Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Last minute study

This week already the last week of my Paediatrics posting
The next time I see Paeds again will be professional exams

Frankly, I'm not ready
I didn't check how much I have cover for Paeds until I took out the guidebook today

Now only I terkejar-kejar want to study Paeds before going to O&G posting next week
In the mess, still got mirror on top of my books!


And I think I have forgotten stuffs in Surgery posting

Since I'm staying in the double room alone, I own 2 tables at the moment
This picture is just random, showing what I did to the other table


Back to my books now, just a brief update



Merryn said...

oh my my.. that's a LOT to study!

HouHouSek said...

goodluck =P

Jennifer FurFer said...

O.O Wow! Ganbatte! Good luck!


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