Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Crazy day indeed..

I've been working without a full off for almost 2 weeks now. All I got was multiple night shifts in a week with post night off.

So far so good, I'm enjoying the company of my colleagues. 95% of orthopaedic house officers are 5th poster seniors.

Thers are times that I feel so secure with their presence, at the same time I feel inferior when medical officers started to compare our performance with them.

Who has never been in the place of being the 1st poster as house officer anyway..

I've done with my CME presentation today! Phew! Feel so relieved now even though I suck in all the Q&A by boss. Spent more than 80 bucks to treat everyone in the department for lunch. It is the rule, where the presenter has to buy the lunch!

Got my CNY annual leaves today :)

Bought tons of book in Big Bad Wolf that day.. wonder I really got the time to read



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