Monday, 28 February 2011

lazy to blog

So lazy to blog

And what I am doing now?
Yeah blogging

Confusion state
Glasgow Coma Scale checked!

Still normal
What How Why?


Conclusion: I have no mood to blog about anything even though I have something due next week


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Not ready to grow up

I'm going to prove that I'm not old yet and still a kid inside and outside
Being stucked in front of baby too much isn't a good thing after all
Studying? Yeah, too much make Eli a dull girl

I'm so in denial to grow up!
So do my cousin

The pictures said it all

And I'm seriously in denial of growing up!


Thursday, 24 February 2011

BFF outing in Pavilion

Our Wednesday class (23rd Feb) was cancelled and we had the whole day free
The Twitterists (people that tweet) planned to runaway from hospital

Our stop - Pavilion KL

Introduction first!

Top (left to right): Syud, Janaki a.k.a karat
Bottom (left to right): Siti, yours truly

We had lunch in Tony Romas

My fiery chicken cajun sandwich!
Heart the onion rings to the MAX!
The French fries portion is awesome but at the same time too much already

Syud and Siti's Swiss Chicken Sandwich
(I didn't know the real name of this menu. They told me is something like that)

Janaki a.k.a perempuan karat's half BBQ chicken

After that we went to watch Sanctum!

If you like adventurous movie and follow along their tough and heartfelt journey, this is the movie for you
I'm not a good movie reviewer, so I leave you guys to search for other professional reviews

Janaki and I went into Parkson while the others went for prayers
We tried this heels that caught our eyes
Love the bling bling and the design there

The price?

Syud, Siti and I
We were waiting for Nadhira to join us

Yours truly, Janaki, Syud and Nadhira
Finally Nad is with us

A picture before we go

What special about this BFF outing?


More gossip!!!

More breaking news about who and who together!!

More news about who and who broke up!!

Still discussing why who and who can be together!


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Did you think for a second?

Not sure what should I blog about

So, I'm sharing some inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes about Love

Inspirational quotes of life

Hope this might chills your mind while reading this, even though you might not be inspired
At least, you think for a second when reading through all these
You might not realized you were thinking but you just did
Except you are only here to scroll


Monday, 21 February 2011

Sunday fills with laughter and love

It has been a long while I didn't watch a movie with Tyng
Both of us have no idea what was the last movie we watched
So, we planned to catch a movie on Sunday (20th February)

From that, I asked a few of my blogger friends anyone want to join in the movie session
It was great that I get to meet a few of them

Let's the pictures do all the talking

We meet up in Spaghetti Grill, Mid Valley
Some of us are having our brunch, some are having lunch

My cousin Qi Tyng, Spectre, Jayren, Tikkoss, Kian Fai

(Picture courtesy of Jayren)
Tikkoss MOST gayish pose!

Taking picture for a blogger is a MUST do even though just beside each other

 (Picture courtesy of Tikkoss)
Yours truly and cousin

Here comes the FOOD!

Potato Cheddar Balls

Tikkoss' tender chicken something! 

 Jayren's meatball spaghetti

Tyng's fish and chips

My seafood spaghetti

Kian Fai's Hawaiian pizza

We watched I Love Hong Kong 1.35pm show in Hall 2
We almost enter the wrong hall!

This show was well recommended!
I'm running out of laughter after the movie, or maybe somewhere in between the movie

Love the "ghost" part
Love the "double" part
Love the using tongue on iPhone part

After the movie, we had a drink and chat in Starbucks Mid Valley Gardens
We are actually have a drink and listen to Tikkoss a.k.a the LOVE guru talking about love

(Picture courtesy of the love guru, Tikkoss)
Tyng and I think this picture looks like we are chilling out in a beach resort
Jayren's murderer look!

(Picture courtesy of Jayren)
See, the love guru in yellow is sitting in the middle to give us love talk
He's charging me free for being the single girl!

Coffee and hot chocolates
a weird receipt stucks in between the table 

My masterpiece while listening to the love guru talk

All of us went separate ways around 5.15pm
It was a long and great day
Perhaps the day with the most laughter throughout the week

Hope you guys have fun too!


Sunday, 20 February 2011

I’ve Got the Power with Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

What will I do to escape if I were held against with Babydoll and her team?

Pretty girls that know how to fight are just so cool and aggressive at the same time. 
BUT, pretty girls with brains are pretty much to escape this faster at the same time not going to hurt themselves or leave any scars behind.

When Tony Stark can make the Iron Man outfit in the cave and got escape after a tough fight...


While Gru can have thousands of minions to become the best villain in the world...

Babydoll, her team and I are going to have millions of this!

Didn't get it?

It is 

The sucker



So, SUCKER + PUNCH = Sucker Punch

Millions of this Sucker Punch army will be produced to defeat the enemies to help us to escape!

Mouth was not drawn, why?
To show no expression, no mercy towards the enemies!


Saturday, 19 February 2011

First polka dots

This is my first time trying something different!

My profession doesn't allow me to put on nail polish even though I LOVE it so damn much
That is why I never good at it

Yup, I suck at nail polish and the art behind it

My first polka dots nail arts 

I don't have a base coat and top coat
So, I use Elianto nail strengthener as base and top coat
Other than that, I use N°7 nail polish
The base color is Milan
The polka dots color is Totally Teal

Now I feel like the color combination looks like my blog header..


How I see it

I guess Nadhira got the point about how different O&G and Surgery 

This is how I see it

Internal Medicine
This is more like a serious posting
This was my first ever posting in my clinical year
I woke up around 8am and head to ward at 9am
If I want to go help the Houseman there taking blood, will be there in the ward at 7.15am
Usually teaching 2 times a week
Monday and Thursday will have workshop
Just that need lots of reading
I don't even have a picture of anyone of us during Internal Medicine
*interest of taking picture not there yet*

During mooncake festival in Tanjong Karang, Kuala Selangor

Community Health
This is where we work, have fun and bond 
I always miss my whole morning and wake up in the afternoon for brunch
Morning is usually the time I'm comfortably hugged by my blanket under the air conditioner
We will have to go out around Kuala Selangor at 8am to attend briefing in District Health Office (DHO) and Klinik Kesihatan

The best part is we get to follow the DHO people to do fogging
Now I have first hand experience on holding the fogging machine and go fog people's house!

We even went house-to-house doing health survey then from that we made a program for the village to increase the awareness based on the survey

AND we ate a lot of seafood there in that whole 8 weeks
I ate cockles non-stop until my mom told me I can get Hepatitis A

This is how we dress when we want to go into operation theater

Obstetrics and Gynecology (O&G)
Monday and Thursday morning wake up with faster heartbeat than any other day
Off to Grand Ward Round
My ward (green ward) is famous of having up to 4 hours round for 26 beds
We had to present the case and it was a must to present it PERFECT
The consequence of not doing it well, is to get scolded by a few specialist in front of more than 30 people
Wednesday morning my group will follow our supervisor's clinic
We must present case in front of him and patient as well
Friday is where I can relax

This is more like being so hectic and so happy when you get to help a Mom deliver their baby!
Other than that, is all about lost count how many times I was scolded and was told Nonsense!

Relax, blur, no direction - says it all

Wake up, look at my alarm, 8am - CHEH, sleep back
11am, still thinking should I go to ward
Until now, I'm still not sure what I'm doing in this posting
Week 5 coming soon...
3 more weeks to finish my 3rd year posting!

Then study break
Pass or fail...



Friday, 18 February 2011

Result of boredom

Ignore this if you don't like to look at me

This is the outcome when you're so bored but you can't sleep

Took it quite long ago already

But it was fun!


Thursday, 17 February 2011


This is really overdue
It happened on 31st January night to 1st February in my hometown, Segamat, Johor
By the way, to those of you who text me or came to me asking about my house during the flood
Thank you so much for the concern!
Thanks thanks

It was hard to explain how's the flood though
The toughest part is cleaning the mud sticking on the floor after the water subsided
I even get mild sunburnt from cleaning the house garden with my Dad and Bro

I got pictures standing in the middle of my house garden with water near my knee level under the rain helping my Dad collecting those useful stuff that was floated away until they were stucked at my house gate. Too bad it was in my Mom's phone.

Let the pictures do all the talking that may answer most of your concerns

Pre-flood, save everything you can from damage!

In case you're curious, the water did covered half of my piano after that! 

Rescued my dog to stay in the balcony 

The "No Hope" moment when the water finally sneaked into my house
This was around 11pm 

Water level the next morning around 10am
My grandma woke up quite early at 5am, she told us that the water level covered the whole red tin you see on the right 
Oh ya, this is my house garden that can fit 100 people for BBQ!

New empty shop lots behind my house
Years ago, there were only trees and monkeys
They cut down all the trees and build a bridge and those shop lots 

Another view around my neighbourhood
That was my house side gate 

Our lunch during the flood!
Nice whey =D
We were drinking 100 Plus because everyone was sweating working out to clean the house as soon as possible for Chinese New Year
Once the water subside a bit, we clean the place without the water

Did I tell you we are not only having flood, they cut off the electrical supply for a few days
This is how I spent my night but I didn't want to sleep early
My brother and I will chat in the living room only accompanied by the lotus candle
This was only around 8pm

Those thick mud made every movement wearing our slippers TOUGH
I got this while sweeping those thick and hard mud in my house garden
Look at the house garden area or perimeter, it took us the whole day
Eventually after that, the blister popped when I stepped on something in the kitchen

 2 different color tone!
This is not clear, I have sunburn actually
Until today there are still remnant of skin peeling off

Family "dai siu jie" a.k.a princess doing all this whey!

2nd flood experience, more mud to sweep!



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