Saturday, 27 November 2010


Midnight show with my friends (Vin, Pei Sun, Kevin, Shalisha, Sugan, Dewi & Viknesh) watching Tangled Rapunzel

I'm not a barbie doll lover when I was a kid
But I love classic Disney cartoons
From Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast to Tarzan & Mulan
Nowadays Disney came up with lots and lots of musical and cartoons

But nothing beat the classic cartoons!

It brought me back to my childhood year when I watched Rapunzel
Cinderella was not my favorite after all, it is Rapunzel
Yeah, just because of her hair
Rarely people see me with short hair, seriously
That is why I love Rapunzel since I was a kid

That perception was long long time ago
For now, I think I fall in love with her eyes more than her hair
And I started to think it was quite sickening to have such LONG hair

Other than her eyes, I totally addicted to the song "I See the Lights" by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi
One very beautiful soundtrack
It just climbed up my favourite list, head to head with Beauty and the Beast by Celine Dione and Peabo Bryan 

Worth watching!

I See the Lights

Looking for a sidekick?
You will love Maximus!

The most beautiful scene in the movie
An annual ceremony for the lost princess

See the similarity here?
Above: The Little Mermaid (Ariel and Eric)
Below: Tangled (Eugene a.k.a Flynn and Rapunzel)
Another similarity was, Ariel got Sebastian while Rapuzel got Pascal

Yeap, that is Pascal..
The frying pan plays a very BIG role in the movie as well

My favorite in the movie.. Maximus!

The part that touched my heart in the movie was not the part they found love or she met her parents
It was the part where he father, the King had his tears rolled down his cheek before the ceremony flying up the lantern "lights" for his lost princess of 18 years


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Indescribable day

It is just so awesome and awful at the same time when I couldn't get a word to describe how my day passed by in the hospital today
Awesome because it is just so nice that it can stay indescribable
Awful because it is not the best day yet and I'm having trouble with searching for an adjective to call it a day

It is kind of rare for me to have this feeling because usually I can rate well how was my day
I'm going to go classic for one blog post and bored you guys!

Dear Diary,

I set my alarm to annoy me 15 minutes before the time I had to wake up
Just for myself to have a chance to press on snooze
It was actually wonderful to snooze at least once before I really wanted to kick myself up
It was only 6.15am
AND it was pretty normal for people my age in university to sleep 1.30am the night before
Initially I'm going to blame myself burning the midnight oil revising topics for the next day assuring myself that I can just wake up the next day without a problem at all
My night mood proved my morning mood wrong!

Went to wait for my doctor outside the Operation Theater hoping that I can observe one early operation before my lecture at 9am
We left after the clock strikes 8.30am and I still haven't see my doctor yet
Lecture today was proactive, I should say
Even though she was strict and everyone was kind of going so unnaturally good along the lecture
I get to learn a lot from her
What freak me out was when she asked to lock the doors and chased latecomers out
Strict lecturers always has their ways and reasons to be good in one way or another

Surprisingly before we were presented about what is Vigilenz at 11am
We were provided free so-called breakfast
*Char Kuey Teow with "siham" (clam) and prawn leh*

But well, it was served 11am, I took it as my lunch and save up my money for the day
After the meal, Rachel started to present to us about Vigilenz and their medical products
My attention only get me through the 1st half and the ending
I was asleep someway in the middle of the presentation!

Clerk patient after that
Searching for gynae cases in all four wards
Preparing for tomorrow consultant ward round

Then, we had some productive yet messy workshop at 2pm
We were taught about suturing 
Let the pictures tell the story
It was fun but at the same time we were trying to get real serious on how this things work

*I told my friends that this look like a bunch of factory worker ladies getting work done*

Speaking about this, I was kind of lucky I guess
I thought it started at 2.30pm
But before 2pm, I was still walking around the ward with Kak Mah, eventually both of us were so tired and thinking we should check it out what some our coursemates doing there
Then we found a few of them already there in the venue where our workshop will be done
We were so tired that we just joined (This is a very dangerous statement and reality)
Just after awhile, doctors were here with Suturing practicing sets and begin to ask for attendance
Around that time, most of my coursemates gushed in and I thought it was 2.30pm already
Until I went to queued to get the set, I still didn't know that the so called "strict" lecturer was there
After some time, I asked one silly question to Sue Ann
"Since when the prof is here?"

If I didn't plan to take a rest somewhere around there, I would be the latecomer
And you can guess what will happen to me


Sunday, 21 November 2010

I support KIM WEI WEI!

Eye bags S.O.S!

All right, put aside my "messy" arrangement rows of teeth
Because I myself denied to put on braces

There is something else more important here

Anyone can suggest the best cure?

This is what I tried before:

Skinz Infinite Eye Revive Therapy
I don't really like this one 
I doesn't help much for my heavy eye bags
I love this tiny bottle that comes with pump
I like it that it helps to protect UV for my eyes
This is among the first eye cream that I bought that comes with UV protection
Anyway, I didn't see any improvement around my eyes after using it for more than a month
In conclusion : I passed it on to my mom because it has the anti wrinkle effects as well 

I still own both of this until now, which so far show a little sympathy to my eyes
Nano White Eye Brightener did give me the tightening effects upon applying the colorless gel
This is the one that I can afford and rely right now
Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll On is FUN to play with and I love the cooling sensation
Well, I did not noticed much changes after using it but this Roll On thingy does give me some fun using it

 I just recently got myself this one from Elianto
Brightening Eye Zone Treatment Pack
RM12 per pack, 12 pairs
Used twice, which I think it is not so bad
The only problem I had was somehow I'm lazy or I don't have the time to take off my spectacles and put on this eye mask
Because, when I took of my spectacles, I hardly see a thing!
Mind you, my eyes are almost -6.75 myopia/short-sightedness

Yes, this is the one!
I tried this one year ago when my mom bought it during a promotion
That time, it even come with 3 eye masks
This is my FAVORITE!
Well, too bad the price isn't something that I can afford
*What an excuse as I can buy so many eye gels, I should had just bought this one instead*
I LOVE the tingling and acupuncture sensation upon applying the eye masks!
Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Brightening Eye Contours
No lies, my eyes had the best moment pampered by this last time
Save money, buy this!

Anyway, I still need opinions

Which is the BEST eye gel/cream for my SUPER DUPER HEAVY EYE BAGS?


Friday, 19 November 2010

First OT

All right, I know this is no surprise
I'm just very JAKUN la...
First time going into Operation Theatre
Witnessing Caesarean Section

Nah, my jakun picture!


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Will you support?

Remember about Power Over Cervical Cancer?
Let the pictures talk!

I don't think I need to explain more?

All right, this is taken from Gynaecology by Ten Teachers about Cervical Cancer
Can you see one of the most important sentence in there?
Let me focus!
See the next picture...

It is preventable and the mortality rate is decreasing
Why stop here?
Our aim here is to reach the lowest rate as possible
Who contribute the rate the most?
You, the community

How you can help?
Pledge to fight against cervical cancer
Increase your knowledge about the disease and how to prevent it
You can make all the changes!
It is free to support and you get FREE knowledge as well
As the adage said, there is no free lunch in this world
Now, there is this RARE chance of getting something FREE for yourself and the community
Support and PLEDGE now!

POCC Website (

  •  Lots of information in the website for people who wants to learn more about cervical cancer
  •  It is useful, interactive and user friendly

Don't worry if you missed the chance to pledge, you can directly go to the website and click PLEDGE to start. Then, upload a photo or immediately take it with your webcam. You are then one step closer towards breaking theMalaysia Book of Records!

Participate in this good cause for the protection of all women against cervical cancer. The more people know about this, the more women in Malaysia who can be better prepared against cervical cancer.


I need CHAIR

I want nothing except CHAIR!!!

This morning ward round was just killing me softly
More than 50 people in a ward round
That last for 3 hours ++
So lack of oxygen and space
So much of standing
Standing is so much torturing than walking and running
Maintaining muscle length

Fortunately, I still have my coffee!

Current status: Legs cramping, tiring mind, relaxing body after a shower enjoying good coffee

After the coffee, I feel just so sleepy


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Living my crazylife

Impacts JUST after 2 days in Obstetric and Gynaecology (O&G) posting
Impacts after a week plus of holidays

Life is dull with only 0.01% of excitement because the time I have on my study table all given to this monotonous blue-looking book here

Well, things change a bit when this lovely envelope reached me

Yes, time for some escape this coming Saturday. Escaping to Seremban!
Happy Birthday, girl

Meanwhile, it is almost lunch time
I'm craving for Starbucks coffee
I just had G'day vanilla latte as breakfast just now
Damn, I'm seriously addicted to coffee right now

I can't crave for this because I never tasted Baskin Robbins yet
I'm still eyeing for it
Want something SWEET...

Meanwhile, I miss Shabu Shabu a lot!

I want to go cinema!
I miss the cinema, ever since I was sent to Tanjong Karang for 8 weeks
Now I'm back residing KL, I want to go cinema!
Waiting to watch Harry Potter 7th movie Part 1
To see how much darker this movie compared to the previous one
How many miles they run more than the previous one
Witnessing that Lord Voldemort is the lousiest villain ever
(He has been trying to kill Harry since he was born until now, isn't that such a failure?)

Other than seeing how many miles Harry, Ron & Hermoine going to run in the movie this time
I miss jogging
I miss the track back in our complex in Tanjong Karang
I miss the free time I had to torture myself in long distance run which is not my forte at all
I miss making myself gasping for air but my legs just feel so comfortable keeping up the pace

I wish to have a spa treatment right now
Taking in the aroma of calmness
Taking away the stressful mind of my posting
Taking away the views of lecturer scolding us

I wish to pamper myself with branded cleanser range
Too bad, I don't earn any money and I don't have the money to spend on this
Wish to have something like Laneige (love the range)
My skin is suffering like hell these few weeks
From exams to late night sleep during the holidays and more coffee!

I want to have more sleep!

My teacher once told me girl has longer lifespan because they gossip a lot
Yeah, I want to be part of the Gossip Girl in HUKM version
Want to live longer

Halfway writing this post, I'm out to lunch with my housemates
Will be back!


All right, I'm out with my housemates, but coming back with Cadbury Zip Fruity Crunch
Trying to compensate my mind that wanted to have Starbucks coffee & Baskin Robbins so much
Hope it helps!

My guilty pleasure
Spend some of my off-study mood watching Every Move You Make

My table is so messy that I have books on the floor
Even my biscuits are on the floor!

Stressing about tomorrow ward round
Need to stuff some knowledge in my non-absorbent brain
Build more layers of wall on my face
before I got my professors' saliva all over me tomorrow morning

Well, life doesn't stop right there
Food can be thrown or eaten
Ice cream can be melt or lighten up life
Chocolate can be bitter or sweet
Mirror can be broke or reflect
This post can be just lame or very lame
Life still go on...

I'm still living my ♥crazylife


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Driving through flood

On the way back to KL from Segamat last Sunday, parts of the road leading to Gemencheh were flooded
Initially my parents and I were wondering why so many cars stopping along the way until we saw the "teh tarik"-colored water was covering the road
Damn, I thought I couldn't go back to KL
There is another alternative for sure, to turn back and go along the road to Melaka and then to KL
But, it will take a lot of time since we had came this far

All thanks to our local production, Proton Exora
We managed to wheel through the flood

We were inspecting cars from the other side to drive through the muddy flood water
It wasn't a big deal at all for the buses and lorries
A 4WD passed through, motorcycles and even a Myvi and Proton Saga made it through
There was this Avanza in front of us, but the driver decided to make a U-turn

My dad decided to just drive through it
Some cars followed behind us 
So, my dad off the air conditioner in the car and went for it


The flood in front
Cars are stopping at the side of the road being unsure whether to go on or not

Going through the flood
This was only the 1st part of the road
There were dry areas in between

Made it through the first part of the flood
There were another one in front

2nd part
If you realized, it is not my hand was tilting, but the car is
The 2nd flooded road was quite unstable
Got to move really slow here

Couldn't estimate how deep the water was from the front of my car
Now, you can estimate the depth by judging from the car behind us
In an angle where the water and wiper were covering the plat number

The water splashing when we drive through

What an experience!


Monday, 15 November 2010

Excitement of a nightmare

Apologize for my going-to-be absence in this blog

8 weeks of Obstetric & Gynaecology (O&G) posting starting today
Will soon turn into a zombie that is going to be scolded everyday
Adrenaline rush!
Life being the one at the lowest hierarchy of Green Ward

The excitement of a nightmare just begin today..

Hope I will survive...

Saturday, 13 November 2010

What are you thinking?

Warning ahead!
Make sure you're above 18 years old to read this.
If not, parents' guidance is needed

I remembered during my senior year in secondary school, we had no interest in English for Science and Technology (EST) class
Other than because the contents of the class were so bored, we dislike the teacher as well
Due to our unappreciative reaction and body language in the class, the teacher started to nag at us
She was telling us that language is something very beautiful
(I am not sure why EST class become language class at that moment)
She even told us that in French, every items are alive with feelings and GENDERS
Yes, gender

Then, she started to give examples
Flowers are female, the sun are males and more that I don' t remember because it was almost 1pm that time
I'm waiting to be release impatiently

Until my friend that just walked into the class from toilet or somewhere else, without a clue what the teacher was talking about
She blurred out one sentence and then the whole class burst into laughter!
But our teacher doesn't look happy

Know what she said?

"Teacher, if it so, sharpener should be a female and pencil is the male!"

This is the innit link for this post:
Nang it if you LIKE it..

Be Part of ChurpChurp Today!

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What kind of activities that I wanted to see ChurpChurp organize in the future?

Hmm... Very hard..

Kite flying? Done! I totally missed it.
Fly Kite Day was done in Taylor Lake Side Campus during mid October

Let's see what we can else we can do together....

What about Ballon Flying Day?
Of course environment friendly balloon, no harm to the environment
These plain looking balloon might scared the birds on the sky
Maybe I should re-create something better

ChurpChurp cute bird-shaped balloon flying(environmental friendly as well!)
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