Thursday, 12 July 2012

Final Year: PPD Camp 3

Before things get serious in hospital, we were sent off to Kem Bina Negara Ulu Sepri, Rembau for our 3rd and last Personal & Professional Development (PPD) Camp for all the Final Year medical students

We had the first one during Year 1 in Ulu Kenas, Perak

We were here in Ulu Sepri on our 2nd camp during Year 3

So, here we are again

No yellow man and Maxis line available here, only lucky Celcom users have full bar!

It was a bit different this camp, the first 3 days were under Biro Tatanegara (BTN)
They gave us talk about our country and introducing us the Perlembagaan Persekutuan with all the Perkara-perkara stated inside

We had morning and evening exercise everyday, divided into groups for small group discussion all about 'kenegaraan' topic

My watch matches with my set of baju kurung
During BTN camp small group discussion, I looked at my watch most of the time, waiting for break

We had no internet connection, no TV here
But, we have 6 MEALS per DAY!

 Our exercise area
Surrounded by trees and trees and trees!
And a river, we even need to cross a bridge to get to the Dewan Makan :)

On the left of this road, stretches of girls' dorms were here!
The guys' dorms were the other side of the camp

We have 146 girls and 89 guys
Yeap, my batch has 235 people

Hopefully all 235 of us will pass as doctors 9 months from now :)

 5A, this was where I slept for 5 nights :)

 Night view of my dorm

 Best friends - Xu Vin & Suganthini
That's my bed 
Blues - UKM's signature baju kurung colour :)

 Went over to 5B for some chat and laughter with friends
Left to right:
Wei Yeng, Yun Ting, Siew Im, Kah Yan, Me :)

Group photo session
My friend sempat lagi take our picture when the people-in-charge busy arranging the others for the session

After 3 days of BTN (finally), the next 3 days were conducted by Faculty of Medicine, UKM
PPD camp 3!
We were still in our group, but this time we were facilitated by HUKM doctors and specialists
So coolio of them to come into the jungle to join us despite loads of work back in HUKM

Oh yea, I'm in Group 8
 Group 8!
My group members and facilitator (in green shirt), Dr. Esa (an anesthesiologist)
This was taken on our last night in the camp

This was taken on Day 4 of the camp
We were given some time to come up with cheers and group flag

Lucky me, my groups had a bunch of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) people
You should see how they were so particular about the flag!
No one can interrupt then or take over their jobs!

Great job!

Day 5 -  Medical Explorace

That explains why we need to come up with cheers and flag!
They even give each group a big piece of cloths for identity
We were free to create anything from it to wear on us during the explorace
 My group weren't very OCD about this
So, we wore it like some pahlawan!

This group was the super creative one!
Look at them, so cool :)

There were 5 stations to run
We started from the furthest station, run run run
Lucky those jogging all these years help!

The first group who reach the finish line are not necessary the winner
It depends on our performances in each station conducted by our doctors

 I've no idea what we were doing that time
I think I'm clapping, but the timing is just so nice that turn me into praying
Yun Ting has the same pose with me at the back XD

 At our 5th station, waiting for our turn

Oh yeah, I forgot to intro my group's name
We called ourselves

The number 8 in the flag was made of 12 orang lidi indicates the 12 of us
Triangle indicates people with triangle personality - with mission and vision (Taught by BTN)

Our camp commandent, Prof Dr Harlina were the one in the final checkpoint waiting for us
She made it like Amazing Race when she announced "You were the 3rd team to arrive"

Overall, we have 20 teams
The color of the identity cloths actually means something
Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
But I'm lazy to explain

A picture before closing ceremony with my pretty 8vengers member, Yun Ting

We were now separated into 5 groups with different posting, each posting 7 weeks
Professional exams will be next April

Time flies
We officially go back to the hospital to face the seriousness
No more ooh ahh-ing

*Some photos courtesy of Dinesh, Asyrab, Mardhiah & Myzarith


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