Monday, 10 September 2012

Not Quite "33 Hours" On-Call

PRHO (a short form for Pre-Register House Officer) is what they call us when we are in Paediatrics posting, which means if your team is on-call today, you'll have to be on-call. If you're the incharge PRHO of the week, you'll have to do 24 hours on-call.

Thank God they allow us to have at least 2 people being the PRHO on-call at a time and we are able to arrange shift with each other or go around the clock together, it's mainly our choice.

With a bit of luck, my first on-call as PRHO started yesterday, yeah, SUNDAY! I was lucky because we have a half day compulsory programme for everyone until 1pm, which means I escaped the on-call for 5 hours. Periyah, my PRHO on-call partner and I agree to do it in shift, from 2pm onwards, at least one of us will be in the ward. So, this was how my day went on.

7.50am : Rise & shine!
9.00am - 2.00pm : MeCCa program and lunch
3.00pm - 6.00pm : Spent 2 hours to sleep and 1 hour to get ready for oncall
7.00pm (Sunday) - 5.00am (Monday) : On-call
5.00am - 7.00am : Nap zZzzzZzz (not a really good sleep anyway >.<)
7.00am - 11.00am : Continue my on-call & morning ward round
11.00am - 12.30pm : Went back to shower and have my lunch
12.30pm - 5.00pm : Back to the ward and then went for seminar (My group is presenting, me included!)

A total of 33 hours here with only 4 hours of sleep. Can't imagine what I will turn into if I really go through on-call 36 hours!! But, currently Malaysia hospitals are using shift system.

The happiest moment when the clock strikes 5.00pm. It is the time for both of us to hand over our PRHO on-call job to the other team on-call after that. *Phew* But, I have to resist being too overjoy about that because I have another PRHO on-call day coming up this Thursday.

Didn't really bother taking pre and post-oncall picture of myself because it is something really common in the course. They might point at me and say "Like that also want to show ah?" Haha.. So I better keep the zombie look to myself :P

This is the only part I isn't really looking forward to, entering the working world so fast. However, with God's will, I hope to face this in less than a year from now :)


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