Thursday, 31 July 2008

eye on malaysia

Hello, out there!! I went to EYE ON MALAYSIA on the 29th of July with my friends.. Well, 'people' said that it will move after July. So, I took the opportunity to go there as it was so damn near my kolej.. We walked there & we took more than 10 minutes to reach there.. We walked around the pond & joked to swim across to shorten the distance. But, after looking at the condition of the lake...ERM...You wanna swim?? No way!!! Only if a million dollar is offer.. WAKAKAKA... mata duitan.. All right, cut the craps.. Go on with our shots..

Eye on Malaysia, Titiwangsa

Standing (Left): Xu Vin, Me, Huik May
Left: Wei Wei, Sin Jie

Xu Vin & I.. before going up coz they didn't want to go up before the sky was dark enough so that the scenery will be nicer.. :p

In the cabin.. Cabin number 26..

Pictures that were shot while we were in the round & cute cabin

The happy people after the ride... Wakakak...


I'm not sure when the wheel will roll to Malacca, October if I'm not mistaken.. So, if you have the chance just go for it.. RM15 for adult.. 5 rounds in the cabin, about 10 minutes... It's very fast actually.. It's just 60 metres from the bottom when you reach the peak.. For me, it's not so high-LAH... haha.. enjoy!!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

i am blur.... ^_^

Well, how should I start?? I AM VERY BLUR!!! Blur of what? - All the lecture that I attended.. It is very obvious that everyone is having a blur mind right now, not only the blur vision I am visioning now.. It is getting worst peppered with the confusing teaching by our lecturers.. Lecturers who didn't even bother you understand or not.. With only average 4 hours per day of class, we actually need a lot of 'behind-the-scene' work to really chase on to the finishing line.. But, it is just too little time for so many to read.. At least I am not bored to death in the hostel.. Lots of thing happen around.. Frankly speaking, I still love KMJ.. Matriculation life is really awesome!!!! No turning back, that's life, that's reality.. My job now is mainly looking for information and reference whenever I can find.. Grab, copy or even steal.. Haha.. Not that bad anyway.. No stealing, remember!!! Hopefully I will adapt myself well for the upcoming lesson.. kekekeke...

Sunday, 20 July 2008

my early day in ukm

29th June-4th July
My life in UKM begins... ORIENTATION!!!! Nobody will like it with boring talk, speech, introduction and ragging from the seniors.. Being a junior is not interesting at all, i'm serious.. Well, I lived in Bangi for the 1st week of orientation.. But, I liked the atmosphere in DECTAR where all UKM newbies gathered together for events almost every night. The last night there (Thursday), we got to meet our astronaut, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar (i don't know how to spell his name).. He came to share his experience in the space and his training before he went to the space.. Everyone was really anxious about that.. He was ex-UKM medical student, my senior anyway... XD We used to sleep around 1am or 2am during the orientation week and I had gastric 2 nights there when we were 'tahan' by our senior facilitators at night.. Not very good experience though..

4th July
Wonderful experience.. We moved from Bangi to KL campus for all the students from Fakulti Perubatan, Pergigian, Farmasi and Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu.. 5am, we packed our stuff down and placed it according to the block that we were going to stay in KL later.. Oh ya, our KL hostel name : Kolej Tun Syed Nasir (KTSN).. Then we had our activity called Power Walk.. After that, we moved to KL by bus.. There were 24 buses out of UKM Bangi at once.. Polices stopped d traffic just to let us out.. Really nice experience, felt like VIP.. Haha.. People on the road surely will get mad at us..

7th July - 8th July
The medical students had their faculty orientation in the campus.. Not very fun..

9th July - 12th July
Medical students' PPD (Profesional and Personal Development) camp in Kem Biro Tatanegara, Ulu Kenas, Kuala Kangsar, Perak.. We were sent deep into the jungle of Perak for 4 days, 3 nights.. No handphone signal.. Only at same certain small areas, there are 1 or 2 bars of signal where you can see most of the people standing there smsing and talking on the phone.. The camp was not torturing camp.. It was conducted by the medical lecturers of UKM.. It was a very relaxing camp with 6 meals a day and less physical activity.. What we did were mainly in small group having discussion, critical thinking and small activity.. More on sitting than standing yet we ate a lot.. We slept quite early there (11.30pm) and woke up 6am.. Boring camp..

My group after the treasure hunt in the jungle..
Standing (from left) : Hafiz, Dr.Heikal, Fadzlin, Siau Tiak, Me (Qi Wen), Anith, Dinesh (our leader), Kah Keat & Daniel
Sitting (from left) : Dr. Leelavathy, Amilin & Stephenie

Look at this.. How different is my skin colour.. That part was fairer cz it was covered by my watch all the time.. XD


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