Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Brain attacks!

While everyone else busy trying to figure out how to make a poster and how many assignments queuing to eat their brain juice, I am here again addicted to tempt those zombies to eat my brain!
Playing for the second time, still addicted!

All right, should make this post short because I don't see zombies attacking me, I see ASSIGNMENTS...

Anyway, barbeque's tonight!


Monday, 27 September 2010

Happy Birthday, Xu Vin!

Hey Vin,
I never have interest in Geography and never ever care about it
So I was told that the distance between Cheras and Tanjong Karang is about 120km
I am not sure how far it is, but I only know that I can run 2.3km in 30 minutes, wonder when can I reach if I run?

This year I couldn't celebrate your birthday or cracking my head drying up my brain juice planning surprise birthday for you
I hope you still remember what I did to you during your birthday when we were in first year!
I'm sorry that there is no card, cake or present
All I can do from 120km away was reserving this blog post for you
(Hope this is consider a present)

Happy Birthday, Xu Vin!
My sincere blessings and wish always there for you
May you have a blast!

This is all for you, my friend!

P.S : LOL, I know this thing looks like a post to my boyfriend/girlfriend love letter. Anyway, happy birthday..


Saturday, 25 September 2010

Birthday in Tg Karang

Happy Birthday, Sin Jie!

Even though the celebration planned for her was not as BIG as last two years after we were in medical school, at least we tried our very best to make her feels special due to her BIG day.
This was the first birthday we celebrated in Tanjong Karang after nearly 6 weeks we were brought here to complete our community health posting.
Not a very huge bunch of us in a posting, only 66 and to consider again who are our own closest friends, it got down to around 10 or perhaps more people.
I just realized that I celebrated Sin Jie's birthday all 3 years since I first knew her in Kolej Keris Mas on the day of newbie registration.

Let's the pictures speak for now with brief description

I was with Sin Jie to get our lunch today and she bought herself a piece of cappuccino cake in a nearby bakery. I just have to smile behind her as I did not tell her that we actually had a surprise for her later.

Yi Lian, Yin Ru and I went to get a cake for Jie's surprise celebration at night.

A few of the JKM people celebrating Sin Jie's birthday in Satay Hut!
Thanks for coming..

Ice kacang a.k.a ABC
This was among the BIGGEST I ever see, to date
Not sure about the price, have to ask Yi Lian, Yin Ru and Poh Tse

Chicken satay, ketupat with some onions and cucumber
It was not bad, except for quite a lot burnt pieces, chicken skin and fats!
Still acceptable to me
Thumbs up to the peanut sauce
But, I still love the one I had during open house

Birthday girl with her lovely birthday cake, chocolate mousse

I love the cake a lot!
I just do not agree with the person in the bakery using blue icing, it just doesn't match
Anyway, it tasted good and soft

The girls
*Love this picture*

The guys..
*John hunched too much*

Besides that, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Happy Birthday to my friend, Catherine Sen as well. I might not be with her after high school, my sincere wish will still be there for her. Have a blast, may you live happily and most importantly stay HEALTHY!


Thursday, 23 September 2010

When the moon is round in JKM

4 days absence without a post after all the seafood in Jeram didn't really look like me at all since I used to blog daily, and sometimes with multiple posts. Anyway, being unable to fill these spaces in a few days doesn't mean my life is not crazy. I guess this post is sort of expected for those who had spent the night with me throughout the event that I am going to post about. The only thing is how I am going to post it in my blog and remains this post forever in my archive, and nothing is going to change it.

Something triggered my life to be crazier last night, that is why a new blog post is sticking here now

Not much ooh aah in my introduction this time as all the WOW moments happened last night were already captured in multiple cameras. Sorry to say that I am not the main photographer (rather than I called someone as camera-man or -woman) of the night, I am just the "kelefeh" photographer. So, before I proceed with all the pictures, I would like to credit some pictures (which most of the nice pictures) to Justin for his camera awesome-ness. Not to forget that Yi Lian took the most pictures more professionally with her camera. 

All thanks to my friends, creating the event for all of us in this so-called honeymoon posting, which is kind of isolated from anybody else. The organizer(s) (which I believed they have more than one person) beat the impossible here in Tanjong Karang which results in fab!

After uploading all the pictures and trying to write something here, only that I realized we actually do not have the complete JKM family picture, not even one. To other photographers of the night, please prove me wrong, I hope there is one. The after-dinner picture of the night, very informal one and this was like the 4th or 5th picture taken on the same position. Unfortunately, I have zero idea about photoshop, if yes, I would have cut and paste a few missing person in the picture to have at least one complete picture.

P.S : We took our dinner in Loong Hua Restaurant in Sekinchan

The picture and the numbers in there clearly answered the question why this picture is here..
Enough said

To help better digestion and atmosphere, we went to walk around Taman Mas Ria, where the rental houses for the guys located with our very classy lantern.
If to explain what happened along the walk-around-with-lantern event, I guess one blog post will not be enough. Not to forget, lots of murdering each other lanterns and candles.

Very passionate people after a few rounds of game in the house trying to create masterpiece of the day
Speaking about their creations, it was amazing and I am not part of it (gasp!) because my job was to "kepo" only

One very warm picture and I can feel the heat, even though I am sitting under the chills of air conditioner right now. It is not the heat of the candles there or the chills of the air in my room making me feeling good right now. 

It is the warmth from the people in all these pictures

I presume each of us here wish we could be with our loved one that night. Our family, which is so far away from where I am sitting here right now. 120km is the distance between Cheras and Tanjong Karang, if to continue counting the distance until Segamat, there are more miles to go. Being here has created a longer journey for me to reach home. 

Speaking about missing family members, my mom did called halfway through the "Killer" a.k.a "Murderer" game. If it was not at the peak of the game a good commoner like me being accused by 2 witty killers as a killer, I could have chat with my mom. It was because I am so damn God knows how innocent I am that time, I told my mom to chat later. Oh dear..

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Thanks to all, I am serious and grateful


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Beach in Pantai Remis, seafood in Jeram

When beach and seafood come together, what will it be?
Most probably will be nice scenery with finger-licking food
But, for us yesterday it means fullness
Beach gives relaxation, peace and happiness to us, then our feeding center was activated equals to hunger
When we were hungry, here comes to seafood part
We ordered more than our tummy expectation and end up too full
Speaking about the quality and taste, I may not list it under my delicious section
It was just around the okay par
The only part I enjoyed was the freshness and they presented the dishes quite well
RM17 per person with rice and drinks, I guess it should be okay

Pictures turn to tell the stories

It took us an hour to reach here from our complex in Tanjong Karang

Pantai Remis
We were here for awhile for the nice scenery view and have a place for the Muslims to do their prayer
This place was surprisingly beautiful as I don't even know it existed until yesterday

Only the 3 of us went among us with the accompaniment of Janaki
Plus, with 10+ more other course mates
Can be considered that the 3 of us were the most seafood lovers

While waiting for the others, we just spent our time recalling childhood memory
In case you are curious, I did play with swing and excited about it

Sue Ann, Kah Yan & Janaki looked pro looking for fresh fish and which one taste better
Speaking about picking fresh ingredients to cook and eat from the market, I have negative knowledge about it

Kerang bakar
I love the cockles, feels like heaven just because I couldn't recall when was the last time it landed my taste buds!
The sauce was really spicy, not too bad though

Another of my favourite was prawn
But for this one, I think it was just okay, not more than that
Udang goreng butter
I like the blend of curry leaves flavour in it

Ikan pari bakar
I am not sure whether did I had stingray before this
And I could not remember having seafood with my family
Was it in Lumut once, when I was seven
Not in my memory lane, just know that I vomited there, blamed my ever loyal motion sickness
The flesh was really smooth, I only like it when Kah Yan pour in the sauce that taste sour and spicy at the same time
Feel very exotic, nice try anyway

Sotong goreng tepung
If I am going to have mouth muscles sore, this was the thing that I am going to blame
It tasted normal, yeah normal in the beginning when it was still hot
After some times, it took me minutes to chew
In the process of chewing, it gives us headache whether to continue chewing or just swallow it
Other than that, my jaw was totally crying for S.O.S
On the other hand, the taste was acceptable but not the texture

By the end of the meal, while we were heading back to Tg Karang, we did enjoyed the bumpy ride.
The 4 of us sat at the last row of the bus and our driver is famous of speeding
Our butt was lifted up during some of the bumps while our tummy was expanded with seafood

One thing I wish was I did not get any stomachache from eating too much cockles
I did it, I am feeling good today!


Friday, 17 September 2010

Scents of fragrance

Once I read a brief article about fragrance and how one should take his or her own time to actually decide the right scent. Our nose can only take in maximum 4 types of different smell and the 5th one, it will be blend and inaccurate. The major problem is, in one small fragrance kiosk, definitely there are no less than 4 types of different fragrance. How they overcome this is to take a bowl of coffee bean, pamper ourselves with the aromas. It can neutralized our nose and brain to start working again and looking for the right perfume or body mist.

What about eau de toilette and eau de parfum?

They differ in concentration of the aroma compounds, eau de toilette typically has 10% of the aroma compounds while eau de parfum has 15-20% of the aroma compounds. 

If represent the longevity and intensity of the perfume itself

Body mist has been said to use after shower to replace the lost moisture on our skin. I am not very sure about this definition, but what I see now is it's part of the fragrance family now but in a milder way.

Before I proceed, I did not know about perfume and fragrance at all before this. All I know was spray and I smell like chemical spills, too much. I used to hate walking nearby perfume shops or kiosk or walking fast pinching my nose. Indeed, I am getting curious about it. So, I tried 3 fragrances, to date.

Izzi Body Mist was my very first fragrance that I tried.
I used the one in purple, called True Love
It is more like my first love of fragrance due to its price (I am a cheapo)
It is a body mist and once I spray it, the smell is so strong and last for almost the whole day
I think it was good in the beginning
But, after awhile, I don't like how it stays with me as the smell turns out to be a bit different after a few hours
I still haven't finish this bottle yet

Then, I changed to Follow Me sence
Spot the yellow box with a sexy back woman, I bought that (seriously I am not going to say I am that woman lah)
It was called Happy
The smell was indeed a happy one
What caught my attention first totally was the packaging, the box and the slim bottle
I tried all the samples and Happy was not too exaggerated
I love this, but I opt for something more natural and floral

And this is my most current addiction
The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom body mist
Warning, this smell does not last for long and strong
I love the hint of the floral scent which is so mild 
The most important thing is the person beside you does not sneeze when you pass by
And, I did not fold my nasolabial fold when I spray it on myself

I couldn't afford perfume from luxury brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria Secret, Vera Wang, the very cute Harajuku and more in the list. That is why I can only recommend and review on stuff that is below RM50. Called me low class or what-so-ever, it is all consumer's rights to talk about every stuff in the market.


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Open house Tg Karang

At last I have something to blog about after having my own holidays in Tanjong Karang due to most of the officers in District Health Officer on holidays.

My very first time open house, held by Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani Tg Karang, Datuk Seri Noh bin Haji Omar
Millions thanks to fill my boring day to an eventful one for an hour plus

Fried kuey teow
The quality of the food was still well maintained even though most were cooked rushing

Nasi minyak kampong
The buttery taste blend in the rice was awesome
Nice one!

Not very favourite, but it is well cooked

Satay, the most famous stall in the open house
Need to queue for some times, only grab 2 sticks
Plus with the peanut sauce, this is the blockbuster of the day!
Malaysians' favourite food

Bubur, not very attractive for me
Did not try it

Tosai & vadai
Noticed this stall quite late, plus no more stock and the person still cooking
But it smells good

Nasi impit or so called the rice from ketupat
My stomach couldn't fill in anymore
So, I didn't try this as well

Sue Ann's lemang with kerisik (I hope this is what it was called)

Roti canai!!
The way of making roti canai at this stall looks not appealing to me
But there are still other roti canai stalls, not much people waiting in front of these stalls

Fried banana a.k.a pisang goreng
Fresh from the wok, still burning HOT!
Very sweet and crunchy

Wow, why so many people lining up?
Keep scrolling down!

We queued with the people as well
The happy face...

A bag of kuih bahulu & duit raya!

Happy Malaysia Day, Malaysians!


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

How much calories you should take?

Recently, I have been very conscious about my body and things that I put into my mouth. The consciousness has been in me for quite a few years and I seriously see results in it. I did not take it that serious during the time I started it. My awareness wasn't triggered until I gained nearly 5kg in a short period and started to feel really tired plus turning pale whenever I have exercise. I even experienced pre-syncope when I was strolling in bazaar with my mom last year. Not wanting to tell what is inherited in my genes, all I hope was to stay healthy.

When I speak about counting calories, "are you on diet?" was the first impression. I wish to know, what does "on diet" actually means. Definitions are not giving out here, as it is the respective job of Wikipedia or Google. My very serious target is to improve my stamina. My lung function test never turn out reaching the par, sudden tachycardia during mild exercise are the best trigger for me to keep this going.

I came across (a website with banana logo), where I learn about calories. I must have been very lucky that I can even have time to choose what to stuff into my mouth and let it turn into calories and start counting it. This might sounds very unappreciative if to compared to those that is starving and have no choice for food. But, like usual, being modest is the best thing in life. Not too less, not too much of it.

If you are interested not to over- or under- eat, I hope this can help.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculation :
BMR = 66 + (13.7 X weight in kg) + (5 X height in cm) - (6.8 X age in years)

BMR = 655 + (9.6 X weight in kg) + (1.8 X height in cm) - (4.7 X age in years)

Eg. A 25 year-old woman, with the weight of 50kg and height of 160cm

BMR = 655 + (9.6 X 50) + (1.8 X 160) - (4.7 X 25) = 1305.5 calories/day

The calculation didn't stop here, it must be calculate with the level of activity, which we called it Daily Calorie Requirement (DCR)

Sedentary : BMR X 1.2 (little or no exercise)
Light active : BMR X 1.375 (light activities / 1-3 days of exercise)
Moderately active : BMR X 1.55 (moderate / 3-5 days of exercise)
Very active : BMR X 1.725 (hard / 6-7 days of exercise)
Extra active : BMR X 1.9 (hard / 2 times training in a day)

Eg. If she has light activities and exercise, this will her DCR : 1305.5 X 1.375 = 1795.06 calories/ day

The target of doing all this calculation is not only use-able for people who wanted to lose weight. This is a very general calories intake per day calculation, it is created for everyone. To gain weight, just take in more calories than the DCR, vice versa for losing weight, and to maintain weight, just take in as much as the DCR. 

Does this make life simple or complicated? Both!

Simple because everything is already there, if you would like to track the calories and exercise. Here is a recommended site that you can sign in for FREE. 

Complicated when you are not interested, not determined, not discipline and have no time.

So, it is up to you. I am just not going to let myself overeat anymore..
Love your body, love your health

JKM should be the best time to exercise. It is better than sitting in the room being spoiled by the machine hypnotize us with cool air


Monday, 13 September 2010

Universal Studios Singapore

Generally speaking, I am not sure how should I describe Universal Studios Singapore. I was there on the 7th of Sept, very hot weather (lucky us), even though some queues were long, everything just happened so quick.

My plan to visit these "studios" or theme park was quite long ago and with a blink of an eye, I did it. I just can't believe I am writing this in Tanjong Karang, a place that I had complain numbers of time.

The map of Universal Studios Singapore

Let's starts at the entrance
The very famous Universal Studios globe that spins and spins everyday


After that, this will be my favourite decor theme, Hollywood
I have always imagine this only happen in Disneyland
Not anymore!
Frankly, just don't get too excited about it, it might not as BIG as a lot of you think
I am amazed
Never had such thing comes into my life, now I have my 1st experience
Very lovely to be surrounded by Hollywood-styled buildings, newspaper machines
Filled with atmosphere of Hollywood with their glamorous music
We took picture with Woody the Woodpecker!

Attraction : Pantage Hollywood Theater
Now they are showing Monster Rock Live Show
There are 3 shows a day
And monsters definitely R.O.C.K!
Lots of merchandise shops around this area, the most you can find
Food :
Celebrity Cafe & Bakery
Hollywood China Bistro
Mel's Drive-la (always crowded here)

New York!

Old fashioned police car, taxi, break dance on the street
Attraction :
Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg (must see!)
Stage 28 (coming soon - it is a film production indoor studio)
Food :
KT's Grill
Loui's NY Pizza Parlor

Sci-Fi City

What caught everyone's eyes here are the Battlestar Galatica HUMAN & Battlestar Galatica CYCLON
The red roller coaster trail is the HUMAN, the blue is the CYCLON
A dueling roller coaster to see who cross the finishing line faster
But it was closed after a technical glitch was discovered after the routine safety check
So, this blockbuster attraction was halted from operation
Other than that, there is Accelerator, something similar to the spinning tea cup in those fun fare
Did not really attract a lot of people trying it

Ancient Egypt

Here, placed the most adventurous ride (other than Battlestar Galatica) and the most boring ride
Yeah, they only have 2 rides in this area
The adventurous : Revenge of the Mummy (must try to those that does not suffer from motion sickness)
I did not try this! (But, my bro did)
The boring and should not exist : Treasure Hunter
Nice name right? It was written on the entrance that this attraction is moderate extreme
After the ride, only a piece of BIG question mark stick or stamped on everyone's face
Something like "Ahha, we get to tricked you, in your face!"
Gosh, who ever invented this, even a merry-go-round is way nicer
Moderate extremity?
Food :
Oasis Spice Cafe
Middle East Food, see my previous post about Food in Singapore
One merchandise shop : Carter's Curiosities

The Lost World

Yup yup, Jurassic Park, it is not plain at all
Definitely a place that I found my enjoyment in here
Most recommended attraction this area, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
Be prepared to be wet or soaked in water
Lots of surprise a long the ride, fast water currents and something you won't expect in the d.a.r.k
*evil laugh*
My brother and I went for it twice, we were completely soaked
Then, dry ourselves under the sun, natural way and more UV!
Canopy Flyer (a must try)
Legs dangling, bird eye view of The Lost World and part of Madagascar
Some will get the chance to sit facing the front, and some (unlucky us) facing the back 
Started off very slumber until I reached an accelerator in the middle, then it went fast & sharp turn
Sudden stopping of the ride *laugh at the end*
Dino-Soarin' is a very kiddy ride sitting on dinosaurs then flying round and round
Amber Rock Climb need extra payment, so I am not going for it
(rock climbing plan halted)
Water World was a big miss for both of us
There were shows going on, but we just didn't know about it
Food :
Discovery Food Court
Fossil Fuels

Far Far Away

My childhood dreamland, the castle
It only comes true when I am in my 2nd decade of life
Oh well, it might be a little late, at least it did come true
Recommended attraction here, Shrek 4D Adventures
Even though the briefing and some introduction show before the real 4D was kind of a bit unrelated to what we are going to watch later
The staffs made us feel really great about the whole thing, just that it took too long
Enchanted Airways, the junior roller coaster with the head of dragon in front and dragon's tail at the back
And, tracks at the dragon's bottom, opps!
Magic Potion Spin is an indoor ferris wheel that is seriously small and slow
I wonder where is the fun?
It is attached with the merchandise shop, Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop
Donkey LIVE, musical show for the young a.k.a kids
Food :
Fairy Godmother's Juice Bar


I like to move it move it!
That's the place
No attractions for us yet, Madagascar : A Crate Adventure is coming soon
It is build inside a really HUGE and real looking seven-storey ships
King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round, just a very typical merry-go-round
At least it looks better than Treasure Hunter
Merchandise shop, Penguin Mercantile
Food :
Marty's Casa Del Wild
Gloria's Snack Shack

That's it
We went for the last show in Hollywood called Kowabunga Kove

2 thumb ups!


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