Saturday, 26 June 2010

Big Two Zero

Another late post!
Had my big 20th birthday last Monday, 21st June..
20 is not old, it is just the beginning of challenging life
The beginning of my role in hospital

Wondering what is up there..
Older = wiser = think more.. 
Not a very good description

My morning birthday present by Kah Yan!
She practice venepuncture on me
Although it failed, I just help her to gain experience
You go, Yan 'jie'

The HAPPY people with pizzas and Mountain Dew
Thanks people for coming to my condo unit and give me a surprise
Just kind of surprise cause I already knew part of it 

The cake
It was small, but quite nice

My housemates
Siew Im & Pei Zhi
Wei Yeng is in Tanjung Karang (Thanks for the wish)

The crazy friends
I am their victim the whole night
Just look at Ah Ngan (orange) is funny enough

They are housemates!
The really tired one
Yun Ting, Siew Ling & Kah Yan
Thanks once again

Pressie from all of them
So c.u.t.e!
The zoo has a new member now, a cow
Ah Mo...


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Kisses, Dad...

I hope this is not too late to wish Happy Father's Day in my blog. It has been a very bad delay here as I had been quite busy (to have an excuse) & lazy (=.=") at the same time.

Happy Father's Day!!!

Not very convincing, isn't it?

I did called my dad that day even though I myself went for my pre-birthday celebration.

How I wish I could stay at home like previous year..

I still remember my mom & I got my dad a new cellphone when he always complained that he couldn't hear his old mono ringtone.. Haha...

My dad is pretty cute, you know!

When I was home, I will fight (a.k.a play) with him my baby bolster just because both of us love that so much... Lovely...

I miss my Daddy + Mummy

Lots of love & kisses from Me...

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pre-Birthday Celebration

All thanks to my cousins to have some plan and activities with me as my pre-birthday celebration today

Let's see what we ate for the day

Lunch : Nando's Chicken Peri-Peri

Myself on the purple white top that I bought from Ladies Fashion
(look at previous post below, I mentioned about the clothes I bought)

My lunch
1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines, which are potato salad & peri chips
When I am eating, I just realised I ordered to much CARBOHYDRATE!!

I think this is chicken pita

1/4 chicken + rice

Starter plate + peri peri sauce

You will get a GREEN 'Not so Brave' if you order the chicken with lemon & herb flavor
You will get a YELLOW 'Tickle Your Taste Buds' if you order chicken with MILD PERI flavor
Sounds like they are challenging your level of spicy-ness

Dinner : Uncle bought it from somewhere nearby and we ate at home

I missed eating with family

Rice with fish + mushroom sauce

Mid Valley Megamall

Toy Story 3 promotion
Since it was Father's Day, I saw a lot of parents pushing their babies around

Tyng : Why today so many parents bring their small kids out?
Lun : Yeah, I saw a lot just now
Me : Because if the guy didn't bring their kids out today, they will not have Father's Day today. No kids, no Father's Day..

Red Box

Lun & Tyng singing
Ern choosing songs

Lun & I after a lot of songs

Ying was reading manga in the dark karaoke box with the aid of her handphone backlight!

Toy Story 3!
The story was random, funny & sad in some scenes


Big Mouth

You are not necessary to have a big mouth to eat in BIG MOUTH RESTAURANT (da jui ba cha can ting -- in mandarin)..

My uncle, cousins & I had our Saturday dinner in BIG MOUTH RESTAURANT which is kind of new in Sri Petaling. It is somewhere around De 3 and Capri, near Hotel Sri Petaling & The Store.

Let the pictures tell our experience there and how it tickle our taste buds

This is our order list

Tyng was occupied with her new Samsung Corby Wi-Fi

The twins as usual
One was drawing, one was observing + comment-ing

Ying, our family artist that draw everywhere she goes

I am so lazy to rotate this picture actually
I apologize if you actually tilt your head or laptop to look at it
If you are not doing it, I apologize again that your brain works a lot harder to interpret it

It was Ying's set of bento rice with fish and bean curb

Ern's set of bento rice with marmite fish

Tyng and I were eating the same set
So, this is mine
Rice + fish with lemon sauce
The mushroom soup on your left is superb!
The salad was not so bad
The fried 'wo tip' on your right was really nice
And not to forget,
the sambal udang kering there just perfect to my liking

Uncle KC's chicken herb noodle

Clean sweep
Except for some lemon there

The price was okay
It was RM81.90 for five of us
You can go there and give it a try next time
Lots more to choose in the menu
Enjoy! =)

We went for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner
*healthy lifestyle*

Chasing behind the twins using my Samsung Wave camera


Saturday, 19 June 2010

For Clothes-a-holic! (gals)

I am not selling anything here
I am just sharing & promoting

Talking about spending my money in clothes, clothes & clothes, there will be a long story.
During this year pre-CNY shopping with my cousins, I found it so tiring to go different shopping mall and boutique just to get something you really love. It was a very frustrated experience as well. We walked and walked, for the sake of time limitation, we just bought something to kill the frustration off. Not only the time we had to choose the clothes or dress was limited, the price is totally a BOMB..

Silly me, I never thought of ONLINE SHOPPING. I am such a newbie in believing online shopping. Then I started to ask around which blogs are reliable with affordable price. People starts to name some and I went to look through it. Some really cost me double BOMB for something simple. Through my journey searching, I found Ladies Fashion. I couldn't believe my eyes in the beginning! Very simple & casual pieces to elegant & sweet with SUPER AFFORDABLE PRICE that you won't believe!

I wonder for some moments before going on to order my 1st piece of clothes. Still wondering how can such a nice thing cost so little. Questions run through my mind.

Was it low quality?
Will it charges me more after that?
Are you sure?

The answer is : I am very sure that it is NOT low quality at all. It is just the price of the clothes PLUS delivery fees. Full stop. With satisfaction & a smile from ear to ear. See, it is WORTH..

Let me show you a few pieces that I had bought it from Ladies Fashion. Most of the pictures are credit of Ladies Fashion.

You can go to the blog to see it yourself here

This is the latest I got for myself
It is only RM22
RM40 for 2

Other colors of choice

An off shoulder black top with stripes singlet
For RM16, if you buy 2 it is RM 30
There are lots more colors of choice and one of it is white (below)

I love this piece!
Turquoise is hard to find, seriously
RM 14 only
RM 26 for 2..
Grey is one of the variation (below)

I bought the PINK kimono top
This is the blog's BEST SELLER PIECE!
Black with blue stripes is the newest stock
RM 16 for 1
RM 30 for 2

I don't have a nicer picture for this
This is my VERY FIRST clothes I bought online
It is a PURPLE top-dress (kind of)
Even my mom LOVES this
*the scarf and heart necklace was my own accessories to match with it*
RM 16 as well..

Believe me, the service is super good, fast & efficient. I used to have it delivered to my house in 1 day to 2 days after my payment.

The believer of online shopping NOW

Say it right..

It has been years (or maybe forever) my name is pronounce wrongly. Sigh =.="

Well, I don't really mind actually and start wondering "Why so tough?"

It is a little bit (or a lot) tough when it comes to different pronunciation in different language.

Yeah, that is one of the interesting part in Malaysia, multi-language.. Lovely, isn't it..

Qi Wen - read as Chi-Wen or Chi-Wern..

Most of the time, I am called as Kee Van... =)



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