Sunday, 29 November 2009

♥Singapore Day 3 - Shopaholics♥

Ngee Ann City

Day 3

We have big evil plan
Being evil to our parents' money
*Jeng Jeng Jeng*

Tyng & I planned to spend the day shopping!!!!
*Su-Lynn got Piano Grade 8 Exam, so cool*
*if not, she will complain that shopping is boring*

Just across the road, Ion Orchard
Big enough
Wide enough
Long enough
Confusing enough
For us to walk & walk & walk....

Now I found my shopping partner..

We had our breakfast in Orchard Parksuites before we 'kick-start' XD
We went there quite early
So we stopped by Starbucks to have a drinks
We chatted about our high school life
About marching, camping, annoying people

Here comes our journey:

Our favourite boutique of all.
Spend most of our time there searching for our fav pieces.
Trying on it.
And of course, BUYING IT!!!!


Tyng found a really simple but nice shoes
Simply lovely


We walked out of Ion Orchard
Heading towards Shaw House
*This was after we had walked in almost every shop in Ion!!!*


Found this in Mango

My Christmas Fairytales
We found a very nice scarf. Well, we didn't buy it

We bought tickets for the night show of A Christmas Carol in 3D
It costs $13 per person
The movie is based on a classic literature / book by Charles Dickens

Back to Ion Again

Soup Spoon
We decided to take a rest there & have a soup
But, it was full

So we continued walking around Ion Orchard again

Our last stop before heading back to Orchard Parksuites
There was where we got our accessories
Rings, necklaces, earrings

We went back after and found out they cooked mushroom soup for us
It was from the soup spoon

3D Time

A Christmas Carol
I am kinda blur in the beginning
Just a bit lost
I put everything back together after that
That was a very cute movie
I like the candle
*The spirit, Ghost of Christmas Past*
Worth watching
Although the 3D glasses almost flatten my nose
*if the movie was any longer*

Dinner + Supper
Ate in Food Hall

Su-Lynn: I don't know what to eat oooooo PRATA....

I had chicken murtabak
Couldn't finish it
*i don't think i need to explain*

Something cool
Aunt MC checked Su-Lynn's new school letter & schedule in my room
So we were there joining her
Curious of Su-Lynn's upcoming school
St. Joseph International School
*yeah, in Singapore*
She will have to go camping in a place called Loola, in Bintan

The word 'Loola' came into our sights
We started playing around with the words

Ying came up with
Yeah, from the word Loola
She started to repeat all these:

*Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, Po*

After dinner, on our way back
We passed by Prada
From Loooooola~~~
To Praaaadaaaaa~~~

Tyng & I, at the same time :

It was a cool day

♥Singapore Day 2 - 2012♥

Day 2

*Glass reflection of the lift ceiling, I am the one with bright light.. Hehe*

Woke up late
Tyng & I missed the free breakfast which ended at 9.30pm
We went to Wisma Atria Food Republic
Breakfast - Fish & Chips
With mushroom soup

Movie Day
Both of us were set free after the breakfast
We decided to watch 2012
Uncle KC & Aunt MC told us the direction to the cinema in Shaw House
We lost our way
Ended up turning round & round in Ion Orchard
We gave up & went to ask at the information counter
The guy even gave us a map

*Laughing at ourselves*
We made our way there
We watched the 1.15pm show
We checked the showtime for A Christmas Carol
Then we decided to watch with the others the next day

The cineplex that we went in was super small
At 1st we thought the size will affect our 'end of the world feel'
The movie was okay for me
Especially those effects
I am kind of expecting how it would happened
Just found some of the people in the movie that shouldn't die
No tears
I still wondering why people cried after the movie

We saw a volvo displayed at the entrance
It was to promote 'New Moon'

While we were walking around in Isetan
There was this something very cute

On our way back
We bought a few bottles of Starbucks Frappuccino again
*Everybody loves Starbucks*
It was something that we can't buy in Penisular Malaysia

Dinner Time

In Ion Orchard Food Hall again
I had nasi lemak from a stall called Padang Padang
The taste was okay =.=

It was quite a plain day

Oh yeah!

Congratulations to Su-Lynn!!!
*5As' for her UPSR*

♥Singapore Day 1 - The Umbrella Thing♥

Day 1

*Long queue*

Landed at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1..
We took 2 cabs to Orchard Parksuites

Tyng, aunt, grandma & I got into a cab, this is what happened:

Me: Orchard Parksuites
Cab Driver: Huh? Where?
Me: Orchard Parksuites

Cab Driver: Where is
Me: Behind Wisma Atria
Cab Driver: Orchard Road ah?
Me: Yeah

Cab Driver: Near which mall?
Me: Takashimaya

Cab Driver: Ohh... Behind Wis
ma Atria la?
Me: Yeah (Lol.. I thought I mentioned it just now)

Checked in room 2205
*It was in the same angle, position, location, geography with the one we stayed 5 months ago* Well, that was 2 floors below *wink*
This time the furniture arrange looked nicer, I think

What else??!!

Go check out my room
*So comfy~~~*

Tyng & I (as usual) shared the roo
m again...
How we missed that room

Lunch time
Uncle CK and Aunt MC (Su-Lynn's parents) brought us to Ion Orchard Food Hall
After walking round & round & round & round

We decided to try the Tokyo Crepe

*well recommended by Su-
I had a mushroom cheese crepe

Su-Lynn, Ying & I had Hokkaido Ice Cr
eam Milk Flavor

Uncle CK bought us Tai
Tyng & I tried the German Po
tato Taiyaki

Uncle KC (Tyng's dad) asked us to try the Peking Duck

The Ice Cream

We were left hanging out, taking our sweet time in there

Some of them went back to the suite

Some went somewhere else
We were told to go around by ou
*This is my fav part of Singapore - SAFE*

Bought 3 books by Mitch Alb

When we decided to go back
It rained heavily
We just could
n't wait anymore for the rain to stop
We stopped by a 7-11 that is just opposite our service apartment
*Brilliant idea on the way*
We bought a 'fold-able' neon green umbrella


A few bottles of Starbucks Frap

Su-Lynn & Ying went back with the umbrella first
While Ern ran with them

Ying came back with the umb
rella to get Tyng
*lolz.. I am alone now*

Luckily they didn't betrayed me..
Tyng came to take me after that...

*I still find that situation funny cz we bought umbrella*

Dinner Time
In Tampopo (Japanese cuisine)
I had a crab porridge with mushroom
It tasted so unique

More credits when it was accompanied by Japan Apple Juice
Left: Japan Apple Juice Right: Orange Juice

Aunt MC's food =)

We stopped by at Giordarno
Bought 2 shirts & a pair of HOT pink socks

Something crazy
I threw my toothbrush into the dustbin instead of the wrapper
There was totally no chemistry when brushing my teeth with Tyng
*Things happened in a really weird way XD*
CLEO in Singapore
totally awesome

$4.40 with so many things in it

-End of Day 1-

Streamyx @ home is crazy


I miss internet so much..

The world that connects my heart & soul....

The network that set me free..


All right... I'm insane...

I couldn't go online at home due to some funny thing..

*hard to explain*

Can't wait to blog about my Uniquely Singapore trip.... =)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

I am back ♥

♥ I am back!!

♥ Singapore is definitely shoppers' heaven

♥ All the credits to Orchard Parksuites for all the comfort. I was totally pampered..

♥ They have bottled Starbucks Frappuccino. We can't get it in Penisular Malaysia =(

♥ The food was AWESOME!!!

♥ I walked a lot.. I ate more..

♥ I packed light when I depart, it was almost twice heavier when I came back XD

♥ Walk around Singapore without worries, we didn't even need adults to be with us...

♥ Most amazing part : I got the chance to use a 'bullet-less' rifle, SAR 21.. Cool huh?

♥ Word of the trip : Loola~
*we make fun of it by reading it with some funny tone loooooooooooooooooooooolaaaaaa~~*

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

It is just another day...

OSPE is over
Exam is over
Thanks to my brain for the co-operation
So What?


Must really enjoy to the max..
Still worry about my exam..

Off to Singapore tomorrow..
This will be my last post before I fly to Singapore
I will update when I am back


Monday, 16 November 2009

♥Ron Ng♥

After chasing E.U (学警狙击) til episode 30
I have a conclusion (err.. 2 conclusions)
I just realized it is the sequel of The Academy
Ron Ng is so 'yeng'...
♥Like this picture so much...♥

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Dance dance dance

When I mentioned about going for 'diet'
People will freak out
I didn't know it was honest or not
They said I am not 'FAT'
I think 'FAT' is not the matter
What I mean is to tone my muscles...


Case cleared...


I think I am just too bored...

Wish to learn more dance
Jogging & squatting are so boring..
I felt bored even before my heart couldn't compensate
Even though I get tired easily
I think..
Less than 5 minutes?

Yeah.. Come on..

Friday, 13 November 2009

Going crazy on TS

TS = Time Square
Taylor Swift

I think I am going really crazy..
Never ever download any MTV
Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me was the 1st one
Looks like she got another fanatic fan here

I think she will be super glad that
I become a sudden fan due to the craziest exam I ever had in my life
She must be SO proud..

Something different

Oh no, so not me!
I thought I will rush back
The 1st thing I will do is to SLEEP
Theory paper is over
Finally.. *phew*
Didn't know what I am doing today
Oh God..
You are so cruel...
I planned to take a nap since 12pm
I didn't
It is 3pm now
I went to the cafe
For the sake of teh ais addicttion
And then...
I still not planning to land on my bed
I watched a few episodes of E.U (学警狙击)
With my teh ais & pinky bear

Still feel super terrible
Oh God
You are so cruel...
I smell something difference
With the people lawn-mowing outside my room
Not the smell of the grass
Is the smell of Singapore
I want to be there faster
Stay longer...

My OSPE in the morning
Next Tuesday...
I thought I will be in the afternoon session
Looks like He heard me
I can have more time to pack
Pack to go over(the)sea
*Just across a.k.a over-there*
And then...
Head home...
Miss home so much
I can feel it is getting nearer

Not until when the result is out
Mentally & physically prepared
For reseat paper(s)
I guess not just 1 paper
It feels just like papersssssssssssss
I think my brain under-going infarction
Funny things going around my brain
I want to watch 2012!!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Time for a Change Again

New PBL list is out
This time, seriously
They changed it again
At least the equation is no longer
(PBLmates = Labmates)

Looking at my desktop background
How I miss my previous PBL
The PBL that I enjoyed a lot
I hope it will be the same for the new one

.:The Girls:.

.:Ice Skating:.

.:Carl's Jr.:.

There are more pictures with Hilmi
The complete pictures of us
Khairul is not with us
Maybe I can give him a solo picture of him here
Haha XD

.:Khairul's Birthday Surprise:.

.:Love : PBL 16:.


Day 3 had just reached its end
Crossing my fingers everything should be ok..
Burning the midnight oil
Sacrifice my sleep
Torturing my brain
Race against time

Love the part when I searched for my table in the exam hall
Love to have fresh feeling on a new seat everyday
Love to feel the people around me
Love to see how the clock ticks
Love to know the day is passing by
Love to reach my room earlier to catch a nap
Love to know that I went through all these

I used to hate awkward environment
I used to hate hectic moments
I used to hate having people around me when I am serious
I used to hate slow thinking
I used to hate having lack of sleep
I used to hate breathless moments
I used to hate...
Looking for the moment we are set free
Looking for the moment to feel free
Looking for the moment to let go
Looking for the moment to learn new things
Looking for the moment to be in a new group
Looking for the moment how life changes
Looking for the moment in Orchard Parksuites
Looking for the moment of warmth and love
Looking for the moment of 'princess' at home
Finish urinary 1st
Finish MS 1st
Finish OSPE 1st
Finish Exam 1st
I am waiting for it
Waiting for it to be over
To be over and have fun
Have fun and rest my brain
Rest my brain & go for vacation
Go for vacation & play hard
Play hard & enjoy
Enjoy the moment
The moment that I am waiting for
Waiting for it to come to me
Come to me...
Come to me...

*Oh ya, BTW.. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to Daddy & Mummy!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Emo Post!!!!! =(

Can KTSN just at least for ONCE try to make something out SMARTER?????!!!!!!

Cleaning the block drain and wall at this time with HIGH PRESSURE WATER?????



My head is going to burst anytime..

I need my rest due to battle of 'CVS' since last night.. Lack of sleep...


I have 2 papers coming tomorrow..

Can't they just do that cleaning job when the students are on semester BREAK????

Don't tell me they have BREAK when people having sem BREAK...


Sunday, 8 November 2009

Yes, look back for some time..

In less than 24 hours, it marks the starting point of my 3rd war in my medical school life.. I see it as something good.

1st - It proves that the medical school has the trust on us to face the challenges...

2nd - It is time for us to show what we have more than just a halfway-through 2nd year medical students

3rd - It means holidays getting nearer...

4th - Our medical journey is getting nearer to our dream...

Don't look at how many steps you have not gone through, take a time and look back, those steps that you had taken are those that really matters.. And.. You can see, you had gone through more than you know...

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Late intro... :P

Sorry for the late introduction of my two lil buddies...

This is my lil buddy, Eddy..
(He is part of the fashion show model.. PUNK ROCK!!!!!)

My 'kai' buddy @ buddy angkat, Shi Teng

Friday, 6 November 2009

The Beggar Maid

By Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Beggar Maid

Her arms across her breast she laid;
She was more fair than words can say;
Barefooted came the beggar maid
Before the king Cophetua
In robe and crown the king step down,
To meet and greet her on her way;
'It is no wonder,' said the lords,
'She is more beautiful than day.'

As shines the moon in the clouded skies,
She in her poor attire was seen;
One praised her ankle, one her eyes,
One her dark hair and lovesome mien.
So sweet a face, such angel grace,
In all that land had never been.
Cophetua sware a royal oath:
'This beggar maid shall be my queen!'

This is the poetry I recited during my lower primary poetry recitation competition. It is so deep that I got no idea what it was when I was 9.

Not to brag about it, this was the first thing that brought me a 1st runner up winning in my life being alone @ solo on stage..

I just love the beauty of a poetry.. XD


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