Wednesday, 11 January 2012


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Schizophrenia (DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Criteria)

2 / more in 1 month:
"HD, So Cool Neh!"
H - Hallucination
D - Delusion
S - disorganized Speech
C - disorganized / Catatonic behaviour
N - Negative symptoms


Only ONE (1) required if:
- Delusions are BIZARRE
- Hallucinations voice - Running COMMENTARY
- 2 OR MORE voices conversing


1 or more functioning area below level achieved PRIOR to the onset


Continuous sigs of disturbance persist for at least 6 months, include at least 1 month of symptoms of HD, So Cool Neh


- Schizoaffective
- Mood disorder
- Substance / general medical condition

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Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 :)

I'm going to make this short of words and let's all the picture do all the reflections of my 2011

#1 New Friends
The biggest decision I made this year was to join this awesome bunch of friends that share the same interest of blogging

Meeting almost everyone for the very first time, where I was freaking nervous that moment
Inniters Pre-CNY Gathering @ 28th January 2011

Bernard's birthday celebration in Brotzeit

After birthday celebration photo courtesy of Tikkoss

Supporting Kian Fai Goliath Challenge in Frames, Sunway Pyramid

My 21st birthday celebration in Piccadilly. Thanks, guys!

Food tasting session in ZenQ, Sunway Pyramid

Fried Oreo Get Together gathering in Carmen's house
Everyone was in awe and puzzled with Adrian's magic show

Seconds after that, everyone found their second job to become the next massage master

#2 Life as University Student

The most memorable one, my buddy's convocation!

Spent second half of my 3rd year and first half of 4th year in 2011
Last day of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) posting with my group members and supervisor, Prof. Hatta

Last posting of 3rd year - Surgery posting with my group members of Team Hepatobiliary

Entering my 4th year around June 2011
Treated by the doctors from Rehabilitation Team of Orthopaedics during clinic session

Had Plaster of Paris (PoP) done, they want us to understand how the patient feels when they had the PoP on. It is not fun, honestly

Then, I even gone through Paediatrics posting for 8 weeks
After that, 3 weeks of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), 3 weeks of Ophthalmology and 2 weeks of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care

Currently, I'm in Psychiatry posting

We were having a half day visit to Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) during our Ophthalmology posting

#3 Life as Student Out of the Class

During our break in between end of 3rd year and before the start of 4th year, we were required to go for elective posting. A few friends and I had choosen National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) and we spent 2 weeks there

Shalisha, Me and Suganthini during elective posting

Great staffs in NCSM

Other than that, to show our support towards NCSM, we joined one of their annual major event called "RELAY FOR LIFE". A programme to support the fight for cancer that goes on for 16 hours from 6pm to 10am in UKM Bangi

My very first time representing UKM for a competition, IMU Intervarsity Scrabble Championship
The competition runs in team category and so this is my team
Shalisha, me and Kevin form the last minute team called "Foxy Mamas"

It was certainly a very good experience we had and end up placed 4th in the competition

#4 Life As a Nuffnanger

I joined Nuffnang on the 25th June 2010, but only decided to be active in joining contest on January 2011

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race marks the first ever contest I joined in Nuffnang

One of my drawing that hopefully being chosen for the race
Unfortunately, my team wasn't picked for the race. 

However, I turned up cheering for the teams that I know :)

Season of the Witch was the very first premiere screening I attended after all the obstacles Connie and I went through to get to e@curve

Nuffnang does not only give me lots of opportunity to attend premiere screening, but it actually help me in squeezing my creativity juice that I usually didn't bother

I draw a lot this year just for Nuffnang contest :D

Some collections of drawing for the contest to win Transformer 3 tickets 

For The Smurfs premiere screening contest!

#5 AWESOME Moments

Clinique Star Tour 2011 @ Pavilion for blogger review

Met Moses Chan 
The Most AWESOME moment in 2011!!!!!!!!!!

I don't care can see the score board or not
My highest score in bowling ever - 124
For a main-main people like me, I have 4 strikes in a game, with 3 consecutive strikes :)

#6 NEW TOYS!!!! 

Baby Mac joined me on the 12th February 2011

All thanks to Maxis10 Reviewers Programme for the HTC DESIRE S!

#7 Run Run Run!!!

First ever marathon ran, Bareno Run on the 13th March 2011
Crossed the line for 5km after 45 minutes of run as the 155th runner

NTV7 Feel Good Run 3km

Standard Chartered KL Run 5km

#8 Last Few Days of 2011

For the first time, all four of us went to manicure and pedicure together!
Tyng and I went once before, but this time with Ern and Ying!

Year 2011 last picture taken in Yu Li's house with Abigail's Elmo

Have a great 2012 ahead people :D

Lots of Love

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