Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Plaster of Paris

Never knew life has been so great all these being so lucky to be well until all of us must gone through the process of putting a cast on ourselves - Plaster of Paris (PoP)

PoP has been used worldwide for quite a long time of period to encase the limb to hold the broken bone in place until healing is confirm or before an operation is done. 

The preparation of doing PoP
Since all students who are now currently in Orthopaedics posting have to do it, they gave us the cheapest stuff there can find for us - made in China

Demonstration by the Medical Assistanst on how to apply short arm cast

Mine done by 2 of my friends, very unexperienced. That's why it turn out to be a little bit out of shape. But hell yeah, it is their first time putting this on, so it was consider quite good.

Once the first layer was put on, it feels warm. Not very uncomfortable as I expected. My arm become more and more warm when they go around putting the 2nd layer. What's worst is that it is HEAVY. It is a very dirty process with lots of white cement powder flying around. Imagine having a fracture and to carry this heavy stuff around for months

Happily Pop-ed because all still have their bones attached, of course

Weird combination of expression, not sure how we should feel having the heavy and powdery cast

After a few hours, surrender to its heavyness and let it rest on the table
Done to give ourselves an experience on how a patient with fracture feels when they were put on Plaster of Paris. Lesson learnt -  Be careful in doing anything, having yourself hurt is not fun, having this PoP on a broken arm isn't fun too!


Monday, 27 June 2011

Mon Boulangerie & Kitchen

Another extra choice of outlet to dine-in in Sri Petaling area, this place is getting crowded with all the cafe and restaurant of different type of food served. Newly opened Mon Boulangerie is a Asian and Western fusion cafe, serving bread and muffins as well

Mon Boulangerie & Kitchen
Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur
(same row as Tutti Frutti)

Fusion of Asian and Western food of your choice

It was only the 2nd day since they opened, we were served with free potato chips

And free orange juice for each of us!

The divider that attracts me in this cafe. This place is designed to fit quite a lot of customers at once and provide a very nice and cozy environment. Not too bright or too dull that can doze you off, just nice and they have very simple yet elegant design

The chromosome-like wallpaper!

Mushroom soup
It smells like Campbell soup to me in the beginning but it tastes quite good just that after quite a number of scoop, it is a tad too salty for me

Spaghetti Bolognese
Did not try, but my cousin said it was quite salty too towards the ending

Mixed Seafood Carbonara Spaghetti
Love the carbonara sauce, not too thick and sticky and not too watery. I'm not a fan of capsicum, that is why it ruins the taste of the sauce and spaghetti a little bit for me. The seafood portion is all right for me. Too many raw onions mixed in this dish, which make it a little bit weird even though I love onions

Fish and chips
Not bad, just prefer the fish to be less salty and less oily. Overall, the presentation of this dish is really good, just that it didn't come with chips. It was replaced by mashed potatoes

Oriental chicken
It came look alike the fish and chips that my cousin and uncle almost switched their food. Didn't try this dish, no comment

Overall, I just hope they peppered in less salt as most of the dish are very salty. Other than that, it is quite good for a newly open outlet. Will come back again to try something else and fingers crossing for improvement. About the price, I guess it is okay for me.

After meal art?


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Standard Chartered KL 2011

Event: Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011
Date: 26th June 2011

Pre-run Days

It's all started with a parcel, 2 weeks before the run today. The parcel looks big but it is light

Inside the parcel

Standard Chartered KL Marathon bag

A very detailed, nicely done runner's guide book

Inside the book

The General Facts of the marathon

Pre-run checklist

The prizes are in US Dollar!

The event is partnered with a few charities, such as The Trustees of The Standard Chartered Trust Fund Registered, National Cancer Society Malaysia, Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam, MAB, Yayasan AIDS Malaysia, The National Autism Society of Malaysia

This is what most people pissed off for the day - Road Closure in KL
It is closed from 5am to 12pm

The 10km and 5km route
Just realized it is not just 5km, it is 5.4km

Route of full marathon (42.195km), I salute runners in this category

Half marathon (21.178km) route

I don't like the color of the shirt
It is the green of Green Lantern

My bib number
Was wondering who is the one that has T-37333 number

At the back of the bib number, very considerate

Run Day in Dataran Merdeka

7am in Dataran Merdeka
Full Marathon had flagged off at 5am and half marathon runners started at 7am

NewBalance, the sponsor of our Green shirt

My cousin, Qi Tyng

Yours truly
Had a knee pain one day before the run day from a short practice, had to run with a knee guard for better support

Something to entertain the kids

The starting and finishing line with rows of cheerleaders and media
The deejay was quite good, the first full marathon runner crossed the line even before my event was flagged off

After crossing the line and queuing in the packed crowd collecting goodie bags, the crowd in green reminds me of the assembly of Green Lantern

The sun is shining and getting warm already
Picture taken when I'm on my way to look for Masjid Jamek LRT station, some of the runners still running towards the finishing line

Me with the goodie back happily posing on the empty road that is closed just for the run
Walking in the middle of the empty road is fun!

Tired looking cousin with her goodie bag

Inside the goodie bag

Certificate of completion of the race

A free mineral water, 100 Plus (the official isotonic drinks sponsor) and a big yellow banana

Saw a lot of ambulances in standby mode and 1 came into the runners' track asking them to give way after I finished my race. Hope nobody has a major problem this year

No medal was given to 5km Fun Run category. Oh ya, I met Viji and Anrie in the National Cancer Society booth set up in the field

Now I have muscles pain!

Next Run: NTV7 Feel Good Run (3rd July 2011)


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Xian Ding Wei @ Queensbay Mall

A super delayed post
It is Father's Day last Sunday which falls on 19th June this year and we were in Penang. My Dad didn't feel that well to have a really big meal for him, so my brother suggested to dine in a Taiwan restaurant in Queensbay Mall called Xian Ding Wei. We went there early to at least get a table and seats before the place was jam-packed by the crowd in Penang

People queuing to dine in the restaurant due to weekend and Father's Day

Their special Taiwanese sauces

 All of us ordered set meal which is quite reasonable and the portion is not disappointing
The set meal comes with the dish of our own choice + plain rice / rice with sauce + 3 side dishes of the day + soup of the day

Dad's Teppanyaki Hunan Bean Curd
RM 15.90

Mom's Taiwanese Supreme Chicken in 3 Variety of Sauces
It is famous with its Chinese name as San Bei Ji
RM 18.90

My dinner of the day - Cheese Pork Chop
RM 19.90
Melted cheese was stuffed in between the pork, amazing!

Bro's Deep Fried Pork Chop with Marinated Wine Grain
RM 18.90
Preferred meat that has hint of wine taste, this is really the one

I pick the rice with the sauce to give it more taste to the whole meal
No extra charge for this

3 side dishes of the day
On the left, squid salad (I think)
Middle, fried spring roll
On the right, fried anchovies and peanut with sweet sauce
Love all the side dishes, at least the meal won't be so dull alone with the dish that we ordered

Soup of the day - Chicken Herbal Soup

One very satisfying meal with affordable price!
MUST try, well-recommended


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