Saturday, 17 November 2012


I should be excited to blog about this because I self claimed myself as coffee freak. I can even doze off halfway drinking coffee. Ever since my final year life being really jealous of the free time I had, I tend to rather rest and do nothing than blogging. Therefore, I'm a bit out of passionate fuel in putting everything into words for my post. Let the picture tells you about this place, ok?

My cousin knew this place in Setia Walk Puchong after she attended an event here

It looks pretty cool for me, even though we were the only customers there at the moment
It was Friday night, most of the people enjoying alcohol downstairs

Le cousin and her bf deciding what to drink and to eat or not

Choices of coffee and tea :)
I wish I can try each of the coffee 

They also have cakes, sandwiches, pies and spaghetti

I had late lunch, by that time I am already hungry
The chicken spaghetti bolognese was all right for me
Not the best that I've ever tasted
The sauce isn't very thick, but I'm glad it is not very sour
The portion was just right for me, but I would be insufficient for guys and big eaters
RM 12.50

My coffee of the night - Ice Blended Irish Cream
The best part is the cream (haha!)
The coffee taste not strong at all, it is a bit bland for me though it is creamy
I guess this was my 2nd time ordering Irish Cream, my first cup was in Garden Lifestyle Cafe, Mid Valley and better

Andrew's mocha

Tyng's caramel macchiato

Chin Han's electro choc

They were switching cups trying each other's coffee while I was wobbling my spaghetti with hunger. Man, I was totally ignored or I was totally ignoring them LOL

That is why I have no comment on their cup of java >.<
So lousy, how to blog...

Setia Walk Puchong night view


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