Saturday, 17 November 2007

s3m3st3r 2....

Semester 2 was just like any other day in KMJ life. For us, it is a fresh new term as we can forget all the semester 1 syllabus and go for the new things. Here's all about my first week of semester 2...

My Biology lecturers.....
Lecture : Madam Rohayu
Madam Rohayu was my third tutor lecturer last semester. She really loves to talk. When she tried to explain somethingt, she will talk very very fast and furious. Her wind of mood play an important role on our lesson. When she has good 'wind' around her, she will be very nice and even joking around. But, when the ribut taufan is coming, she will be very harsh and perli perli words come out from her. Know her quite well as she had been my tutor before.

Tutorial : Madam Rusmayati
My block C felo... Madam Rusmayati was my first tutorial lecturer last semester. She knows me very well. Keep on calling me Leong. Haha.... She is a very nice lecturer but get very impatient sometimes. Nothing much about her. But, she is the most stunning Biology lecturer with all her nice clothes. Haha.....

Practical : Madam Hjh. Mariam
Aiya... I don't really like this lecturer actually. No affinity towards her. She is among the oldest Biology lecturer in KMJ. Very very cerewet punya.. No orang muda punya mind la... We all like tersekat with her. Prefer younger lecturer. She keeps on saying want to tangkap orang yang couple in KMJ.. Apa la.... Macam banyak maksiat je... Pening pening...

My Chemistry lecturers...
Lecturer : Mr. Sahaserim
He is really cool. Everyday he on his laptop, you can see his romantic wallpaper. The picture of his bersanding... With his wife... Cool man.. He is a kelantanese. What good about him is he give good and clear explanation. But he hardly find a suitable word or term sometimes.. And he will tell us to forget about it. His slide never go smooth. Keep on changing the slide back and forth.. Haha... Great to have him in Kuliah 1.

Tutorial : Madam Fairuz Asyikin
This teacher is so nice.. She loves talking with us and telling us about all the mind stuff.. Coz she likes to read something about psychology. Telling us story about how our mind work in tutorial. Haha.. We are still new to her, so not much I can tell about her now. All of us still missing our last semester tutorial lecturer, Miss Azlina......!!!!

Practical : Madam Amily Ziana
She had the practical class with her for 30 minutes last Friday. She is good but got lots of rule. If we are late for 10 minutes, we will need to go look for 10 chemistry lecturers and get their signature and do a AKU JANJI. If 20 minutes, then 20 lecturers..... Nice rule actually....

My Mathematics lecturers...
Lecture : Madam Lim Hwee Cheng
A pretty teacher... Her voice is really high pitch and loud... She actually don't need the microphone to teach.. HAHA.... Sure kena pukul if she knows that.. kia kia kia... Her teaching is not bad and love it. She makes it clear and understanding.. But like to call us cik adik..

Tutorial : Miss Jade Ng
A very new teacher in KMJ.. She just came to KMJ for a week.. She is way too friendly. I even had lunch with her.. She likes giving out Chinese proverbs where she wants me to translate to the class. I don't know some of it. Haha.. Malunya.... She can sing very well.. She sings to us.. Haha.. Our practicum loves her very much...

My English lecturer...
Miss Nur Farita
No changes on English lecturer.. So, we know her very well... We had finished our MUET and now we are having lots of fun in English class now. Solving puzzle, working as detectives...... Haha... Not so stress as the 1st semester as we need to work on MUET... Now the class is so free..

My Informatics Science lecturer...
Mr Hasnul Hadi
Don't know what to say about him. A very boring class... That's all....

Sunday, 4 November 2007

0n3 0f th3 mu3t 0ct/n0v 07 r3ad!ng c0mprehens!on t3xt

This is one of the text from the MUET reading comprehension exam of Oct/Nov 2007. I found this text is very interesting. I am here to share with you.......

The Milgram experiment refers to a series of scientific experiments carried out by Stanley Milgram and described in his 1974 book Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View.

In each of these experiments, an experimenter told the subject and an actor (pretending to be another subject) that they were going to participate in an experiment. The purpose of the experiment was to test the effectiveness of punishment on learning behaviour. The subject and the actor were each handed a slip of paper. Although both slips were marked "teacher", the actor claimed that his said "learner", so the subject believed that his role as "teacher" had been chosen randomly.

Both were then given a sample 45-volt electric shock from an apparatus attached to a chair. The actor was strapped into this chair. The "teacher" was taken to the next room and provided with a set of simple memory tasks to give to the "learner" and instructed to administer a shock by pressing a button each time the "learner" made a mistake.

The "teacher" was told that the voltage was to be raised by 15 volts after each mistake. He was not told that there were no actual shocks being given to the actor, who pretended to be in pain. At "150 volts", the actor requested that the experiment end, but was told by the experimenter that the experiment must go on. The experiment continued, and the actor pretended to be in even greater pain and expressed concern for his own safety as the shocks continued. If the "teacher" subject became reluctant, he was instructed that the experimenter would take all responsibility for the results of the experiment and the safety of the learner.

Milgram was motivated to do this research because the slaughter of so many Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and others designated by the Nazis as "inferior" during the Second World War had required the cooperation of "good people". The fact that millions of ordinary people did nothing to stop the deaths seemed bizarre, and Milgram wanted to see how ordinary, intelligent Americans might react to a similar situation.

Milgram was upset by what he found. Many "teachers" broke into a sweat and protested to the experimenter that this was inhuman and should be stopped. But when the experimenter, who sat by calmly, supposedly recording how the "learner" was performing, replied that the experiment must go on, this assurance from the "authority" ("scientist", white coat, university laboratory") was enough for most "teachers" to continue, even though the "learner" screamed in agony and pleaded to be released. Even some "teachers" who were "reduced to twitching, stuttering wrecks" continued to follow orders.

Milgram did eighteen of these experiments. He used both males and females and put some "teachers" and "learners" in the same room so that the "teacher: could clearly see the suffering. In some experiments, he had "learners" pound and kick on the wall during the first shocks and then go silent. The results varied from situation to situation. The highest proportion of "teachers" who pushed the lever all the way to 450 volts - 65 percent - occurred when there was no verbal feedback from the "learner". Even more surprisingly, 40% of those who could see the "learner" still turned the lever all the way.

Milgram's experiments raised a storm in the scientific community. Not only were social researchers surprised, and disturbed at the results, but they also were alarmed at Milgram's methods. Milgram's experiments resulted in a rethinking of research ethics. Professional associations of social researchers adopted or revised their codes of ethics, and universities began to require that subjects be informed of the nature and purpose of social research. Not only did researchers agree that to reduce subjects to "twitching, stuttering wrecks" was unethical, but almost all deception was banned.

More importantly, however, the results of the Milgram experiment leave us with the disturbing question: "How far would I go in following authority?"

Monday, 15 October 2007

cr3at3 !t

My creation...

Saturday, 29 September 2007

m@th m!nd m@pp!ng

Last Wednesday, the whole practicum was working together on the math mind mapping. It was a competition between practicum. My practicum was doing the math mind mapping for Chapter 8, the Differentiation. I was the project manager for the project. We were working on it evening and even night until eleven. By the end, we were very satisfied with the result. We already did our best. We were so anxious and excited to hand it the mind map the next day. So, we decided to make something special. Therefore, we planned that all the girl wore pink while the guys were in blue for the next day. It was quite fun.

On Thursday, our practicum planned something special again. We 'buka puasa' together in Cafe C. We ate and drank together and had quite a lot of fun. It was a very nice experience for me. Today, Saturday, we had our class as usual following the Thursday schedule. This was to replace the class for the next and next Thursday class so that we are able to go back for Raya holiday on Wednesday.

Our creative work. All the pinky girls and bluey guys..

The jawatankuasa induk...

r@t d!ss3ct!0n

The best Biology experiment no doubt will be the rat dissection. I enjoyed it a lot. Here's some pictures of my experiment..... Check it out!!!

My mousy... Pity...

On the dissecting tray.. Pin it... Looks pain....

I am working on it... Looks cool?

Getting more interesting over here.. Look... The internal organs...

As you can see there are faeces in the colon of the mousy. The urinary bladder is hardly visible in the picture

The masterpiece from Qi Wen and Rebecca........

So happy!!!! Woohoo...

Friday, 21 September 2007

1st pu@sa w33k !n kmj

Recall back the first puasa week i had in kmj was not a very good memory about it. But, that's what life is all about. You can't be the person you can be if pressure, tension and discipline are taken out from you life. So, i learn from it.

During the first day of the ramadhan month, I was quite excited about the bazaar that would held in the car park of my college. What made me felt excited about it was the food and of course, the feel over the crowd. Filled with excitement, my roommates and I grabbed quite a lot of the food in the bazaar. The cuisines were nasi kerabu, nasi lemak, mee soto and lots of kuih. Luck was not on my way, I had minor diarrhea soon after that until the next day. It was very miserable for me to wake up at three in the morning to rush to the toilet. I did not attend classes for the next day as i still had stomach disorder and struggled about it.

The whole week was not very good in kmj. The problem was that I could not find food in the afternoon for my lunch. On Monday, Rebecca and I went to the admin cafe, the only cafe opened on that time. At first, we ordered chinese fried rice but later they told us they were out of rice. So, we reordered. When the food were served, the mee hailam was very salty. It was over the salty limit that i could take. It was terrible with the raw tastes of fish balls, vege and carrots. Very unsatisfied, we still had to pay RM2.50 for it and promised not to return during the puasa month again. In the evening, I bought nasi lemak for my dinner and quite enjoyed it. The taste was not bad and it cost RM1.50.

The next day, I had tom yam maggi hot cup. No choice, i went to the koperasi to look for bread. To my disappointment, there was no a single bread. I had the same nasi lemak that evening too. On Wednesday, I was able to grab potato buns from the koperasi for my lunch. I ate it with peanut butter jam that I brought from home. For my dinner, I tried fried mee hoon sold by the informatic science lecturers. All the food sold at that stall was RM1.00. So, I bought it again for the next day but half fried rice with fried mee hoon. That saved some of my money.

Here are some pictures of what I had the whole week. Not all, just part of it.

The nasi lemak I had for two days.

RM1.00 mee hoon.. Delicious....

My Thursday lunch.. Salmon spread with seaweed biscuits....

Friday, 14 September 2007

dyn@m!ca| ps3ud0c3|3brIty n!t3

This grand night dinner was made because it was an exam for the dynamical skill subject. Whatever it is, all the biology student in Johor Matriculation College (JMC @ KMJ) enjoyed it as part of a grand night. What I loved that night was the outfits, the food and the people. Everyone was really amazing, wonderful and outstanding. It was a very successful night with the theme "Malam Pseudoselebriti".

This is me at table number 63..

My practicum H50, the last biology practicum. There are 4 of them not in the picture.

The appetizer... Potato salad... Very delicious although in some ways it didn't looked like... hehe (",)

Here comes the main course.. Nasi beriani..... No doubt, mouth watering... Yummy.....

The nasi beriani chicken curry.... I myself felt hungry looking at this....

Acar to eat with nasi berianiand the chicken curry is just perfect for the cuisine.. Perfecto!!!

After the meal was cam time.. click!! Amira and I, my peer...

Rebecca and I.... My outfit was made by my mom.. Believe it...

My akak kecik... Zurainah...

The H50 assistant, Zatie with the flowers..

My block mate, Ainie. She's staying in the same block, same level as me.. Our rooms are very near.. Used to go to her room to chat sometime..

My practicum laugholic, Fatin with flowers (again)

Hajar and Rahmah with flowers too.......

Still enjoying although it was quite late that time....

Ainie, I and my block's chief...

Sunday, 27 May 2007

f!rst 2 w33ks !n kmj

KoLeJ MatRiKuLaSi JoHoR......... 2007/2008....

picture taken from my hostel block at the second floor. my hostel is block C @ block al-jazari.. there is 4 floors and i'm staying in the 2nd floor, room number 2.6... as u can see, there is the gunung ledang, mosque, library, dataran temenggung & the tutorial block is far over there...

my bed!!! a nice place to sleep and do revision.. there's my personal pillow case, my dictionary, papers, notes and my pencil case.. my room has only 3 people although there are 4 beds.. that's because one of our roomate had moved out from KMJ for another offer...

me, may, kim lee (our moral class facilitator / senior), wei li & siew gyn... all of us are the 2nd floor al-jazari block 'penduduk' except our facilitator... may comes from batu pahat, wei li is from kota bahru, kelantan while siew gyn from my hometown too, segamat (paduka tuan).... this picture was taken during our orientation week..

siew gyn & i... took this picture during block al-jazari meeting to choose the ajk for the block...

nurul & i... my roomate, from muar......

rebecca & i after lecture in lecture hall 2.... my practicum mate.. hehe.. from miri, kuching but recently staying in penang & of course KMJ...

my dinner.. kia kia kia... most of dinner in KMJ... chrysanthemum tea & nasi goreng kampung.. not bad.... there u can see my stuff on the table..

we called it matiks cat... in the cafeteria of my block.. this is only one of almost five cats in my block cafeteria.. cats here are very very very intelligent..... that's why there are healthy, fit, FAT & friendly....

lastly..... ME!!!! in my room ready for letcures & tutorials........

Saturday, 21 April 2007

h@ppy b!rthd@y, j!unn yu

this afternoon i followed my mum to grandma's house in bukit siput.. it is jiunn yu's (ah ti!) birthday today and yet he's still very NAUGHTY!!! as i had some 'tong' of potato chip of mr potato, i gave one to him as a birthday present, i guess.. and he managed to finish it before i went home at 5pm..

he had kept on asking me whether my handphone has a camera. it was because he wanted me to take his picture.. here it is! (as u can see his sis behind there)..

what happen to the pic? the ball supposed to be in black n white! later on, he asked me to edit his picture..


t!kus !n d@ h0us3

these few days, rats are around outside the house.. at the house garden.. so, we decided to put rat cages around.. and we caught one..

here it is! the big fat rat (quite)...

hey.. i'm tired.. HELP!!!!

actually i found it very cute n chubby... but, whatever it is, it is still a crafty, tricky and little naughty rat... R.I.P rat...

Thursday, 19 April 2007

wh0 d!d ! l00k l!k3?

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