Thursday, 15 December 2011

Etiquette Lesson

When I was in Kolej Matrikulasi Johor, we had to take a subject called 'Dinamika Kemahiran' for one semester, that has no major exam for it. What we learned in this minor subject were etiquettes. Everything about etiquettes and lots of role play. We were taught how to greet and shake hands with people around during a social dinner, like whether should a guy held out his hand first or waiting for the girl does it first. Besides that, we also learned the fine dining etiquette and also usual makan-makan etiquette.

Our only exam was having a "Dinner Night", where we dressed nicely and when the dinner is served, teachers are around our table seeing how we scoop the soup, portion of rice in a spoon and how we placed the cutlery while stopping or finishing our food. During my time, they served us nasi beriyani. Teacher's observation around my group's table lasted for only 10 minutes.

That 10 minutes, I only eat the rice and drinking the orange juice, without touching the super hard chicken. Meh, sekali I cucuk the chicken fly away - FAILED how?

Okay, cutting the crap away. This is one thing that we discussed during one of the Dinamika Kemahiran class. It is about the right way of entering and exiting a car!

Teacher: Macam mana korang nak masuk dalam kereta? Kaki dulu ke kepala ke?

Us: Kaki dulu! *confident answer*
(Some even try to imagine the situation, act it out on their own world)

Teacher: Yeke? Itu adalah cara yang salah!

Us: Eh, biasanya masuk kaki dulu... *still confident with own answer*

Teacher: Ok, cara yang betul, kita patut masukkan punggung dahulu. Dah duduk, baru perlahan-lahan masukkan kaki...


Teacher: Macam mana pula dengan keluar dari kereta? Lepas buka pintu, nak macam mana?

Us: PUNGGUNG DULU!!! *This answer lagi super confident*

Even the teacher did the *smack head* act after we answered that..

I don't think I need to tell how, but you can try by exiting the car with your butt first...!


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Buddies :)

Having buddy line in university is something out of the stacks of medical book, something really unique that bring seniors and juniors from different years together. Lined from 5th year down to 1st year, or some of the time we even meet up from the senior that had work as doctor to the very young freshmen in the course..

There will be a photo contest for our own buddy line for my faculty

This is my buddy line, from a houseman to the 1st year
Choosing a very informal picture because this relationship with each other does not only stick academically, even do we did this line to help each other in studies. But, we still able to sit down, have a drink and have fun! Spot the Jenga on the table!

If you like the picture, you can go click HERE to vote for us.. Just a click of LIKE

Thank you :)

P.S - It is okay if you didn't vote, it is just a contest that I join to do something for my buddy line, where we don't have much chance doing it together. Anyway, we have fun having each other!


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


The sole breadwinner of the family
The only person that is willing to drive to take me home whenever I am by only 1 phone call
The only person that will fight with me for a sake of a baby bolster
(Now I'm not home, he has it and told me no longer mine!)
The only person that hold me like a machine gun when I was a newborn
The person that turns me into a Doraemon addict
The only person that climb over the fence to pick up all the durians that fell near the river
Always the most hardworking person duirng after-flood clean up
The one that allows me to complete my piano lesson and exams
The one that complains about me mumbling on the phone
(Because he couldn't hear well :( )
My BM & English teacher at home during primary school
The one that taught me about car
The one that I have my motion sickness inherited from
The one that helped me in my art exams all the time
The only person that calls me 虫 (worm) because of my laziness at home
The one that I have my coffee addiction inherited from
The one that I miss so much right now

Happy 60th Birthday, Daddy!

*My Dad don't like to call it Birthday, he will call it "Cow One"
It is because in Cantonese,  牛一 is birthday!*


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Even "It" Agrees :)

This thing started with myself feeling really tired of studying already. Then, I went blog walking and stopped by my cousin's blog. So, when I was reading her latest post regarding Breaking Dawn, the first sentence really caught my attention.

Quoted from Tyng's blogpost Breaking Dawn Part 1

It made my day seeing how she described how bored Isaac and Andrew were inside the cinema during the show! 

All of sudden, I was highly excited because I never a Twilight fan while reading that sentence.
So, dengan suka citanya I'm so going to leave a comment in her blog post regarding the boredom of the two fellas

Here's my comment!

I know this is kinda lame, but the Word Verification seems to agree with me in a VERY INDIRECT way of saying A(r)MEN...
Love you for the support -__-

All right, lame...



Monday, 28 November 2011

My #likeaboss Moment

Flew to Penang last week (19.11.2011 - as stated in the ticket) to help my brother living his nomad, basically moving his stuff from his rented house in Penang

#2 My "#likeaboss" moment in the plane
(HTC Desire S' VGA camera failed!)

You SEE! No one wants to sit with me!
Only me in this row and only 1 row left behind me in the plane
I couldn't really see people in front of me
So, I sit in this plane having this HIGH #likeaboss feeling!
Very first time like that

P.S - All the 29 rows of seat in front are ALL full except my row :D
My parents are sitting 1 row in front of me

Malaysia is very green from the top view
Good for the eyes, I guess

Higher up!
Really good morning weather that day
My entire 40 minutes flight was cloud watching and reading the food menu
Because I had nobody beside me to "people watching" for me

A short update here
Just want to "show off" my #likeaboss moment!
Okay, tataz!

Thanks for reading


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Find PJ Apartments For Rent

Have you ever wonder around the internet other than signing in into social network, blog, emails and thought of looking at Property and Real Estate site? For most of my age, you may answer "No" because I are still not up to the level yet where we need to have life dilemma regarding property, because we did not even have one. Actually, a topic regarding property and real estate isn't really my forte at all. I have no idea what it is all about. But somehow, PropWall turns me into knowing zero to at least something

PropWall, as you know is a Malaysia No.1 property website with largest FREE property resources website. They have over 2,000 property analysis articles and up to 200,000 high quality property pictures just for you. Yes everyone of us.

Referring to my title above, yes, anyone who is now and in the future looking for an apartment in the area Petaling Jaya (PJ) for rent, here is it! PropWall is the place where you can just relax at home and with clicks, what you're looking for is just on your screen. Isn't that really convenient in this era compared to the earlier day where we need to go around the town to look and ask around as well as searching through the newspaper. Besides having all the information that you would need, great quality of pictures are available. You are able to look at it before even stepping into the place for better decision making in which unit might be an apple of your eye! It is your comfort, your convenience that PropWall taking very seriously in because they would never take granted in everyone's future shelter.

Condominium, house, office, shop, factory. Anything you are looking for, PropWall will try to serve the best for you! Having a lot of questions? Fret not, they have detailed list of Q&A that can help to lighten your burden before you can make your decision


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Om Nom Nom & Nail Artz @ Sunway Pyramid

How many times do we get a 3-day weekend break in a year, this is a great chance to get myself pump up with more time and chase everything my lecturers taught throughout the week. We had lecture marathon on Tuesday and some lectures throughout the week, very self-conscious. 

In life, there is this one point we called self-indulge, it is both the needs for a normal human being as well as the denial of having a lot to study

So, we spent some cousins quality time together in Sunway Pyramid :)

When we were there, every time we will ask each other
"Where should we go now?"
*A moment of silence*
*Name of the shop, then we went there. After we are done - "Where should we go now?"

No plan at all, but we spent 7 random hours there suddenly with lots of plan

First, we headed to Watson, then Guardian, then back to Watson again
Bought ourselves Maybelline BB Mousse, both of the store sold it for the same price
Since we had Watson Membership Card, we went to get it in Watson
*Their marketing tactic just worked*

Stopped by in Popular
It is just the beginning of November, Lilian and Jennifer Too's Horoscope Book for 2012 is already selling and people were standing around the books flipping through them
Okay, both of us are part of the kepoh-but-not-buying crowd

Wanted to try out pedicure due to my tak-boleh-tengok-punya toe nails, we went to survey all the nail arts service shop around
We found out that Nail Artz had the cheapest service and made an appointment at 4pm
It was only 2pm at that moment

So, we headed to Fullhouse to grab our lunch
It was really fullhouse when we arrived at the place

Their signature design and cartoons

Passion fruit green tea
Too sweet la dei!
Even after the ices melted, it is still too sweet
So so only

Alfredo Spaghetti
I miss the Alfredo sauce in Fullhouse so much, still the same taste

Pan Sear Dory Fish
The mashed potatoes underneath tasted super unique

Manicure and Pedicure time

Nail Artz, located in Asian Avenue 

Tyng had basic manicure done, while I had French pedicure

Far shot of my super tak-boleh-tengok toe nails because some cracked long time ago and after that I didn't really take good care about it
I'm actually sitting at a massage chair!

That's Tyng in front of me waiting for her manicure done
She couldn't see me from her view, but I can see her
That's why she told me she can feel the song "All by Myself" when it was played in the shop

Inside Nail Artz, rows of OPI nail polish

Here comes my pampering session

First, I had my leg soaked inside the water mixed with peppermint salt
While my foot enjoying the jacuzzi, she on the massage chair. Fuhlamak, that was like the best time of my life. And the back and head massage last for 20 minutes :)
Then my foot was scrubbed, rinsed and dried by towel
She then use a small device to clear off excess skin at my heels and under the toes
Lotion was then applied around my foot and toe nails
Cuticle removal, nail shaping and buffering
And here comes the French pedicure

Along the session, I was half watching what she did and half playing Sudoku on my phone

Tyng had her nail polish drying up 
I'm beside her with this device under the table drying my nail polish as well
I told her that, doing pedicure can have more body movement than manicure
And she feels like punching me after I said that

The outcome - Basic manicure
The color on her nail is OPI Miss Universe collection - Swimsuit... Nailed It! (Code: U04)
Basic manicure cost RM 30

The outcome of French Pedicure
I don't have to pick color like the basic manicure or pedicure because it is French
My feet and toe nails feel so smooth now :)

French Pedicure cost RM 48
For basic pedicure, it will cost RM 40

Very good service in Nail Artz and all this take us 40 minutes

After 5 months of my birthday, here comes the treat finally!

Damn excited because Tyng is treating :)

Rums Raisins and Green Tea
For Rums Raisins, after a while I feel it is too sweet for me plus with the raisins, it is getting sweeter and sweeter. It will be just nice for 1 scoop
While for the Green Tea, it was good but for Tyng, the green tea flavor not enough for ehr

Thank You, cousin :)

After that I went to buy dried seaweed in Jusco to bring it back to my hostel so that I can cook during the weekday. Skipped.

We were thinking to have dinner with my uncle and cousins. But they were already eating when we called them. So, we had to go search for our own dinner.

Dinner destination: Ministry of Food (MOF)

Shared this Iced Matcha

And this, MOF Spider Roll

Man, at this time, I'm totally drained out already
Usually we had spider roll in Sushi Zanmai and the size is just right to put the whole sushi in the mouth
Because we were getting tired and they play super sleepy songs in the shop
We shoved the whole sushi into our mouth like usual
Then it gave us a shot of awake-ness because this is totally TOO BIG 
Now, we have trouble how to chew the whole thing
I had to take a piece of tissue to cover myself struggling to chew on that sushi
We felt so silly at that time because by looking at it, the size is obviously way bigger
How can we not see them!

After that, hallelujah, we are home
And I went straight to the bed to take a shop nap

Oh ya, now Sunway Pyramid has an outlet of Nature Republic!
They had just pick the right place to gain back their customer (me me me!)


Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Happiest Moment

My happiest moment will be having A LOT A LOT A LOT of photos scattered on the bed and spending time away from the hectic day to flip all of them with my family and had a good laugh about those moment

Recalling those years back when my family still celebrates both of me and my brother's birthday every year. My parents will never fail to grab a roll of film for camera. There are 2 albums in the picture above that had a page to page progress of our age and life. 1 album for my brother and 1 for myself, collection done by my parents. Every birthday, they will pick the nicest solo picture of us as the birthday girl and boy to take picture with the cake that had ordered for us. This annual picture collection stopped when we reached 10 years old.

The last camera we had was the one seen in the picture.
I couldn' remember went we bought that and it has been ages the camera was no longer used.
Back then, camera with 6 megapixel sounds really mega to everyone. Digital camera gives even more credit because there is no longer the use of films.

As years passed by, my parents had started to complain about seeing pictures taken with mobile phone isn't clear for their vision and the screen is too small for them. Even showing pictures for them in the laptop made them search for their spectacles everywhere. They even complained that a printed photo taken by mobile phone didn't look as good the one taken by camera. Even with all the complaints, they still love to keep printed photos taken by camera. None of us were home with them most of the days in a year, high definition printed photos meant a lot to them when they miss us.

In this era of all-in-one mobile phone, I had turn myself camera-less for years. Then only I realized how happy it can be when you can pile up lots and lots of photos on the bed and flipping through them one by one with my family. The heavenly moment when we travelled back in time again once we started to recall the events in the picture.

I may not have memory of my 1-year old birthday celebration with my family. But with those pictures taken because of the existence of camera together with the story from my parents of the event, I honestly can picture the celebration and my innocent self!

A new camera after so many years may start a new happy memory journey for me and my family with no more complaints :)

*The picture above was taken by mobile phone. The camera in the picture is already no longer used*


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mentari Beauty and Spa

Recently MilkADeal had a deal which was RM39 instead of a RM249 for Brightening Hydro Facial Spa + Eye Treatment + Volcano Stone Back Massage + Manicure at Mentari Beauty and Spa located in Pandan Indah.

In search of the spa
Told Tyng's dad the address of the place. Turn out that all these spa that we had been going located in those place that had number at the street name like 6A, 6B. We had to turned a few rounds before knowing where is A and giving a good guess where B should be.

This place is pretty good even though it is just part of the old shop lots around the area there. The decoration is really nice, seriously much much better than Aura Wellness that Tyng and I went few weeks ago! 

Firstly, we were greeted and was brought slippers and hot ginger tea. They are all really friendly. A details form was filled and the lady break the ice, ask us some questions regarding our concern of our skin. It was awkward because both of us giving the same answer, which is blackhead. Then, when she asked us what products we were using currently and we hit the same answer again. After that only the lady asked whether we are friends or related LOL XD

Body massage + Volcano Stone Massage
We were given a room for 2. As usual, when I took of my spectacles, everything looks so dreamy to me. We had a really soothing body massage. I really love this a lot! The girl who pamper me was real friendly. We chatted while she was massaging my back. I like the pressure she gave during the massage, not too hard and not too soft, just nice for a small body frame like me. Then she came with 2 volcano stones wrapped with some herbs in a cloth. A brief massage with the REALLY hot stones. After awhile, it was really nice :)

Brightening Hydro Facial
As usual, double face cleansing. A scrub to exfoliate. No extraction for the package, but if we want it, RM20 each. So we go with the package, no pain for this time. Facial massage was really good, but I hope it was longer and more variations in the massage. I still have the best facial massage in Idemisse and also from the facial I went in my hometown. Mask for the end of the facial. The mask done here kinda different from the other facial. This one harden once it dried, not very comfy. After removing the mask by cracking the hard surface piece by piece, a layer of cream was applied.

Eye Treatment
I don't see what so special about this. It was done together with the facial. The only thing I know they did for my eyes was to put a slice of cucumber each on my eyes. That's it. This is really a disappointment. 

They did this while waiting for the mask to dry up. I couldn't see a thing because of the cucumbers. Basically, they just did filling, shaping and cuticle treatment. No coloring was done. The whole thing was pretty fast. She did help me to cut off the excess skin around my nails and it was painful. 

After the session, we had a cup of green tea and the lady ask for our feedbacks. We were so shy and the whole session become so awkward. Not sure to leave or she still want to talk to us. She showed us all the services they have, which is quite a lot. While for the price, I found it too pricey for a place like this. 

From the above package that I get, if I come with normal price which is RM249, honestly I don't think this is worth from the session that I had just gone through. But, I shall say the people in there was really friendly! It might not look as good from the outside of the shop, but it is really nice inside!

Mentari Beauty and Spa
82G, Jalan 4/6B,
Pandan Indah
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Everyday 10.30am-8pm

*All pictures are courtesy of Google Image Search*


Thursday, 27 October 2011

An Adventure With My Pet

Here's an imaginary adventure I would like to go with my pet, Bean. Basically, at home, all of us called him "dao dao" in cantonese, a direct translation to English, he is Bean. Bean first came to my house on year 2003, counting the years Bean has been with us for 8 years now.

Bean and I have inseparable bond together. But, Bean's purpose at home is only a watching dog for my family. For me, Bean has been a really good accompaniment I ever had after Dumb left. Bean isn't any Husky or Terrier or chihuahua, he is just a stray dog once ago.

Let's get under my pillow and I will tell you what adventure I would like to go with Bean
I just want to turn kiddy & get loose one more time and have a children's adventure

So, once upon a time.....

"Hey Eli, I need you to help me look after my zoo for a moment because I need to go on emergency leave. I know you always love animals. Here's your chance, girl!"

All right, I wouldn't want to tell you who's on the phone but for sure someone really close that owns a ZOO! Wow, in a running to look after the animals in the zoo. Turned to Bean who was eagerly looking at me, I told him that he's going to get lots of friend when he gets there with me and it will be an amazing adventure for us.

This is serious. A zoo!

Once we reached the zoo, there is no visitor at all. But only the workers in the zoo running around. "Miss, our giraffes just get loose from the cage. They were everywhere now!"

I guess that wouldn't be tough, giraffe is tall. The next second, Bean ran towards an unknown direction and starts barking. Bean is chasing the giraffes! All the workers are following Bean and things settled down after that. Phew, lucky Bean was around.

Days after days, I had fun playing with the parrots, cleaning the zebras, feeding giraffes and all the animals there with Bean sticking around with me. Being a pet-lover myself, I am so overwhelmed having animals around. In addition, I get to ride horses around, practicing tricks with the elephants and oh boy, swims around with the seal and dolphin. Yes, every time with Bean around with me in this really fun adventure of taking care of a zoo!

Never did I know maintaining a zoo can be that adventurous. Until one day, Bean came to me with frisbee while I was cleaning the zebras. "Beany, we will play some other day right? These cutie zebras need some good shower. There you go Bean, there are cookies there" Bean left silently.

Until one evening, I came to realize Bean's feeding bowl is full. Bean hasn't been eating the whole day since I last see Bean when I was washing the zebras. Then only I come to realize that we haven't been doing what we usually did everyday.

Every morning, Bean and I will walk around the neighbourhood and he will have his poo business done. Then we will be home to have breakfast and off I go to school. When I was home, Bean usually deep in his sleep or he might be just awake but being lazy. In the evening, after my homework are done, I would spend some time rubbing Bean's back and tummy. Then, we would have frisbee challenge together and I have losing ever since we started the challenge.

Now I have been neglecting Bean's daily routine. He has his poo time in haywire and low level of entertainment. That is why he brought the Frisbee to me! Bean is trying to remind me that we have lost our daily rhythm for such a long time. I ran around the zoo to look for Bean until I found Bean sitting sadly under a bench. Bean looked really sick. Bean has been really jealous these few days for not getting the attention he has been having. Bean wants the adventure in the zoo together with me, not being neglected

Ever since then, Bean and I only go back to the zoo to visit. But I will always remember to have Bean sticking around with me. We no longer want a zoo adventure. Nowadays, we have a new adventure together, a game of hide and seek around the neighbourhood! This has made me realize that how important Bean to me. Losing him for a moment in the adventure leads to major worries to me. If I neglect him again, I do not only lost a great pet but I lost a best friend.

From that zoo adventure, I realized no matter how many animals I have around me, Bean only got me

You can too catch the premiere screening of The Adventure of Tintin in 3D by joining the blogpost contest here:

This is the real Bean, that doesn't play with Frisbee and his poo time is at the night!
He listens to cantonese!



Friday, 21 October 2011

Sankolok Boutique Cafe @ Sri Petaling

You see, for the first time I heard the name of this boutique cafe called Sankolok, I'm laughing my ass off! For you who spoke a lot of cantonese, you might get why I am laughing. Even if you don't, the word Sankolok doesn't sounds like a cafe at all.

My cousin told me the food there was good. So, we give it a try again for dinner today

Our dinner destination on a rainy day

Sankolok Boutique Cafe

Papers sticking along the wall at the staircase

We are almost there now!

We are now inside Sankolok!

I have to agree this is a really comfortable and nice place to dine in
Great ambience with soothing music

We were sort of the first customer there at that time
So, when Tyng pushed the door, all the workers stood up because they were sitting around resting

Leaf decoration made up of rattan fans

The lamps in the cafe

Both are set meals for dinner only
We picked the Family Set as recommended by the manager because it was just right for the 4 of us

Usually we had 5 person, but Ying had Prefect Night. So we were left with 4 person.
We picked Family Set A!

Since the set does not come with drinks, we had to order our drinks for each of us
If you don't fancy the drinks here (not much choice anyway), go downstair and turn right, you'll see Chatime

The view of Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling from my seat while waiting for my food
The cafe was located on the first floor
This is one busy road, we enjoyed watching how people fight for parking!

Along this shop lots, there are lots of food
Even if one food outlet per day, you might need half a month to try ALL or more than that

My hot jasmine tea
Not really emphasizing the drinks, but the CUP shape
No hole at the handle to hold on, which is kind of tricky
I end up holding the whole cup
Really didn't want to risk breaking the cup if it slips off my hand

Ern's hot milk tea

From the set, a plate of rice and a bowl of peanut soup each
The peanut soup is very good!
Love love!

Green Curry Chicken

This dish isn't spice in case you're curious regarding Green Curry
This is one of my favorite dish
I flooded my rice with the green curry

Turmeric fish
I never had turmeric fish like this before, not that I remember
Well, this does not disappoint me at all
Plus with the rice, this is one really good dish!
Very nice :)

Stir Fried Mixed Vege with Oyster Sauce
Well, every meal has to come with a combination of vegetables for the balance of nutrition
All right, no nutrition lesson here
But the taste was all right
The oyster sauce does not cover up the vegetable taste so much

One weird looking Dessert of the Day
It was a combination of chewy string jellies (red & green) and jackfruit slices (yellow)
With lots of ice cubes on top of it
The string jellies had no taste, just come with tinge of jackfruit sweetness

The whole set for 4 pax is RM 68.80 (drinks not included)

We couldn't finish the big bowl of green curry because everyone felt so bloated already

One thing I would like to emphasize here was the service is really good and everyone in there was so friendly. From taking our order, serving us food, clearing our used dishes and the worker even rushed to the door to open the door for us when we leave. Thanks for the great service

This was placed on the ground floor
Why only APIIT, IMU and UCSI??????

Sankolok Boutique Cafe
63-1, 1st Floor,
Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour: Tuesday - Sunday 11am-1pm

Sankolok Facebook Page HERE


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