Monday, 21 September 2009


I'm starting to believe that when I'm packed with hectic days, I will have more self-determination & put much more efforts in everything I do..

For now.. It is Raya holidays.. I'm super slacking at home..

With TV, cousins, HK drama - D.I.E Again....

Conclusions - I am LAZY.. All right, stop blaming the Raya.... =(

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Facts are facts...

Living in this yam-like morphology country in this bluish-green fishball-like earth, things eventually happened outside the box.. Maybe there is no box at all, neither inside nor outside.. Perhaps, inside a square.. Hmm... I am not so sure about it..

Malaysia has been a very interesting country, in terms of the people, the food as well as the way we behave... *wink*

Here are just some *special* facts that i can think of right now.. If you think you can contribute more, leave a comment, I'll add in & the credit is yours.. wakakakak....

1. 'We' (Malaysians) do love to make a place more crowded & meriah. When a lorry that involved in an accident, we will see a lot of people there.. Very helpful people.. Yeah, right.. Only when the lorry carrying stuff like watermelon, durian etc. The people there are trying to get free fruits.. *What a way to save money*

2. All right.. Here comes the siren & the ambulance.. *E-O-E-O* As a good citizen, we give way of cz.. Well, you will see a lot of car behind the ambulance just to avoid the jam.. *Sigh - So smart*

3. Eg. Petrol price will be increased to RM XX.XX after 12am... Then you will see super lots of car in the petrol station.. We love last minute stuff... *like when people pay for the tax during the last day*

4. Oh ya.. When you see a car coming from the opposite side flashing the side small lights at you, you will have to be careful.. It means 'POLICE AHEAD'.. I wonder who starts this signal to tell everyone about that & people understand that better than any other signs that we have to learn during driving lesson... *sweat*

5. Kopi kau kau satu!! RM X.XX bos... Har, so mahal arh?? Tak mau minum la.. *The next day, you will see this man enjoying coffee in Starbucks without complaining...* -by Ern-

I am still thinking.....

Friday, 11 September 2009

"he" is just not that into my post

Ok.. I suppose this is the time to put up another post after the previous one. So, straight to the point, Jonathan (the same person I mentioned in my previous post) demanded for this. I guess more and more humiliation in my coming posts.

"He" = Jonathan (as in the title of my post)

I think I will just quote what he had mentioned in the lab today than making my own words. (But not exactly what he said, just to rephrase it as a summary =.=' duh)

"Last night, at about 3 to 4am, I saw your (me) shoutout with you blog address. So, I clicked it. And the first thing I saw was my name & me! (and then he kept on bla bla bla).. I am not the clown of the class or the funny one. (Eventually he was sort of the last to know about that he was in my post).. You should put another post saying that Jonathan is a serious guy, he never smile or laugh. He does not make any jokes. He has no dream, no aspiration and no hope.. I think i pick that from a movie.. (bla bla bla..) I think I will let my moustache grows so that it will bring my lips down and look like a serious man.... (on & on & on & on....)"

Well, I may not say that that was what he said 100% during the lab. But, you know, blogger (like me) never put thing up in 100% in order to protect the privacy of He-Must-Not-To-Be-Humiliated.. People do tell lies to make someone happy sometimes.
After all, none of our labmates seem to take what he said seriously & laugh at it. Which means - it was just a joke from him.. Ahha - J.O.K.E - You are still the clown or so-called the funny one. Unfortunately, people seems to stand by my side.. Too bad, Jonathan... What you said just doesn't bring an impact.. The only impact is - to be put up in my blog as one of the post.. If you would like to remember - this is post number 104...

***This post are 'totally' meant for Jonathan as he demanded for it. He wanted me to correct his personality I mentioned on the previous post that he was not funny at all. Humiliation still lies in the eyes of the beholder. So, if you think he was right that he is the serious guy, take it. If you think he had just humiliate himself asking me to make up this post, he definitely is. If you think this is not a humiliation, forget about it. If you think this is just a joke, laugh at it. If you think this is a total crap, think of it again... I mean it..***

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