Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day 3 Kuching: Cultural Village & Ayam Penyet

Hello, it is my day 3 in Kuching
After the rainy day yesterday, the days to come are all sunny :)

Another day awoken by the bright sky at around 7am++

Heading out for breakfast around 9am


Ho Joo Cafe, 3rd Mile Bazaar

Sarawak laksa with teh c peng :)

My first time trying Sarawak laksa!
Of all the laksa I've ever had, this is the mildest one
Not spicy, but I love the prawn, fu chuk and strips of chicken

Awesome breakfast, feels so local :)

Full tummy, time to burn it

Sarawak Cultural Village

Here we are in Sarawak Cultural Village
Xu Vin brought friends here annually, so she is like our super tour guide 

This is the Chinese traditional house
Pose pose XD

Pose a bit then tried to work this thing, not easy
My Mom told me she used to help her neighbour with this

Fabulous cat found on top of the table in the Chinese traditional house
Look at him! 
Feel like want to carry him home, sleep also got style!

The Malay traditional house
I love this shot
Xu Vin turned into our photographer, running up and down helping to take our pictures

If I'm not mistaken, this is the Orang Melanau house
We were told that this house model is about 3-4 times smaller than the real one, include the height

Inside the Orang Melanau house
Look at how they build the staircase, going up is okay, but coming down is horrible
The floor is a bit scary, some of the gap is a bit bigger than the other one, but super tough, no worries!

I didn't take down note, if I'm not mistaken this is Orang Ulu house
The wood used for the floor is way better than the one in Orang Melanau house

We saw this wooden xylophone, even if you whack it, it is still very tough
Okay, we didn't whack it

The house corridor is so spacious, was said to use for gathering purpose because one house usually has a few family

At 11am, they have cultural dance performance at the auditorium
After a long walk under the scorching sun, finally we were able to sit comfortably to watch the show

We bought something while walking along the cultural village
This is Sago Pancake
It costs RM2
I don't remember how they cook, but no oil needed
It looks dry, but tasty
It tasted like waffles to me

 We had simple lunch in Damai beachfront
Rice and ABC :)
No pictures

Cat Museum

Everything related to cat
From Hello Kitty to Garfield
Prosperity cats, batik with cats' eyes, drawings
Cats everywhere

Went up to Kuching Civic Centre
One of the best place to view the city of Kuching, 360 degree view
Nice weather 
I'm starting to fall in love on this place :)

Hot day, what's next?
Definitely something that match hot weather the best

Sunny Hill Ice-Cream

The super famous homemade ice-cream in Kuching
Xu Vin told us that they have different flavour everyday
The day we went, they are having Strawberry

Can either order Strawberry ice-cream or Vanilla ice-cream or mixed
We had the mixed one with peanuts
RM 2.70

Sometimes they will have other flavours like Yam, Chocolate, Corn and end of thinking capacity (etc)
Awesome on a super hot day


We took the sampan across Waterfront to look for this place called 
My Village Barok Bistro
7, Jalan Kampung Boyan, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak

This place is recommended by Xu Vin's sister for its Ayam Penyet

We ordered a 2-person set, add 1 plate of rice
Every dishes have a lot of choices on how you want it to be cooked

Of course we have the Ayam Penyet, which taste super awesome with the special sauce
Fish of the day was siakap, we want it to cooked with sweet and sour sauce
For the soup, we have the choice of tom yam or vegetable soup. We ordered vegetable soup, but there are chicken meat inside.. Haha :D
There is Chinese-styled tofu with mushroom, really taste like the one in Chinese restaurant. I like the sauce..

Vegetable time! My first time eating this, was said not available in Peninsular Malaysia. This is MIDIN (jungle fern)

It looks like the Paku we had back in Peninsular, but this isn't
We picked midin to be fried with garlic
There are a lot of choices of how you want it to fried with

I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this jungle fern, paku wasn't my favorite. But this is good and crunchy :)

For the drinks, the waiter recommended us Barok Special.
A twist of Sunkist with lime, lemon, lychee and asam boi, a refreshing and appetizing mix

If I'm not mistaken, the meal cost about RM49 
(Don't remember, I might be wrong)

Must take picture before eating, Xu Vin and me me me :)

Even the family that sat beside us saw us taking picture of the food, she was like 
"Take take, arrange a bit"

Awesome people!


Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 2 Kuching: Rainy day but lots of FOOD!

I got culture shock when the sky is so BRIGHT at 6.30am. My cousin and I thought we overslept!
At 7am, the sky looks like 9-10am in Peninsular Malaysia

We head out for breakfast at 8.45am


Kim Yu Li Cafe, 3rd Mile Bazaar

Pork kueh chap 
Small for RM 4, what I had
For medium, it costs RM 5
Zhen (much bigger) for RM 6

Originally, the kueh chap was mixed with pork internal organs. However, we requested not to have those, only pork and pork skin.

I love this dish, the soup and it has been ages I last had kueh chap. Not counting the instant kueh chap that can be bought in the supermarket.

The tourists (us) having pork kueh chap for breakfast before heading to church

Xu Vin brought us along to the church that she went to for Sunday Service, Hope Kuching. I love the ambience, people here are very friendly. A friend of Xu Vin looks like Him Law (TVB actor) to me when I first saw him! Haha, name could not be displayed to avoid him from kembang hidung nanti..  XD


The rain started to pour right after we entered this shop for Sarawak Kolo Mee
This shop is located in Green Road, opposite Chung Ling Plaza

It is RM 5 a bowl
My lovely tour guide, Vin suggested us to try the original one with addition of pork oil that gives the red orange tint on the noodle. While, without the oil, it is just plain colour of the noodle. The difference is shown in this picture.

I LOVE THIS and I MISS THIS now, plus Teh C peng 
Awesome :)

Kolo Mee in Segamat still the best in a different way. The noodle is very dark in color, brown, with vegetables and char siew. Just realized Sarawak Kolo Mee has no green leafy.

Rainy day, not sure where to go
So, we went to stroll along Waterfront Kuching.
The building here is the new Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building, or in other word Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN)

Then we went across the road to survey some souvenirs and kek lapis. The whole row of shop lots sell souvenirs, more or less the same. Just for price comparison and an idea what they have for tourists like us. I was attracted to all the tee shirts.

Tea Time

Okay, boring rainy day, not sure where to go, so we decided to eat again

We went to Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre, Lorong 15 off Jalan Padungan

Ta-dah, all the food ordered by Xu Vin just for tea time :)

Sotong Kangkung
RM 3.50
Every time I look at this picture, I want to eat this again.
A combination of 3 of my favorite food
Sotong + kangkung + peanuts sauce!!!!
Highly recommended

Belacan beehoon
RM 3.50
This was well recommended by quite a lot of people in Foursquare when I was checking in 
Another awesome dish, the belacan taste is thick but I love it
Never did I try meehoon soup with belacan :)

I was introduced to this dessert as Metahorn (it sounds like this)
I thought of Transformer when I heard the name
RM 2.00
If you need something sour-based to tickle your taste buds, this is the dessert of choice
There are fruits, the green cendol thingy, ice and lemon.

Not my top favorite, I prefer the next dessert that I'm going to tell

I prefer this one than metahorn, this is White Lady
This is milky-based dessert with fruits
RM 2.00

Gong Pia, RM 0.80 per piece
This is something new to me, a doughnut snack with fillings that taste like the one in char siew pau
A good tea time snacks
This is on the top list of recommendation by people in Foursquare
Don't leave without trying this!

With full tummy, we went for a walk in Taman Sahabat
It is a housing area, with lake and Laksamana Cheng Ho statue

This is the Laksamana Cheng Ho statue
Vin told me, the statue looks like turtle from the back
I have to agree...  XD

Then we went home for a rest before heading out for dinner again

Foochow Food

We had foochow food in BDC Siang Siang Corner, Kuching

Mee Suah
RM 6.00
I don't remember when was the last time I had mee suah. This is one of my Mom's favorite food, so I know about this food quite some time ago.
There are 2 big chicken and my favorite mushroom, love love

Kam Pua
RM 3.50
Something NEW to me!
This is a simple yet popular dish in Sibu and Sarikei.
It resembles wantan mee in Peninsular Malaysia, but taste different.
At the first sight, this looks bland and I've never been so wrong, I like this :)

Tien Pien Hu
RM 3.50
The name got me reading it a few times because I'm not familiar with this dish
My first time trying this
I know this as "mee hun ker" from my Mom back in my hometown

It comes with special fishballs, which taste really good :)

We went to watch The Great Gatsby after the dinner
 That's it for Day 2 in Kuching :)


Sunday, 23 June 2013

I draw, for #GUESSMYBAG

It has been ages since I login to my Churp Churp and Nuffnang account.
At the right time, I found out about a contest to win GUESS handbag.

I love window shopping for handbag but I have not seriously buy a handbag for myself.
All my handbags that I currently have are mostly from my aunt or I got it cheap from flea market.

This is what I have to do to win one, to take a picture of a letter 'G' as creative as possible.
I have instability of creative juice
Just bear with my dull drawing here kay?

This is the best I can do
I know it is not as convincing as a colorful picture :(
Mind to spare me a "Like" in Instagram
Click HERE for the picture

5 most creative pictures will win, but they also mentioned the more "like" has higher chance to win
Just trying my luck

Thanks lovelies :)


Saturday, 22 June 2013

Day 1 in Kuching

I made a sudden decision to visit Kuching a few days before we really fly
Boredom is the main factor, I have got nothing much to explore back in my hometown. Then, I remembered Xu Vin has been asking me to visit her hometown, Kuching since the first year break until I've finally graduated.

It is time to stop giving excuses and fly!
I texted Tyng immediately, asking her to join me.
Just when she reached home, we directly communicate via Line in booking flight tickets..

The tickets aren't really cheap, but we are in hunger to explore Sarawak. A place that both of us have never been to

I was thinking to cram everything in 1 post, but there are too many pictures 
Let me annoy you daily (if I'm hardworking enough) to update my visit from Day 1 to 4

I landed on 25th May, so this is a really delayed post :(

Kuching International Airport
Before we landed, we actually love the view of Kuching from the bird's eye view

Finally I was in another state of Malaysia
However, I haven't explore Kedah and Perlis yet because I am not sure what to do there

No plan at all, I swear
We wore the same shirt without planning
I went to KL for my ophthalmologist appointment, then I went over to Tyng's place and we travel to LCCT together

When she opens her room door, we were totally laughing our ass off
Same shirt!!!

Landed in Kuching, Xu Vin brought us to Peach Garden Food Centre for more and more food

Tomato kuey tiaw (RM 4.00)
This is said to be only found in Sarawak
 I guess other place might as well have this, which I don't know, but Sarawak is the ori one!

Xu Vin actually wanted to order tomato noodle.
Haha.. I think she wasn't very sure it turns out to be a kuey tiaw. But the important part here is the tomato right.... So, it is okay :)

Fried tofu with thai chili sauce (RM 4.00)
I love this! Anything to do with tofu is my favorite :)

Teochew oyster omelette a.k.a oujian (RM 6.00)
Another mistake when Vin ordered this, was supposed to try Crispy oujian
This is very good too! 
Super lots of oyster, my favorite!!!
Every bite got oyster :) :)

Fried radish (RM 4.00)
This is good when you have a few
I advise you to share with more people, because it tends to be very satiated after awhile
So jelak after we had it for too much

Peach Garden Food Centre
Jalan Song, Kuching

We landed around 5pm, so after eating and chatting + introducing Tyng to Vin, vice versa. We went back to Vin's house and watch TV. We are very lucky to have Vin around, we were able to save up expenses on accommodation :)

That's all for my less than half day spent in Kuching, more to come....


Friday, 21 June 2013

What I want for my birthday

I'm turning 23 today!
*throwing confetti on myself*

As the saying goes,
"One year older, one year wiser"

or take it a more Malaysian way, my favorite of all:
"You old liao"

Errmmm, thanks?

Well, as for me, I'll go for
"Today it will be the youngest day I will be, as well as the oldest I will be"

I know right, say already like I never say before right?
*self facepalm*

My scroll of what I want for my birthday:

To thank God
Not only for today, everyday I'm thankful. I want to thank God for all He has guide me through. Everything that He had grant me, everything that He had took it out from my life, it is a journey worth taking with Him. Thank you for today.

Time with my family & loved one
I'm thankful that this wish definitely comes true. Have been celebrating my birthday out of my hometown for years, finally I've got the chance to wake up on my lovely bed, get to see my Mom & Dad. I couldn't ask for more, but my list still goes on. Birthday can request more, right?
*sympathy puppy eyes*

Stronger and healthier
I'm very aware that one does not get healthier or maintaining the good health condition by sitting and hoping it to be that way. Since I'm having a long holiday now, before one letter come to ruin it all, calling me to start working, I better keep myself moving before it is too late.

I've been a huge fan of Jillian Michaels, American toughest trainer. Some might not love her attitude, her workouts certainly kick my butt. Even though it is my birthday PLUS with the unwelcoming haze out there, I still stick with my schedule and routine on her Body Revolution program.

A lot people told me 
"Your body ok what, why so hardcore?"
"Why do you still want to get fit and thin when you are not fat"

It is not really a fat and thin issue, at least not the main factor for me. There are people that have bigger body frame, but healthy in the inside.

I'm not hardcore at all, I only do 30 minutes of workout per day, I don't spend on gym membership. All I spend on were the dumb bells & yoga mat, which is a good investment in my opinion for the long run.

30 minutes, like 2% of my time in a day 

Believe it if I told you I was once having hypercholesterolemia when I was 18, it runs in the family. Not all girls workout to be thin, I'm trying to battle a more serious genes that run in the family, besides hypercholesterolemia...

*Maybe this is not for everyone when speaking about fitness, just that I'm an avid believer of it*

Haze, please go away
Something not only for me, but for all...

Productive housemanship training
SOON, when the letter comes, I'll be called to work in one of the government hospital, either they grant my wish to place me in the hospital of my choice or anywhere they think I should be. From there, I will take up the responsibility as a houseman / house officer. Carrying the Dr title might sounds grand for anyone who sees it, but it takes a lot of responsibility. 

I wouldn't ask for a smooth-sailing 2 years journey of housemanship because I know it won't. The challenges are waiting. And, that is what I should be expecting to turn me into someone better to stay in this field. I would only ask for a fruitful journey and always remember why I want to be there in the first place.

Blessing to my family and friends
Thank you for all the birthday wishes throughout the day from friends since kindergarten til the end of my university days, bloggers that I've came across, family members either the closed one or the extended one, those that had only see my face on your mobile screen, seniors, juniors and teachers.

God bless all of you 


 I start typing this while I'm taking my rest after my workout. My mom called out from her room, "Go shower"

Right, I'm still Mummy's girl..

Since I stay silent, she came to see what I was doing and I told her I was writing my blog.

Her reply was
"Ooohh, blog ah? Okay..."

Then, she no longer urging me to go shower.. How supportive!

Ok ok, I know most of you already saying *chou chou* in your mind. Ok lor, go bam bam lor...


Saturday, 15 June 2013

For sensitive oily skin: Eau Thermale Avene Oil Control Milk (Only Beauty Review)

"It is very lightweight and absorbs quickly in the skin. The good point is, it does not leave sticky feeling on the face. It is more suitable for mild oily skin."

Eau Thermale Avene Oil Control Milk 

I've applied for sample from everyday if I remember to log into the website, just trying my luck. After exams and passing them happily, went for a trip and came home, it slipped off my mind that I actually have successful sample application until Mr. Postman dropped this on my mailbox. Thank you!

About the product
- An oil regulating moisturizer for sensitive and oily skin
- Help restrain sebum and prevent acne while shielding and soothing skin
- Contains Avene Thermal Spring Water for relieving and anti-irritating properties
- Blended with active ingredients for anti-irritants and anti-bacterial benefits
- Skin appears fresh, supple, hydrated and matte-looking
- Fragrance-free, preservative-free, colorant-free, hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic

Directions for use
Apply day and night on cleansed face and neck

My experience
Regarding the brand Eau Thermale Avene, it is famous for its products specialized for sensitive skin. I've only try one of its product which is Thermal Spring Water a few times and I love it! 

Forgive me for not taking the picture of the Oil Control Milk, too excited squeezing them out of the packet and immediately use it. 

I like it for being so lightweight and fragrance-free. It spreads easily on the skin and absorb immediately. It does not leave sticky feeling on my face. I have very oily skin, unfortunately it does not stay comfortably too long on my skin. My skin started to feel oily again in the afternoon, about 4 hours after applying the Oil Control Milk. (I was sitting at home all day long, not an aftermath of being outdoor)

I suggest it is more suitable for anyone with mild oily face, mine was oily level 90000 =.=
And of course for anyone suffering from sensitive .

50ml - RM 89


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