Thursday, 15 December 2011

Etiquette Lesson

When I was in Kolej Matrikulasi Johor, we had to take a subject called 'Dinamika Kemahiran' for one semester, that has no major exam for it. What we learned in this minor subject were etiquettes. Everything about etiquettes and lots of role play. We were taught how to greet and shake hands with people around during a social dinner, like whether should a guy held out his hand first or waiting for the girl does it first. Besides that, we also learned the fine dining etiquette and also usual makan-makan etiquette.

Our only exam was having a "Dinner Night", where we dressed nicely and when the dinner is served, teachers are around our table seeing how we scoop the soup, portion of rice in a spoon and how we placed the cutlery while stopping or finishing our food. During my time, they served us nasi beriyani. Teacher's observation around my group's table lasted for only 10 minutes.

That 10 minutes, I only eat the rice and drinking the orange juice, without touching the super hard chicken. Meh, sekali I cucuk the chicken fly away - FAILED how?

Okay, cutting the crap away. This is one thing that we discussed during one of the Dinamika Kemahiran class. It is about the right way of entering and exiting a car!

Teacher: Macam mana korang nak masuk dalam kereta? Kaki dulu ke kepala ke?

Us: Kaki dulu! *confident answer*
(Some even try to imagine the situation, act it out on their own world)

Teacher: Yeke? Itu adalah cara yang salah!

Us: Eh, biasanya masuk kaki dulu... *still confident with own answer*

Teacher: Ok, cara yang betul, kita patut masukkan punggung dahulu. Dah duduk, baru perlahan-lahan masukkan kaki...


Teacher: Macam mana pula dengan keluar dari kereta? Lepas buka pintu, nak macam mana?

Us: PUNGGUNG DULU!!! *This answer lagi super confident*

Even the teacher did the *smack head* act after we answered that..

I don't think I need to tell how, but you can try by exiting the car with your butt first...!


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Buddies :)

Having buddy line in university is something out of the stacks of medical book, something really unique that bring seniors and juniors from different years together. Lined from 5th year down to 1st year, or some of the time we even meet up from the senior that had work as doctor to the very young freshmen in the course..

There will be a photo contest for our own buddy line for my faculty

This is my buddy line, from a houseman to the 1st year
Choosing a very informal picture because this relationship with each other does not only stick academically, even do we did this line to help each other in studies. But, we still able to sit down, have a drink and have fun! Spot the Jenga on the table!

If you like the picture, you can go click HERE to vote for us.. Just a click of LIKE

Thank you :)

P.S - It is okay if you didn't vote, it is just a contest that I join to do something for my buddy line, where we don't have much chance doing it together. Anyway, we have fun having each other!


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


The sole breadwinner of the family
The only person that is willing to drive to take me home whenever I am by only 1 phone call
The only person that will fight with me for a sake of a baby bolster
(Now I'm not home, he has it and told me no longer mine!)
The only person that hold me like a machine gun when I was a newborn
The person that turns me into a Doraemon addict
The only person that climb over the fence to pick up all the durians that fell near the river
Always the most hardworking person duirng after-flood clean up
The one that allows me to complete my piano lesson and exams
The one that complains about me mumbling on the phone
(Because he couldn't hear well :( )
My BM & English teacher at home during primary school
The one that taught me about car
The one that I have my motion sickness inherited from
The one that helped me in my art exams all the time
The only person that calls me 虫 (worm) because of my laziness at home
The one that I have my coffee addiction inherited from
The one that I miss so much right now

Happy 60th Birthday, Daddy!

*My Dad don't like to call it Birthday, he will call it "Cow One"
It is because in Cantonese,  牛一 is birthday!*


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