Monday, 31 May 2010


Proud to say, I joined Youth'10 this year in PWTC. Although I only went for the first day of the even, I am happy enough because that was only my holidays due to my clinical orientation activities.

Besides, all thanks to Tyng a.k.a Adeline for getting me a FREE pass so that I can enjoy the whole thing without paying a cent (exclude my LRT fees)

Pictures paint a thousand words. I will let the pictures do all the talking or imagination or what-so-ever.

I missed out a lot of things in picture. I am sorry that there was so many people around there. Grabbing my phone all the times sound not safe at all.

Here are the sponsors and partners
*claps claps for them*
Good job!

This Youth'10 stamp thing last in my hand for more than 24 hours
When the 'word' disappeared, it sort of looks like bruises
*seems like I just punch somebody*
What's inside?

I love this.. So bulat..
But I didn't know what is this..

Mega Jenga!!!

Radio stations DJs were there
Making some noise.. haha XD
And giving out free gifts

This is the bag they gave after we registered
Initially, Tyng, Elaine & I thought there were Forever 21 free stuffs in there
It turned out to be just a bag and 2 packets of Teh O Ais
Anyway, it was very useful

Yes, this were all the stuff I stuffed into my Forever 21 bag throughout my Youth'10 Day 1

This was the shirt I bought from WWF booth
It cost me RM25
I remembered they came to my hostel when I was in Titiwangsa, they sold it for RM16 only
Anyway, Tyng told me that I might not know when I will see this anymore
So, I bought it XD

This is the Teh O Ais I mentioned above
Free stuff

Just filled in a form
Played a computer game
Took a picture with slogan
We get this for FREE
A dozen in there!

Free Laneige Water Sleeping Pack
This is definitely an expensive stuff if buy the whole tub of it

Free 1 pair of contact lens by Ciba Vision
Can choose colour contact or colourless
But, colour contact lens can last for 1 day
Colourless lens last for 1 month
I think you can guess which one i picked...

I bought a necklace for myself
Handmade polymer clay decorative stuff
I even choose the colour of the strings and bag for my necklace

This is our libresse picture
Can't see what we wrote?
"Because of you LIBRESSE, we are SUPER"
Noted the 2 Superman shirts there
People called us the Sisters of Superman

Signing out... Tata


Sunday, 30 May 2010

Klinik asas - Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is where I started
Not a clue what I need to do
Start with a briefing
Then, divided into groups
My doctor couldn't make it on the 1st day
So, I am set free....

We met Dr. Shahrul Azmin on the 2nd day
Followed him for ward round
Listen to his joke
And how funny he approached his patients
Then we had demo from him
Physical examination for CVS, respi, GIT, CNS

I just found out that
There are so many things I need to know in details
And really pay attention to it..
Going so gaga when we couldn't answer his question

What is the complications of liver biopsy?
What is the tube attached to her? What are the functions?
What is the complications of dengue?

Coming klinik asas - O & G


New place

Heya people.. So sorry for my loooooooong absence in my blog.. Kind of busy these few days to weeks, perhaps. Anyway, life getting interesting right now. I really need lots of gut to take those challenge that keep rushing in.

I had moved in to Prisma Perdana in Cheras. In case you need to know it more details, I am definitely not the one that can explain that (I am direction blind!). It is located in Jalan Midah 8A, if I am not mistaken. Next to Prisma Cheras, behind Laman Midah. It is only walking distance to the hospital.

This is my place in master bedroom.
Sharing the room with Siew Im & Pei Zhi..
There are a bit changes here for now, my wardrobe had moved to another corner

In the evening, I will hear cheers and shout from those very semangat people down there
From my room window, all you can see are HUKM area
Those courts down there are inside HUKM

This is the shoe rack that I shared with my house mates (include Wei Yeng)
We felt satisfied after fixing this on our own

On your right is KTDI, the main hostel.
Since I am staying at the 14th floor, the view is quite nice & very windy as well
Till then....
P.S - It is because my room is facing KTDI, my lappy can detect UKM-Jaring. Now I can online for free ^_^


Saturday, 22 May 2010

30th Anniversary for PacMan

PacMan is a very classic game for me.. How I remember this game is because the so-called Sunkist orange thingy is eating those small dots while being chased by very colourful 'hantus'

Google honours PacMan for its 30th Anniversary by putting it up on Google main page where everyone can enjoy the game..

Other than that, this is what Google had been up to as well....

Pi Day

Labour Day

205th Birthday of Hans Christian Andersen
Refer to my post here

Earth Day
And the Teacher's Day one on my post below....


Sunday, 16 May 2010


Happy Teacher's Day

I love paying attention to Google decoration for every special event

Heartfelt gratitude to those who teaches = Teachers

Canossian Convent Kindergarten's teachers & sisters

SK Canossian Convent Segamat's teachers

SMK Canossian Convent Segamat's teachers & sisters

Kolej Matrikulasi Johor's lecturers

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Faculty of Medicine's doctors & lecturers

Thanks a lot for guiding through my life and knowledge
I will call this the lesson of LIFE

Last, but not least
Thanks God for giving me chances to meet these people who had give me more meaning in my life
For upcoming lessons, I will appreciate them
Learn from them
Be grateful
Learn happily


Friday, 14 May 2010


I keep moving my mouse thinking that it had disconnected from my laptop because I couldn't find the cursor on my TV SCREEN!!!


Sunday, 9 May 2010

♥ momma ♥

Everyday is Mother's Day for me because there is zero day of me without mommy.
She is where we come from..
From the day I had my 1st heartbeat during my fetal life until now..
Which day, hours, minutes, seconds, miliseconds without mommy?
Whether she is in front of us or not, even though not at home, she is still MOMMY

I love you, mommy....

9th May - Mommy's birthday as well...
*As Sam likes to say "Double KAT"

Me & Bro
Poppa & Momma
(or Tyng's style *appa & amma*)

I made mommy a basket of chick in eggshell
No glue or tape or staple use

*picture rotate problem again -DUH*
I am the smallest chick!

♥ Sam ♥
Always do for him
He letak nama sahaja
*later want to ask for salary*

♥ Eli ♥

Why chicks?
*I will leave this question here*

POST #200!!!!



Usually the President of Kitchen (my house) is my grandma and my aunt is her personal assistant..

Last Saturday, my mommy took over the board for a day because my grandma & aunt followed my grandpa & dad to Johor Bahru to visit my aunt and uncles.

My mommy & I planned what to cook one day before. We decided to make something nice and healthy as well. The usual president's meal were kind of oily sometimes and not to my liking. (sorry *guilty*)

So, we came up with simple 'lauk'..

Fried potato & onion with soy sauce
I helped to cook this ^_^
Not much oil added in this

Non-oily fresh vegetable (sawi)

*I tried to rotate it a few times, I don't know why it is still like that after the uploading is done*
Fried onion to eat with seaweed + egg soup
My favourite!
But this is not a healthy one
My mommy's pro-est edible food
Very patient when frying
Must control the fire (low fire)
Must fry it slowly
Jadi hitam la!!!!


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