Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Buddies :)

Having buddy line in university is something out of the stacks of medical book, something really unique that bring seniors and juniors from different years together. Lined from 5th year down to 1st year, or some of the time we even meet up from the senior that had work as doctor to the very young freshmen in the course..

There will be a photo contest for our own buddy line for my faculty

This is my buddy line, from a houseman to the 1st year
Choosing a very informal picture because this relationship with each other does not only stick academically, even do we did this line to help each other in studies. But, we still able to sit down, have a drink and have fun! Spot the Jenga on the table!

If you like the picture, you can go click HERE to vote for us.. Just a click of LIKE

Thank you :)

P.S - It is okay if you didn't vote, it is just a contest that I join to do something for my buddy line, where we don't have much chance doing it together. Anyway, we have fun having each other!




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