Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's Blog Day today!

My first year knowing today is Blog Day, even after 6 years blogging (lousy me!)
Double toss for Under My Pillows, celebrating its birthday and Blog Day on the same month
As this is a happy day, I am here to recommend 6 blogs with different theme, interest, passion but with the same way via Blog

Happy Blog Day!

It is not an everyday routine to wear clothes as if there is canape waiting to be attend
I believe in simplicity pays for the beauty
Having wardrobes of fashion from top to toes, all about being casual but posh
As well as, choices for every girl to put up their best in every events to attend
It has the most efficient services ever & the price never burn a hole in the pocket
Here's the blog :

Owned by Miss Kate Low


She's one friendly lady that has full passion for her blog
Loving her product reviews & how she shares with everyone
Not only did she shares facial product reviews, she even share games in her blog!
Getting to know regarding her blog during Power Over Cervical Cancer & start loving it
All right, here it is the blog belongs to Miss Ng Ju Ann :


He is not only a medical doctor & lecturer for his students
He is a wonder Dad for his kids!
From giving exam bloopers to his students in the blog
his experience in parenting, playing Smurfs with the kids
Not only he shares his experiences around, he has great sense of humor too!
Let's get this doctor revealed, with the bloglink of jimbocyberdoc :


Came across this blog when I was searching for TLC
And, it instantly hit me how cute this blog is
I have always have a thing for pink, yeah so I go ahead and read about it
Everything was simply interesting in there
Very caring of her joining TLC helping the kids
It moves me to think of how much I have done (which is so less)!
This pinkish blog with 2 cute elephants at the header belongs to Vivien Sam:


This creative site was blogged by a colleague & friend of mine
Was the very first blog that I strike through among my colleagues
Even without any pictures, his post is interesting as it can be
Instilled with great sense of humor & real bombastic language
Heart his drawing max max!
Have always been looking forwards for updates, unfortunately it has become quite infrequent
However, still fully supporting this site
Awarded as the beautiful / pretty boy, he is Mr. Kevin Tan


I have no idea whether I love or hate movies
So, I pretty guess I'm somewhat in between being such a "I don't care" noob when talking about movie
Exclude musical from the "I don't care" list
Well, this is somewhat not a forte of mine and hardly something that inspired me
But, it can be strongly within someone's interest, passion as well as life
Very impressed with how his passion comes along and how this site was build up
Filling with reviews and updates about movies
Blockbusters or even movies that people like me not even going to bother
But, at least with his efforts, I see some updates in my life in the chapter of "Movies"
The movie-licious-ism guy, Mr. Bernard Chung!


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Random dream

Warning: This is real random, sorry if it bored you :(

Dream of going to camp with fellow bloggers & it was raining heavily
Went there by bus, getting to know new friends along the journey
Reached the camp site & the rain stopped
Then, everyone was divided into rooms, 2 in a room
Heading towards my room & I realized that was my house new car garage!
(P.S - Sorry Carmen, because I dream of you as my roommate, I guess the wrong sms influenced the dream! LOL)
The sky is grey and it started raining again
All the girls gathered in my room and someone start by asking who wants Maggie mee
When I wanted to take out my phone & tweet "1st night of blogger camp"
I'm awake!
Shaite, it is 1.17pm already

Well, it is more of a black & white dream

Told Qi Tyng about the dream just now when we were having dinner in OUG 
Off to buy stuff after the dinner
On the way back, we came up with a Camp Challenge inspired by the dream just now

7-day Camp Challenge
#1 3 pillows
#2 1 shampoo & conditioner
#3 2 big packs of toilet paper roll
#4 1 jar of mayonnaise

Okay, ciaoz before everyone get bored 


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Rewards from Clinique

Glad that other than having a great opportunity to get a free makeover by Clinique for the event Clinique Star Tour, they even give us the blogger rewards!

Rewards from Clinique after going for the makeover & review that cost RM300

#1 Clinique Happy Heart perfume - very sweet floral scent

#2 Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirsty Relief
One of product that catch my eyes in the counter before, can't believe now I own one!

Thanks to Clinique!
Vote now for the semi-finalist and see who will be in Top 25!


Friday, 19 August 2011

Happy Birthday!

Make a wish
Blows the candles

"19th August 2006, I had made one decision that I will never regret in my life"

On 19th August 2011, my blog officially turns 5 years old!!!!
Woots, it just doesn't feel that it has been a journey of 5 years with 530 blogposts until now

Fact #1
I started blogging under Friendster on 21st June 2005, 6 years ago

Fact #2
Due to my kiasu-ness because my brother has a blogger, I owned one since 19th August 2006

Fact #3
It started with the name B_L_O_G

Fact #4
Used to own geocities, some webpage thingy just like a blog.
Don't remember when, around year 2004 I think

It has been a hobby, a silent friend, a passion and now, a bridge to get to know more friends

You're 5 already, bloggie. Can go kindergarten already..... :)


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My Favorite Smurf

When it comes to pick my favorite smurf to lead the others back to where they belong, it always left me undecided because it is all about a team of this cutie-blue-pies wanna head home together. Well, rules are still rules and the game goes on - Feels like choosing a character for video games.

Here we go, lets see....

All right, decided, tough decision....

I CHOOSE......

Mr. Clumsy here!

Life is too short to be too well-mannered and a brain of countless bytes to store everything, life like this is tiring. I choose Clumsy because as some say

"Clumsy people always has his lucks"

In New York City, somehow lucks are really a requirement. 
When you're too pretty and attractive like Smurfette, jealousy of the city ladies are around
When you're too smart as what Brainy had, life can be either too good or too tough with people around
When you're so Grouchy, life is hard without friends
When you're a Papa, sit back and relax, let the furious youngster do it
When you've all the guts like Gutsy, it needs a little more brain to have your guts in the right way
Being Clumsy in New York City, the people with busy life there might just ignore you and mission can be continue way easily

Let's see how Clumsy leads the team back tracing the sweetness of the home with his team of Smurf!

Clumsy is making Grouchy feeling more irritated with his clumsiness, in a good way, he just motivated Grouchy to be more focus in the mission than just because so himself - yeah, Grouchy

Being clumsy-ly in LOVE with Smurfette brings more faith for Clumsy to get home, to stay happily ever after with Smurfette - love encouragement :)

Clumsy people aren't stupid, he is just clumsy - which is just an act of attitude, but intelligence did strive in his clumsiness!

He has been so clumsy that he just realized Papa is his biological Papa! Such a good news that he wants to get home faster to show Mama his Papa and Smurfette !

While Gutsy is always here to protect Clumsy for being more clumsy and chicken out!

When all the factors add it up, I truly believe that Clumsy has his clumsy way to lead them home from this busy New York City!

The Smurfs
The Smurf is coming to town!
Don't forget to catch up with them!


Saturday, 13 August 2011


This seriously need some motivation


Sunday, 7 August 2011


Geez, tomorrow is the 1st day of the so-called toughest posting in 4th year
also the posting where I was told most failed
I have always wanted to do this posting
I even put it as my dream job to motivate myself during matriculation to strive for better result
But, until today, a day before the start of the posting
I'm stressed max looking at the book
Just by flipping the book
Chills me, chills me

Hope it will be a wonderful 8 weeks
Geez, I'm still restless!
Blame the coffee!!!!!!

(credited to medicalppt.blogspot)

This is what I'm stressed now - Paediatrics posting


Thursday, 4 August 2011

The V Cafe @ Syopz, The Boardwalk

Opt for a meal or two of good vegetarian dishes once awhile?
A full-time vegetarian?

Here's a recommended place for you to dine in comfortably, nice view and good food

The V Cafe

As written on the cover of the menu
"Newest Western Concept in town specialise in:
Pasta, Lasagne, Sandwich, Salad Soup, Italian Sodas, Milkshake, Ice Blended, Ice Cream and Coffee"

It is all about the quality!

The ambience of the shop, very comfortable
There will be the view of the Taylor's lake if sitting outside

What brought me here?
Very simple, a few reasons. 
#1 We bought vouchers from a deal that worth so much the set
RM 8.80 for a Set of Main Course + Honey Lemon + Creme Brulee (NP: RM15) + RM3 voucher for the next visit
#2 I never been to Syopz yet, never get so near to Taylor's Lakeside Campus yet
#3 Wanted to try out vegetarian dishes in shop like this (I only ate in vegetarian economy rice stall before)
#4 Get to chill with my cousins and loved ones

Ze honey lemon, nothing special

My main course: Mushroom Spaghetti with Carbonara Sauce
Give it a try, the sauce is so so so awesome!
The portion is just nice, it was like tailor-made for the size of my hungry tummy

Qi Tyng's Risotto
Hmm, due to lack of function in my grey matter for the moment, I don't remember the full name of this food. It is a risotto anyway.
The comment from the "eater", she loves it so much that she finally found one of the nicest risotto she had tried before. I'm not very into risotto yet, will learn more about this

Da 2 guys ordered the same dish (same, not sharing >.<), this is a vegetarian chicken chop with black pepper sauce
Look small to you?
There are actually 2 pieces of so-called "chicken but not chicken" chop
Love the thick black pepper sauce, smell so good!

I believe nowadays there were quite a number of people who converted to become part time or full time vegetarian not really due to religion. My current roommate just convert herself to become a vegetarian for a good cause - for a better Earth, to save it from global warming. Nowadays, Tzu Chi Foundation has comes up with V generation, which is to spread the knowledge about eating less meat that can help reducing the amount of carbon dioxide towards the Earth, eventually not to worsen global warming

I admit myself not a very committed person in this case, but that does not change my view in the quality and how vegetarian food can be good as well. I pretty guess this is the aim of The V here. Anyway, I still love meat! (Sorry, Mother Earth)

Creme Brulee
One very easy going dessert, nice one!

One of my favorite part in the shop - The Ice Cream
It is all homemade that I hardly even see one out of this shop
We had the chance to taste a few here, such as Horlick, Guinness etc
Other than that, there are choices of Bandung (the striking pink one), Strawberry Cream Cheese, Peanuts Butter
My favorite of all - Guinness Ice-Cream!

No doubt, will be back here again for other dishes, the coffee and definitely the ice-cream

The V Cafe
LG 1-1 & 2, Syopz @ The Boardwalk
No.2, Jalan Taylor's
47500 Subang Jaya

Business Hours: 10.00am - 8.00pm


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shapa Shapa Shabu @ Sri Petaling

Steamboat, one loyal dish that stays forever in my favorite list
But, most good steamboat places offer food at quite expensive prices. However there are still a lot that are quite reasonable. The problem is to look for the really good one that worth my tummy

Decided to try the new shop in Sri Petaling called Shapa Shapa Shabu 
(This is a non-halal)

They offered 3 types of set in the menu that comes with drinks and dessert, that is not necessary ice-cream as stated in the menu. Below the set price, they even total up the price after taxes. For the noodle, there are choices of yee mee, spinach noodle or mee hoon, as well as 3 types of soup to choose from. Can be seen from the above menu

This is pretty disappointing. Take a look at the different color of the green tea in each glass, which is getting lighter in color and tasteless. Note the differences in the size of the glass as well. What we did was to mix the green tea ourselves to balance out the taste and color for each cup

Next, they served the soup of our choice. What else other than tom yam! Each of us have their own pot of soup and we can control the heat level, which is attached to the table. I prefer it to be more spicy and less sour. Overall, the soup is acceptable

Spinach noodle and yee mee
For those who prefer to eat more and worth the same amount of money paid, pick yee mee. It is so much bigger in portion compared to spinach noodle. But, in the view of the taste, both are good

All of us picked Set B
5 slices of pork belly
3 pork ball
Oyster mushroom
Fresh fish cake
Tau foo
Fu chuk

The egg has special use in the Shapa Shapa way

There is a special bowl only for the egg

Dipped the slice of pork belly into the egg

Make sure the pork belly was covered by the egg, and then put it into the soup. I tell you, this is super DELICIOUS!! The pork belly is the only extraordinary food in the set. Love max max!

See the white thingy on top of the yee mee in the middle of the pot, that's the cooked pork belly that was covered by egg. Yum yum!!!

The so-called dessert, which is pretty ordinary and so-so

Halfway during our meals, the waiter came over with the bill and asked us to pay for it because the shop is going to close soon. It was totally awkward and uncomfortable during the incident and he told us to finish the food faster. There were other customers with us in the shop at the moment, but they left earlier than us after that.

Overall, the food was just all right but the credit exception goes to the combination of pork belly and egg. The green tea is a total failure, while the dessert doesn't give much impact in the meal except being one of the marketing attraction to make the set look more worthy. Service was pretty slow and bad. Will miss the pork belly, but I'm not sure to come back or not since it is near my cousin's house

Shapa Shapa Shabu
151, Jalan Radin Bagus
Taman Sri Petaling
57000, Kuala Lumpur

Shapa Shapa Shabu Facebook page for more information


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Life is good without school :)

A beautiful day for drying any washed item, but not for the living of more UV
Washed my doggie huggie pillow today
It blown up once I put it in the pail of water and it floats
So fat! But cute!

Life is good without school


Monday, 1 August 2011

♥ for Durian

Came from a hometown that is famous only for durian, so it is never say never to durian!
After having dinner in Taylor's Lakeside Campus that day with my cousin and friends, we decided to have dessert in Sweet Chat and went all the way to Mid Valley just for some durians dessert

Mouth-watering durian specials menu
Feels like ordering everything in the menu
But, not cheap lah

Durian pancake is a MUST, already in mind even before reaching the place
Creamy, durianliciously!
Drooling over this while I'm blogging about it

A set for 4 people, wish could order more
Other than the durian pancakes, we had scones with durian cream
They should have give more cream >.<

Too bad, I wasn't home when my house durian tree having babies


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