Sunday, 30 January 2011

Flooding in process

I'm in Segamat, Johor now!
Reporting at 4pm right now from my house, where the river lies behind just right there
Yeah, there only!

The rain is yet to be stopped and is getting heavier
History of Johor flood year 2006 is repeating

This is my post on year 2006 about the flood

Walked out of the house with my brother
The uneven road out there, our feet totally sink into the water already

This is not a daring act
The milk tea looking water is Sungai Segamat, in case you are curious
Yeah, rubbish lying around the river bank

Panorama view from my house back balcony
Was taken at 3.30pm

After that my family decided to drove away the cars to a house owned by my grandpa that yet to be rent to anyone
Dad and bro drove 4 cars there and left one at home
Along the way, we can see people closing their shops, moving their stuffs to the other places, cars along the road getting impatient

In the car with my brother

Filling petrol
Petrol station is also another stop with lots of people 

Taken at 6pm
The water is rising fast
Stop raining please!

Will update soon

Floody love

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Double Lucks!

#1 Lucky

My phone ran out of juice while I was still in the hospital. We had a sudden call by doctor to have class with my group of 6 people at 5pm. I didn't know about it and I was almost on my way back to my hostel. Very lucky that I bumped into one of my group member on the way seeing her doing U-turn also after receiving a call from our leader. She told me the class is starting in 5 minutes. 

I couldn't imagine myself only reading the message when I reached my room and charged my phone!

#2 Lucky

I'm dumb in print screen
Dumb, dumb, dumb
I had to ask my brother to print screen for me...

Anyway, thank you Nuffnang!!!!

I joined the WTF (what the fuss) Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid contest by dropping a comment on why I want to experience Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid

I joined on the last day of the contest, among the 12th person to leave a comment, counting from below
*very lucky that I thought of joining last minute*

I think this is what I wrote:

Why I want to experience Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid?
Most of the other services killing me softly with those charge.  
I think Tune Talk can make a difference,
The word "TUNE TALK" says it all
(T)alk (U)nlimitedly, (N)ever (T)opup (A)gain, (L)ess (K)illing

Since it was a last minute entry, I couldn't think of anything long and had no time creating this.

But I'm glad that I was picked as one of the 50 winners

Stay tuned! Will blog about my experience with Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid once I get my hand on it!


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wedding Dinner that I know nobody

I was not invited to this wedding
I didn't know the bride or the groom
My uncle and cousins were invited, but the twins didn't want to attend
So, I'm replacing the twins, which mean taking up 2 places

Anyway, congratulations to Brian Kerk and Deborah Ooi
May you live happily ever after

Venue: Renaissance Hotel Ballroom

I didn't know anyone there, so I tried to online with my phone searching for wireless
It is a big hotel, of course they have wireless every spot I stand
No, I was totally wrong!
No wifi detected in the toilet!

I could detect the wifi in the ballroom, but it said RM36.80 per hour
Damn you!
(YJ, borrow your signature words for a moment)

The lovey dovey swans ice sculpture
We had pre-dinner and canapé at 7pm
These people crowding this place are all SUPER rich
The way those aunties people dress, drink and social! 

I only get to talk to a few people that my uncle and cousin introduced to me
Most people there not my age, generation gap!

The camerawoman

My uncle and cousins' names were reserved under table number 20
Somewhere quite to the front and the so-called red carpet

Menu of the day!
I'll talk about the food soon
(Just keep reading)

Our gifts
The small bronze box filled with fruit cake, some get chocolate
The right one, I like this, it is a soap!
The groom's family works in United Plantation, where my aunt worked last time
So, soap is one of their product made from the palm oil 

The stage and cakes

Uncle and cousin, Qi Tyng

The "Leong Qi" - Qi Tyng & Qi Wen (me)

Woohoo, I asked for the red wine
Those who saw my Facebook status, the waiter gave me a weird stare when I asked him the red wine
Perhaps I looked like kind of underage compared to the other guests there
(Like I said before, most of the guests were not my age)

They served chinese tea for everyone in very nice classy tea cup

Something to chew on before the dinner
Prawn crackers

Renaissance's Five Happiness Combination Platter
Like any other wedding dinner, this is always the first dish
I like the one far right, the fried dumpling
Others are prawn, crab, abalone mushroom with asparagus

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Enoki Mushroom and Sun-dried Scallops
Not fishy and I wish to get another bowl

Oh ya, each table will be served by one waiter in charge
For our table, I would like to thank Mr Abbas for serving us and he was among the most efficient waiter there
We already start eating while other waiters still scooping for their guests

Roasted Crispy Chicken with Spicy Szechuan Broth and Golden Sesame Seeds
I would like it if it was more crispy and the not much of Szechuan taste 
Prefer it to be more spicy
But the golden sesame seeds was a good blend!

Steamed Patin Fish with Sliced Ginger and Chinese Parsley
I'm not a fan of parsley
The fish is smooth and most importantly, fresh!
I love the gravy damn much

Seldom get to eat fish if I'm in my hostel

I forgot to take the picture of the Tiger Prawns with Spicy Garlic and Ginger
The prawns were juicy 
I guess I was too excited because prawns are my top favourite

Braised Mushroom, Fungi Abalone with Dried Scallop and Vegetable
No comment on this
I guess I'm lucky because Mr Abbas gave me the biggest mushroom there, I love mushroom!

Braised Ee-Fu Noodles with Mushroom and Crabmeat
It tasted quite bland and I couldn't find the mushroom and crabmeat

Warm Sweetened Red Bean Paste with Lotus Seed
This is concentrated!
Non-sticky but the taste was more than enough to blow you off
Not a lotus seed lover, but good combinations

Wedding Fancy Duets
The one on the left was jelly-like filled with red bean paste
The one on the right was filled with kaya
Love the sesame, and a lot too!

I finished the red wine but the chinese tea remains untouched!


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

5 things that I'll never forget

Top 5 things that I will never forget in 2010

Caught talking during the camp when the commander was giving his speech when everyone else is talking and sleeping around me
(Why me?)

Searching for my cursor on the television screen for 5 minutes in my life thinking my mouse had no battery

Fell into the pond in Broga with my friends while kayaking
(Yeah, we were the only people that fell in that OMG-so-many-water-insects-and-shits pond)

Having arm twitch and cramp halfway through rock climbing while everyone were looking at me why did I stopped halfway
(The instructor even asked me whether I want to quit!)
*In case you are curious, I did reached the top*

Watching my friend's bed broke into half and she sinked in (because she was sitting on it) while I still can continue eating muruku until she cursed me!


Monday, 24 January 2011

Horsely Luck

While grabbing CLEO magazine in Popular yesterday, I stopped at the feng shui section
Lilian and Josephine Too's Horoscope 2011 books attracted me, nice cover anyway
I picked the Horse 
(of course I took the one related to me)

This is what I can conclude after flipping through random pages

My horoscope enemy -RAT

Early of the year until March, I have argumentative love relationship
(Where to find someone to argue with me now?)

Early of the year, I need to focus in my education
(WTH.. She They know I'm slacking.. Damn it!)

March to April, generally my life is not quite getting into the year yet
(A better way to tell me I'm outdated)

Love life in March to April is promising
(I'm going to prove them wrong! wakakkakaka)

In conclusion, somehow almost everything happened in my life for 1 whole month
What they put in there in the book, I guess no matter how they will get it right for 1/10, probability

Seeing my luck in the book not going anywhere, I put it back in the case
Feeling not that pleased and almost cursing, I turned and I saw Mitch Albom's book
Have a Little Faith

Oh well...


Papa John's Pizza

Papa John's Pizza
(Sunway Pyramid)

Let starts with something that you can't eat but to drink and swallow!

Typically this was my Sunday brunch with my cousins and uncle
Were there at around 11.10am, guess we were the first customer 
Well, who would want to eat pizza once you just roll out of your cozy bed and blanket

Cream of Mushroom
Cousin's must-order appetizer everywhere she goes

Self must-have beverage in my daily list
Iced coffee
The naked coffee came full in the glass
I was supposed to add in sugar and creamer to get the taste right
BUT, it is full, how to pour in-LAH...
After thinking for some times, I end up sipping the "naked" coffee before I give it a blend of taste

Simply Cheese
Listed under Specialty Pizza in the menu
The name says it all, it is simply just Mozzarella Cheese
This is the cheesiest thing that I loved the most!
I can eat this all they long without turning into a mouse or hating cheese
*floating in heaven with cheese*
6" Original RM11.20

Pepperoni Pizza
Listed under Classic Pizza in the menu
Pure pleasure of only pepperoni and cheese melting in your mouth
6" Original RM11.20

Bell peppers, garlic sauce, tomato sauce
Traffic lights colour combination!

I guess I just love the sauce so much that I almost cover the whole piece of pizza with the sauce
I didn't try the bell peppers, not my favourite
I mix the tomato sauce and the garlic sauce
It turn out I lost count how many pieces of pizza I got into my calorie counter

Something else other than just pizza!

Pizza Pocket

This is how it looks like once served

Chicken and Mushroom Pizza Pocket
There are grilled chicken, mushrooms, cheese, garlic sauce and special pizza sauce
The best part is the crunchy part at the edge of the pastry
Recommended to try this if you are there

Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza Pocket
This is the choice if you hate chicken so much or you just love chicken too much that you don't want to hurt them

Pizza-ly Love

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Now that I see you guys...

I joined Nuffnang on 25th June 2010, which is someone pretty new actually
One thing that I never regret joining

The BEST thing is the people
Then only it comes to the events and ads

I only went for 1 premier screening, so far
Hoping for more great things ahead!

This is somehow another part of my life other than facing my books, facebook-ing, life in Uni and hometown

New section in my blog
Sidebar on the right
People that I get to know through Nuffnang
(And I only met one of them, to date)

*Let me know if I miss out anyone in the list OK?*

P.S - They are all great bloggers, worth reading...

When can I date you guys? LOL


Friday, 21 January 2011

TGI Friday's

After Snowflake and more shopping around Padini, Forever 21, Nichii, Cotton On and Diva
Time to stop for dinner!

I love the eating part than shopping, like seriously!

TGI Friday's, Pavilion
(It was Wednesday that day)

November Sea Breeze
"A sparkling sweetened blend of lime with apple and cranberry juices, topped with soda over ice"

Nice wey!
When you first slurped in, it is sweet and then there is a hint of sourness by the time you're swallowing it
Just the right timing to blend in the taste! 

A MUST-order appetizer whenever I visit TGIF
Fried Mac and Cheese
One irresistible dish! 
The arrangement is not nice this time (oopsie!) 

Fried Mac & Cheese
See the macaroni and the thick cheese in there

 Outrageous Sliced BBQ Beef Tacos
Very thick BBQ sauce with Pepper Jack cheese on the beef wrapped in tortillas
See those brownish slices?
Crunchy fried onions, thumbs up!

 Double-stack Chicken Quesadillas
This one it served with herb rice, salsa sauce, guacamole and sour cream
Very fulfilling dish
For me, the portion is big and I'm super bloated after having that

Double-stack, just like its name!

Cheese-ly Love


After having lunch in Theobroma Chocolate Lounge (the previous post), Connie and I went shopping around Parkson.
Most of the clothes, especially the price did not attract both of us
Most of all, we didn't feel satisfied by the herb marinated roasted chicken just now
So, we stopped by Snowflake!

Snowflake, Pavilion

I like that cube thingy

Cute-lah this thing!
Just read whatever is written there, no explanation needed 

Snowflake Best Seller - Cold
Grass jelly + Grass jelly ice + Taroball + Creamer (the white color thing beside it)
This is before the creamer was poured in

The creamer is in!

The best part while eating this dessert is the metal spoon
It preserves the cold sensation when it connects with your tongue
Very icy cold!

Grass jelly ice underneath the grass jelly 

It took us about 30 minutes or motr chatting, scooping and then bit by bit into our mouth because it is so cold
But, the ice is not melting yet!
Still nice and solid 

A picture with the food is a MUST!

Snow-ly Love

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