Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Open House @ IPHKL

The guys in my group rang us up about the open house while we were still wandering around the ward in Institut Pediatrik Hospital Kuala Lumpur (IPHKL). They only rang us up after they had their first round of lunch pfft.. When we reached the ground floor, the place was totally packed! *people mountain people sea (direct translate from Mandarin)*

What else, the smell of the food and the atmosphere full of people always make the food taste nicer than anything

Searched for clean plate in the stacks and automatically queue to grab anything that looks good. This open house is courtesy of HSBC bank!

While in the ward, the HSBC manager (I think) was giving away stuffs to the patient and parents. All the paediatrics patient got a soft toy (there are Barney, Pooh Bear, Chips & Dales, dinosaurs in variety of species and hippopotamus! *I WANT TOO!*). Inside the bag, there are a huge tin of Munchy's biscuits, boxes of cereal (Honey star, koko krunch, milo ball), drinks and the Mickey Mouse swiss roll.
Guess what the parents get? ANG PAU - RM 10

Ketupat / nasi impit, fried kuey teow, fried noodle, fried chicken

Nasi minyak / beriyani, beef rendang, chicken rendang

Roti jala (to eat with chicken rendang or kuah durian!), acar topped with peanuts, fruits

The last plate of satay is OURS!!!!!!

This longest queue station - AIS KACANG!

2 types of syrup, condensed milk, yellow and green pearl, peanuts, corns, winter melon sugar, red beans!

We forgot what we had just read in the ward before this lunch


Saturday, 17 September 2011

That one Mid-Autumn

Mid-autumn this year passed when I was really busy preparing my patient's case presentation. After hibernating for such a long time in Neonatal Intensive Care Unite (NICU), where I myself wasn't very sure why we were posted there for 2 weeks when we were not allowed to do anything, but one thing - to look at the babies and their case notes only. Well, I enjoy being under the roof of 100% air conditioned building and watching babies hiccuping. (Adorable max max!) Other than that, I lost the skills of clerking the third person regarding paediatrics cases, which that explains why I had a fainting spell while preparing the presentation on mid-autumn night itself because I'm back to medical ward in Hospital Kuala Lumpur  (HKL) - a place where we no longer pampered with the cool air and the case notes weren't the main helper anymore.

Last year, I celebrated in Tanjong Karang, Kuala Selangor when I was doing my Public Health posting. Watched Contagion? Yeah, that movies remind me of what I was taught in the posting, the procedures done as the first line.

Mid-autumn super cheap seafood dinner in Sekinchan last year

Our masterpiece of the night :)

Year 2001

There was this one event which is still fresh in my memory - the morning of mid-autumn festival year 2001. Yeah, it was a decade ago, where we need a jet rewind for a moment.

It happened during the morning assembly in my primary school when I was in Standard 6. I was assigned to be the prefect of my own class to maintain their discipline throughout the assembly. (During assembly, 2 prefects will be assign to take care of each class. One standing in front and another one at the back. After the assembly, the prefects will bring them back to their respective class and keep on looking after the students until the teacher was there. It is seriously no fun, I tell you) So, I was the one standing at the back of my own class. You know, when your friend is the prefect that look after your class, discipline is really hard to maintain because they weren't scare of you and you will certainly trying to help them without getting caught.

During the long assembly with lots of point by the headmistress, one of my friend wanted to go to the toilet. I told her the Standard 6 toilet was the other way, but she insist to go to the other toilet because it was nearer. She left without waiting for me  (Another prefect's job is to accompany the student when she wanted to go to the toilet =.=). Due to the long long speech, students in my class starts talking (seniors what, more daring), where I have to go back and forth (lucky the other fella that stand in front not knowing what's at the back) telling them to be more well-maintained.

After the speech, our discipline teacher started to call out names, those that did not behave well throughout the assembly. The friend that went to the toilet just now was called, those talking in my class were called, I started to feel scared. Initially, she had stop calling names but then she paused for a moment - yes, my name was called last. All of us had to go up the stage in front of hundreds students. We were scolded for being not discipline enough during the assembly and we were not respecting the headmistress.

"Tell me what did the headmistress said just now"
That was what she asked all of us standing on the stage there because we were scolded for not paying attention. My memory wasn't that bad when I was at that young age, but the situation was terrifying. Since a few of my friends who were standing beside me on the stage replied nothing and the teacher was just right in front of a few of us, I list down the points mentioned. Being very angry, she said the points were wrong and asked why didn't I told the student that she went to the wrong toilet and it was unacceptable as a senior. It went on for quite long and some started to tears. It ended by punishing all of us to write 100 times of "Sorry, I will not do it again" to the headmistress. It was fresh in my memory because after the assembly, my class teacher came and told me that I had listed the headmistress' speech points correctly.

Anyway, I admitted by mistake in not doing well enough in maintaining the discipline of my own class, which wasn't easy. But was scolded for giving the right answer wrong, which I really hope this will not happen again to any teachers because they were teaching the students the wrong thing when they were right. That makes a memorable day in my primary school


Friday, 16 September 2011

Do you know what a Homestay is?

Basically, I myself aren't very sure about what is the exact definition for a Homestay. As per Wikipedia, it defines as a form of tourism and/or study abroad program that allows the visitor to rent a room from the local family to better learn the local lifestyle as well as to improve their language ability. Well, I pretty guess this is one very classy definition here compared to homestay nowadays. To my understanding, today homestay does not only plays a role as tourism, it plays a role for the local as well especially university students. I come across a Malaysia homestay called iBilik, which provides the convenience not only to those who are interested in searching for a room, as well for those who wanted to rent their room. In my case now, I'm currently categorized as a tenant too, just that I have lack of experience searching for rooms online because it is provided by the university.

Homestay new generation, i Bilik

iBilik, a very simple websites that is so convenient which is one-click away to look for rooms for rent and also short term rentals. Pictures are provided for each rooms, so that it is time-saving for both tenant and landlord regarding to take a look at the room before one's decision is made. If there are still doubt whether the pictures shown were actually the true image, try read the reviews from the past tenant.

Name the states in Malaysia, iBilik has it. iBilik provides information and rooms all over the country. Either a long term rental for working, studying purposes or a short term stay for a break when you travel locally, it is all just one-click away in iBilik, all your fuss about having a good stay gone poof with the thin air. No more going out there looking for paper sticking around the trees and lamp post for a room. Just keep yourself comfortable at home, go to the Net and iBilik is where you can find what you want.

So, anyone up to rent a room or you got a room to rent?


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sims' ghost

The one watching TV there isn't moving at all, but she continues watching the TV


Monday, 5 September 2011

Reunion :)

On Raya day, my family had a celebration for ourselves to which is an early Grandpa's 88th (89th for the Lunar calendar) birthday celebration. This was suggested earlier by my youngest aunt. Why? Blame the flood early this year, we were not able to have a complete family gathering during Chinese New Year. Since my youngest cousin, Su-Lynn had a day off from her school in Singpore, finally we reunite in Segamat!

Not only the family reunite, we have MacBook reunion as well, a total of 6 of them. Most are tagged with Pro and some aren't Pro or Air. New member of the family of Apple products, youngest uncle got himself a new iPad 2!

Putting the electronic family aside, for the first time in such a complete gathering, we have a new member. Alex brought his girlfriend along, Linda. Due to that, we have to re-plan placement of room to the new arrangement, which I called it "Genderist". Guys in one room, girls in one.

There are 4 bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs.
Grandpa & grandma took the one downstairs.
One room for my parents, another one for my eldest aunt.
Both of my uncles (Qi Tyng's dad & Alex's dad), my brother & Alex placed in a smaller room
While me, Qi Tyng, Qi Ern, Qi Ying, Linda & aunt (Alex's mom) conquered the one with attached toilet!

For more stories about the gathering and peoples, check out Qi Tyng's post: My Raya Break!!!

Food pikcha!

Lunch in Tong Hock Restaurant, which had terribly slow service. We were sitting there staring at each other, jokes drying up, conversation getting lame, plus all so shy when there is a new member, none of the food served yet...

Appetizer - keropok

Teh siew char (I am not sure about the name of this dish because it was in Hokkien & the name rhyme like teh siew char. I'm part of those that don't understand hokkien even though I grew up in a state with hokkien as majority)

Choy sam

Hot plate "sizzling" tofu

Super plain fried rice

Three Kings Egg (translated from Cantonese "sam wong tan")

Fish cooked with ______ (fill in the blank because the adults place the order of this dish for us)
I'm not sure because I only took one & ignored the dish because it has too much bone!

A must-have, ku lou yok!

All-time favorite, sotong cooked with Nestum!
The Nestum damn delicious, I just scooped it and eat like that YUMYUM

Dinner in Liong Hong Restaurant, with better service but lotsa LALAT!!!

Another round of teh siew char but this one is an OBVIOUS WINNER compared to the one for lunch

Long beans cooked with dried prawns, chilis and belacan
I heart this!

This is their Signature Fried Tofu
Always a must-have dish in the list whenever we are here

The adults ordered another plate of noodle for our table, when all of us had rice together with those dishes above

Now I miss the gathering and my holidays!

P.S- My durian tree is having lot of babies now!!!!! :)


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Veet 'My Real Secret' College Programme

Why envy when solutions are already waiting down the line, just right there for you? Besides worrying about oily & blemishes, putting on weight and much much more rants, hairy legs can be one of the major concern for most of the ladies that carry the double X genes. Either you have heard it or not, Veet knows best regarding the issue!

Veet is the leading name in depilatory products with over 80 years of experience of developing safe, effective hair removal products that are successfully used by over 30 millions women worldwide. 

Veet is always there ready to serve every woman for a silky, smooth touch-ably legs wherever and whenever you are - In the sun, nights out, with your man, special moments & whenever you like it with its range of products to choose on.

Here comes the chances for University and College students to experience Veet, either being the first timer or another loyal Veet user. Veet "My Real Secret" College Programme is up with the aim to inspire young women that touchable, desirable and silky smooth legs are attainable regardless of their daily college hurdles. This college programmes available in 6 campuses:

1. Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) - 22nd Sept
2. MAHSA University College - 28th Sept
3. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) - 3rd Oct
4. INTI International University - 4th Oct
5. Nilai University College - 5th Oct
6. Masterskill University College of Health Sciences - 6th Oct

So, have you marks your date? In this programme, you can access to:

- importance of personal care and management
- hair removal tips and care
- introduction to Veet products through a Veet Grooming Consultation session

Veet's event partner, Watsons will be selling selected Veet's depilatories in campuses. To top it off, you'll be receiving discout vouchers on Veet depilatories that can be redeemed at selected Watson's outlets. Besides, there will be a FREE photo snap with your besties and limited edition Veet spa-kit up for grabs. Be an early bird in the event, there will be FREE Veet Hair Removal Cream (25g) available for the first 50!

For more beauty tips and fashion advice, visit Veet's Malaysia Facebook Page

It is time for your leg to fight with your face to see who have a softer skin


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