Sunday, 6 November 2011

Om Nom Nom & Nail Artz @ Sunway Pyramid

How many times do we get a 3-day weekend break in a year, this is a great chance to get myself pump up with more time and chase everything my lecturers taught throughout the week. We had lecture marathon on Tuesday and some lectures throughout the week, very self-conscious. 

In life, there is this one point we called self-indulge, it is both the needs for a normal human being as well as the denial of having a lot to study

So, we spent some cousins quality time together in Sunway Pyramid :)

When we were there, every time we will ask each other
"Where should we go now?"
*A moment of silence*
*Name of the shop, then we went there. After we are done - "Where should we go now?"

No plan at all, but we spent 7 random hours there suddenly with lots of plan

First, we headed to Watson, then Guardian, then back to Watson again
Bought ourselves Maybelline BB Mousse, both of the store sold it for the same price
Since we had Watson Membership Card, we went to get it in Watson
*Their marketing tactic just worked*

Stopped by in Popular
It is just the beginning of November, Lilian and Jennifer Too's Horoscope Book for 2012 is already selling and people were standing around the books flipping through them
Okay, both of us are part of the kepoh-but-not-buying crowd

Wanted to try out pedicure due to my tak-boleh-tengok-punya toe nails, we went to survey all the nail arts service shop around
We found out that Nail Artz had the cheapest service and made an appointment at 4pm
It was only 2pm at that moment

So, we headed to Fullhouse to grab our lunch
It was really fullhouse when we arrived at the place

Their signature design and cartoons

Passion fruit green tea
Too sweet la dei!
Even after the ices melted, it is still too sweet
So so only

Alfredo Spaghetti
I miss the Alfredo sauce in Fullhouse so much, still the same taste

Pan Sear Dory Fish
The mashed potatoes underneath tasted super unique

Manicure and Pedicure time

Nail Artz, located in Asian Avenue 

Tyng had basic manicure done, while I had French pedicure

Far shot of my super tak-boleh-tengok toe nails because some cracked long time ago and after that I didn't really take good care about it
I'm actually sitting at a massage chair!

That's Tyng in front of me waiting for her manicure done
She couldn't see me from her view, but I can see her
That's why she told me she can feel the song "All by Myself" when it was played in the shop

Inside Nail Artz, rows of OPI nail polish

Here comes my pampering session

First, I had my leg soaked inside the water mixed with peppermint salt
While my foot enjoying the jacuzzi, she on the massage chair. Fuhlamak, that was like the best time of my life. And the back and head massage last for 20 minutes :)
Then my foot was scrubbed, rinsed and dried by towel
She then use a small device to clear off excess skin at my heels and under the toes
Lotion was then applied around my foot and toe nails
Cuticle removal, nail shaping and buffering
And here comes the French pedicure

Along the session, I was half watching what she did and half playing Sudoku on my phone

Tyng had her nail polish drying up 
I'm beside her with this device under the table drying my nail polish as well
I told her that, doing pedicure can have more body movement than manicure
And she feels like punching me after I said that

The outcome - Basic manicure
The color on her nail is OPI Miss Universe collection - Swimsuit... Nailed It! (Code: U04)
Basic manicure cost RM 30

The outcome of French Pedicure
I don't have to pick color like the basic manicure or pedicure because it is French
My feet and toe nails feel so smooth now :)

French Pedicure cost RM 48
For basic pedicure, it will cost RM 40

Very good service in Nail Artz and all this take us 40 minutes

After 5 months of my birthday, here comes the treat finally!

Damn excited because Tyng is treating :)

Rums Raisins and Green Tea
For Rums Raisins, after a while I feel it is too sweet for me plus with the raisins, it is getting sweeter and sweeter. It will be just nice for 1 scoop
While for the Green Tea, it was good but for Tyng, the green tea flavor not enough for ehr

Thank You, cousin :)

After that I went to buy dried seaweed in Jusco to bring it back to my hostel so that I can cook during the weekday. Skipped.

We were thinking to have dinner with my uncle and cousins. But they were already eating when we called them. So, we had to go search for our own dinner.

Dinner destination: Ministry of Food (MOF)

Shared this Iced Matcha

And this, MOF Spider Roll

Man, at this time, I'm totally drained out already
Usually we had spider roll in Sushi Zanmai and the size is just right to put the whole sushi in the mouth
Because we were getting tired and they play super sleepy songs in the shop
We shoved the whole sushi into our mouth like usual
Then it gave us a shot of awake-ness because this is totally TOO BIG 
Now, we have trouble how to chew the whole thing
I had to take a piece of tissue to cover myself struggling to chew on that sushi
We felt so silly at that time because by looking at it, the size is obviously way bigger
How can we not see them!

After that, hallelujah, we are home
And I went straight to the bed to take a shop nap

Oh ya, now Sunway Pyramid has an outlet of Nature Republic!
They had just pick the right place to gain back their customer (me me me!)



Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

Hahaahahahaa. Can tendang but if I tendang, colour jari terganggu juga. ya men. pedicure more freedom of movement. XD

Hilda Milda™ said...

So the whole french pedicure costs RM48 only? Niceee :D Really a day full of makan2 and pampering lah, so enjoy!

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Love your nail color, Qi Wen!

Xue Ren said...

i like the blueeee! so striking! :)

Maryam said...

Oooo patutlah I tengok you punya nails tadi cantik je colour dia

• Stephanie • said...

nice blue nails! omg,I wonder when I can relax myself like u,so packed with my assignments! ><

FiSh said...

aww i love MOF! :D since pedicure isnt my thing


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