long way to go...

Speaking about work, I guess I'm still learning.. Pretty lots of mistake and doing dumb things around, either in the ward or clinic. Being the only first poster in the ward, I'm really thankful to have bunch of great colleagues around to help me clear the cloud in my head.

Orthopaedics, not my forte at all. Job like desloughing still okay for me, when it comes to removal of k-wire, I'm so sorry to cost so much pain on that boy. So blessed that the MA was around to help, man..

Has been sitting in clinic with MOs for quite some times already even though I wasn't place in clinic in the schedule. They called all the way to ward to request who to help them in clinic. I suppose "Leong" is an easy name for them to remember since only 1 suku kata.. Not sure I'm being fortunate or unfortunate at the same time. I missed most of the ward work by helping out in clinic..

So far so good.. I guess that's it for now.. Going to enjoy the sunshine before I'm going to be in owl shift tonight :)

Finally I'm done with my convocation ceremony in UKM :)


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