Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Last minute study

This week already the last week of my Paediatrics posting
The next time I see Paeds again will be professional exams

Frankly, I'm not ready
I didn't check how much I have cover for Paeds until I took out the guidebook today

Now only I terkejar-kejar want to study Paeds before going to O&G posting next week
In the mess, still got mirror on top of my books!


And I think I have forgotten stuffs in Surgery posting

Since I'm staying in the double room alone, I own 2 tables at the moment
This picture is just random, showing what I did to the other table


Back to my books now, just a brief update


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Nike Run 2012: We Run KL

My 5th run ever since 2011

I guess I'm pretty lucky during the registration. I had multiple failed attempts as well while trying to break into the registration using my uni library's computer and siput internet connection.

Though I was able to register, at the same time, I'm quite disappointed with the service and management by Nike. Most of my friends couldn't join the run, which was pretty disappointing. Besides, I was charged twice due to some problems. However, I'm glad I got my refund even though their reply was really late.

To those that starts to boycott the run, I agree that the whole management thing sucks.

Well, since I had register, here's the post about Nike Run 2012: We Run KL
This is my first 10km run!

Getting ready for the race!

Super huge goodie bag
But all the stuffs in this bag tiny itsy bitsy one
It's just the bag that is super dinosaur!
Thanks to Kee Tat for collecting the race pack for me
Thanks to Ie Lane and Siew Im for transferring this dinosaur to my room door!

I was in Teluk Intan during the race pack collection and I reached KL one day before the run

 The goodies inside the dinosaur
For all this and the race t-shirt, it is RM35
I registered under buddy run, RM70 per pair with Ie Lane

One sentence that scare me when I first read it in the pamphlet:
"Race cut-off is 2 hours after flag off (5.30pm). Remaining runners on the route are required to board the sweeper bus due to the requirements by the authorities to expedite the road opening to traffic"

Since I got no training ever since Standard Chartered, it is 4 months if you're curious
So I was like 
"Shit, it is so embarrassing if I was to pick up by the sweeper bus"

Then, I start over-thinking whether will I reach in 2 hours by walking

 This is the D-Tag (Green tag)

I'm very jakun when I first saw this, never use before
This tag will records the time I cross the start line, the finish line and several split times in between
It is to record how lambat I was =.=

The yellow tag is to wear it on the wrist for finisher t-shirt exchange after we cross the finish line

 A blur picture to show my D-Tag!

 Went there with 4 of my coursemates
Left to right: Me, Ie Lane, Hau Wei, Tze Hwei & Kee Tat

All super hebat runners, I feel so tiny and rookie here

 The starting line
We went further to the front after I took this picture

All this while I only join 5km run or people used to call it as Fun Run
So I won't bother to go to the front since our time will be not be recorded

Yesterday was my first time to walk all the way to the front of the crowd with my friends, they are so semangat. Good good ;)

 Since we gathered at the starting line 30 minutes before the gun, group photo!
Love this picture :)

JJ and Ean trying their best to kill our waiting time at the starting line to cheer everyone up

The gun went off at 5.35pm
This is the route to go through by legs, not wheels

I reached the finish line after 1 hour 33 minutes
Due to the super big crowd squeezed in a small area, the queue for mineral water, 100plus & finisher t-shirt was so long that it went all over to the finish line

The moment I was able to squeeze myself to step on the finish line to let my D-Tag time me, it was already 1 hour 35 minutes

meh =.=

 Picture with our finisher t-shirt :)

I had difficulty looking for my friends after the finisher t-shirt collection

The fields are muddy that my shoes stucked so deep in
My shoes! My socks! Ugh...
With all the people wearing the same shirt and all thanks to my poor night vision, it took me really long to find them

The line there was really terrible, I couldn't call anybody
Luckily, text was able to be delivered 

Finisher t-shirt

Tyng laughed at this because it is GREEN
Because I'm a so-called "colourist", I don't like green
But this green is okay, not dark green please...

Phew, finally I made it through my first 10km run under 2 hours with no training at all for 4 months

My feeling post-run:

10km is sooooo different from 5km, way different!

I had abdominal pain after I pass the 2km mark, I walked for a certain distance before I start to jog slowly again

I can feel my leg muscle screaming in pain at 9km, luckily only 1 km left. It is so weird that it was less pain when I jog compared to walking

I aim for a 10 minutes per km pace to make sure I reach before the sweeper bus come take me away, so that I can reach in 100 minutes (1 hour 40 minutes)

I did really push myself in certain part of the route even though there are quite a number of uphill routes, thank God I reached safely with a time that I'm satisfied :)


All 4 water stations (every 2 km) and the route around that area totally flooded by paper cups and the road is so wet

A lot of runners tend to just throw the cup in every direction, I can feel water and 100plus splash every time I passed the water station

There are people complaining that couples that hold hands and took pictures along the race slow down the other runners

There are quite a number of people that stop unexpectedly in the middle of the road to tie their shoelace. I almost bump into one that I have to pull my emergency break. I hope they understand the etiquette of the a race

The queue delay my finishing time!

Mission to upgrade from 5km to 10km in within 1 year accomplished :)

*Some pictures are courtesy of Hau Wei & Nike Running Malaysia FB


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