Saturday, 28 June 2008

kung fu panda

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, As you live today, It's a gift, That's why you called it 'PRESENT'

That's right.. It was a quote from KUNG FU PANDA.. A comedy anime about Po, a big fat panda learning Kung Fu.. You should watch it yourself, more suspense... Haha.. It is a very funny cartoon which I enjoyed it very much.. And love that quote a lot.. Hehe.. I like the name, Master Oogway (read as ooguay).. In chinese, ooguay (or u prefer to read as u-kui) means tortoise.. The character is indeed a tortoise.. Haha... Don't miss the show!!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

busy busy busy...


Here comes the offer letter
Stuffed in my tiny mailbox
In the condition that you won't want to see
So I pulled it out from the mailbox's tummy
Brought it home, left aside, continue with my game

My phone....
Picked it up, lazy...
"Hey, have you read the offer letter, what did it mean by....."
Ah, the letter...
I didn't bother to read it at that moment
After the call, I carried my bud from the chair & took the letter
Went to my room & read it...

Medical checkup, passport size photos, repost the card, open bank account....
Name it, definitely in the list..
Ah, ATM card.. Bank Islam...
Just 6 days away from the registration day..
Fill all the craps forms
Asking for the some details, repeat, repeat & repeat..

Rules, Clothes, Discipline, Anti-Ragging notice, Orientation schedule, Academic Calender..
Erm.. OMG!!!!
WEEK 1 : Boring orientation... Talk talk talk a.k.a taklimat..
WEEK 2 : Class begins....
WEEK 2 : Doktor Perubatan -Kem PPD..
More & more craps ahead
Kem PPD?? With more 'leceh' rules ahead

Now, all settled
Waiting for the day to come
UKM, Here I Come!!!!

Friday, 20 June 2008

waiting for my offer letter

After all the excitement for getting into UKM to do medicine, it is now all down to preparation before the registration.. Medical checkup, opening bank account, more passport size pictures and lots more to be done. Well, I haven't start doing any of it as the offer letter is still no where to be seen right now. I'm crossing my fingers that the offer letter will reach soon so that I am able to accomplish those tasks.. I will have to register at UKM Bangi hall on the 29th of June around 2pm to 5pm.. So, as these days passed by 'boringly', I'm hunting for postman most of the time.. Haha.. Hopefully everything will be done as soon as possible so that I won't need to rush all my way to UKM..

Looking through d academic calender in UKM Infoline, I noticed that I will have to go through 2 weeks of orientation which they called as Minggu Mesra Pelajar.. I didn't know how mesra will be or more in ragging the juniors.. The 1st week, I'll have the orientation in Bangi campus with the rest of newly registered UKM students. For the 2nd week, I will move to KL campus (which is my campus) to continue with Mesra Pelajar Fakulti.. Darn.. It's bored to have 2 weeks orientation. I'm dying to start my lesson after around 3 months of slacking.. Anyway, will update soon if there's any news to share.. tataz....

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Preparing to UKM...

Chiang!!!! The university application result is out today and i checked it on the midnight which is much more easier.. Well expected, I got medicine in UKM which is my 2nd choice. I have UM medicine as the 1st choice but I am happy right now.. And now i tumpang gembira to all my matriculation friends who got what they had dreamt for too.. Most of us (matrix students) got our top choices and very pleased with it. As the time comes and goes, good luck to all my friends out there!!!! We are now going to stay alert and get ready for our fresh year in the university.. Chiang.. Ciao..

Monday, 16 June 2008


Wake up damn early in the morning for the sake of driving test I am having today. Well, register myself, get my turn and everything bla bla bla... I started off with the parking, 3 pointer turn and up the cliff test. In the beginning everything goes well and I found out the car I am using for the test was kind of different with the one I had during my practices. So, done my parking and turning very well and fast. So, I continued up the cliff and stop at the yellow box. I pulled the handbrake and had my hand up for confirmation. The JPJ people telling me okay.. So, I took off the brake and step on the fuel pedal.. But the car slide down a bit before I drive ahead. Well, I didn't feel the slide is worst but I ended up fail!!!! As he said so, what can I fight for? I can't see the wheel of the car.

While on the road, I got pissed off by the JPJ people again.. He kept nagging that I drove too slow.. Compared to those drivers on the road, I admit that I am a bit slower but I am on the test!! There were so many cars on the road today and you really can't go very fast that time. Besides that, he kept showing those boring face to me. Lying with his back at the passenger seat like he is having a boring day, giving those *sigh* gestures... HMMM... JPJ... SHAITE!!!!! At last, I managed to pass the test on the road with that unsatisfy look from the JPJ people.. Whatever!! Because they are whatever as well...

So, I have to retake my driving test for the inside part next Monday (23th June).. Hopefully this will be the last time I am there as a 'calon'...

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

friends for sale!!!!!

Don't get too shock by the title.. It is one of the application in Facebook!!! We buy our friends, sell them or even 'rebut' them with your friends and increase their value.. Haha.. Not bad, it is quite interesting when you get to do that online.. Coz you can't do it in your real life!!! Hehe, pretending to be rich, I own quite a number of my friends as pets.. Naughty huh?? But it is fun.. Sometimes even argue with my friends coz they take away my pet.. Haha.. That's all.. Have fun!!!

Monday, 9 June 2008


Here comes another Monday, time flies really fast without us noticing.. For those back in school, school time!! For me slacking at home, things go just the same except I'm going to have my driving lesson this afternoon.. *Yawning*.. Last night I slept kinda late as I catched an episode of The Celebrity Apprentice & recorded it for my dad.. Halfway thorugh the show, I am kinda sleepy but I managed to finish it. After the show, I had to change the tape in the recorder and recorded Formula One for my dad..

So, I woke up around 10am this morning and a glass of milk.. I flipped through the newspaper and then onlining!!! Check on my Friendster and Facebook, then start blogging.. Nothing much to do.. Text messages from Segamat to Seri Kembangan and back to Segamat is kind of slow for Maxis.. The coverage of Maxis in Seri Kembangan is really bad, doubt that is a new place, what to do? Maxis didn't realise it??????

Any update, I'll start blogging soon... See ya.. Ciao..

Sunday, 8 June 2008

facebook vs friendster

Which is more popular right now? Two social pages to connect people around the world. So, what's your choice??

Facebook?????? OR Friendster??????

Here comes my personal opinion about them... Erm...

Facebook.. (Or well, muka buku..XD)
I joined Facebook a lil bit later as I didn't see that I have to sign up for so many social network stuff. So, I leave it and didn't bother to take a look of it. Well, not to deny, my brother introduced Facebook to me as he enjoyed it more than Friendster. After a long while, I decided to sign up and take a look. In the beginning, I didn't understand much how Facebook really work coz I looked so much different from Friendster. Later on after I had added more and more people in my friend list, I got to learn a lot about Facebook from them. Now, I had more fun in Facebook and spend more of my time with it compared to Friendster. This is because I was attracted by the applications in Facebook. Some of them were already offered in Friendster but some are really new for me (you know, NEWBIE...).

The applications I had in my profile page now are some of these...
The Heroes Ability (where u can have abilities & kacau your friends)
- Growing Gift (send a pot to your friends & will grow into something)
- Send coffee, chocolate. chocolate truffles, bracelets, sushi....
Lil Green Patch (where u send plants to friends to support the Green.. deforestation, global warming issue...)
- Hatching Eggs (interact, warm the egg and hatch a baby...)
- My City (adding citizens in the city..)
Compare People (very popular application.. you compare your friends in different aspects & there will provide you your rankings too..)
- etc....

And there are still lots of application to FLIRT (for you who are interested!!!), throw cakes to your friends, give a hug, kiss or even a wack...

Well, I start off as the member if Friendster since 2004 if I'm not mistaken.. Really interested on it as the first place where I got to add my friends in and create a big network with my long lost friends too.. After all, I started to lose my interest in Friendster as it doesn't have much to look for.. It did improve by having the emoticon thingy, start to add in applications, games, horoscope, albums, groups, bulletins.. However, it didn't put more stuff as Facebook did, so I had less time visiting Friendster now..

One different thing in Facebook which is obvious.. Which is everyone's favourite.. Viewing people!!! In Friendster, if you wanna view people anonymously, you will not know who view you either.. But if you are curious on who is viewing you, same thing will happen to the person you viewed.. They know you viewed them.. Except you didn't log in and search their names or emails to view them.. In Facebook, we will not get the notifications on who is viewing us.. For people viewing fans, this is a good news for you.. Haha... Just for fun anyway.. No matter what, enjoy!!!!!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Public holiday.... (like I care..)

Well, the title tells it all, today is public holiday. It is the Hari Keputeraan Agong - whatever it is called.. Just a day that is said to be the King's birthday. I don't think His Majesty's big day is today, lucky him having two big days in a year. But I really have to say there is no fun being a KING!!!! He read his speech from the yellow-so-gold bookish thing like a kid doing a reading in front of the class. Why? This is because he don't have to prepare his speech, the ever-ready speech was just done for him and he will just present it.. Nah, what to do.. He is the King of Malaysia.. As a Malaysian or whatever it is, long live the King.. Can't be that cruel, if not, kena pancung!! (Haha...)

Nothing much to do even if it is a public holiday, that doesn't make any GREAT sense for me anyway.. I'm always in holiday mood since I graduated from JMC.. But, it is a good day for dad to have another holiday.. Accompanying my parents to have a walk and shopping which I am somewhat not very interested in.. Later on after the lunch, my dad and I started to watch


Well, not ashamed to admit that we had the pirated DVD we got from the supermarket.. Last week, we watched Iron Man on Sunday.. Erm.. Narnia.. I watched the first movie in the cinema years ago when I had my holiday in KL.. Still vivid in my memory, I watched it with my brother, dad and mom where dad got dizzy with the big screen in Mid Valley.. So, here comes the sequel.. At the beginning, I was a bit lost as I didn't much get it what it was.. Well, lucky me I didn't really get lost and gain myself back after some times.. Haha, I must be dreaming anyway...

My review.. Not much I can comment on it as I found out that I like the first movie better.. I didn't blame on the part that I am 'lost' in the story but it seems less attractive (I'm not sure this is the word I should describe, kinda weird) to me compared to the first one.. It did gave me the interest to keep watching and I sat in front of the TV without going for any snack break or toilet break.. At last, it finished in a relieve but it is sad to see that they won't return to Narnia anymore and the 'we can't work anymore' between Susan and Prince Caspian.. Well, every story had its ending and this is cool.. Hehe.. 4 stars should be enough though..

Thursday, 5 June 2008

my blood test result...


Erm.. Let me see how I should I begin with this topic.. Well, I had my blood test last month which is my first blood test. Nothing much to reveal. The shocking news was my cholesterol level was unexpectedly high. Normal human cholesterol level should not exceed 5.2. However, mine was 6.1.. Weird huh? But not to be blamed that I love seafood a lot. Name it and I will definitely licking through it. For now, I have to start controlling my dietary and start exercising more. No more slacking during the holiday. Doctor said that I don't have to consume medicine at this age, which is way too young to have a high cholesterol. Maybe after 3 months, I have to go and have another check.. Really need it..


Detected!!! My Hepatitis B immunity is zero as stated by my blood test report.. So, vaccine is really needed and advisable.. I took the vaccine, no choice.. Everyone need to take the vaccine for three times for complete immunity. The second vaccine should be taken a month after the first one and the third vaccine, 6 months after the first one. The cost...erm..RM30 per vaccine.. It is much more cheaper than the vaccine I got for chickenpox last November, it was RM90 per vaccine where you need to take it two times!!!

After all, I suggest that everyone need to have a blood test around the age 18 just to verify something before furthering your study.. It is a better way for prevention. So that there's nothing to be worry about during your higher education especially when you are oversea. In conclusion, stay healthy!!! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I'm bacK...

After KMJ and slacking around at home, I'm back blogging... Lots of people are blogging now but I'm out of idea what to BLOG..


4.00!!! What an ideal result!!! Well, excellent result doesnt mean we will get what we want. The chance might be high but there is still possibility for not getting the top choice. U KNOW!!!!!

So, after some considering, I made my decision to list Universiti Malaya medical course as my first choice. The others choices are medic, dentistry and pharmacy. I'm crossing my fingers that the government will put me around the top choices, at least from the top to the fourth choice. Well, I still need to wait and see.. Wish me best of luck then...


I'm now having driving lesson every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the morning.. But recently, it had changed to afternoon.. Well, there are good and bad.. The good thing is I don't have to wake up early in the morning and drive like I had just awaken.. The bad thing, sleepy in the hot and warm afternoon.. My lesson usually starts at 3pm, I have my nap on that time sometimes.. Hehe, but no worries.. It is okay as I got to learn and have my test. I will have my driving test most probably on 16th June.. Hopefully I dont have to go there again after that.. Part of it is my skill,but I still need some luck anyway.... Again, wish me luck!!!

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