Saturday, 16 September 2006

a t3ddy b3ar st0ry

Here's a wonderful story that really touched me before.

A girl and a boy felt in love with each other at the first sight. So, they started to date. Each day, the boy would give the girl a teddy bear. The girl accepted the gift happily. Days went on and a bear for a day. Each time, the boy would hand the girl a different teddy bear. She accepted the gift happily everyday. She kissed him and told him she loved him very much. But, the boy just gave her smile everytime and kissed her cheeks. The girl felt quite sad that the boy had never said "i love you" to her before. She waited days by days... The boy still did the same, gave her teddy bear everyday and smiled sweetly. What the girl wants was just a simple word from the boy. but yet, the boy still did not do what the girl wanted so much...
So, one day, the girl and the boy met at the bus stop. This time he gave her a bigger teddy bear than those teddy bear he gave to her before. This was the 365th bears to the girl. The girl lost her patience and shouted at the boy.. " Today is our anniversary! You never told me that you love me before!".. But the boy just kept silence and stared into the girl's eyes that was started to flow in tears... He gave her his usual smile. The girl was so sad and threw the bear to the road. Without saying a word, the boy went to the road and picked up the bear. At that moment, the girl shouted "NO!! LOOK BEHIND YOU" CRASH!!!! The boy lied in the middle of the road holding the bear. As the girl approached him, he handed the bear to the girl and hold his last breathe.
The girl went home and looked around her bedroom. She counted all the bears she had placed in the room. THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE.... She hugged the last bear tight and suddenly she heard a recorded voice saying "I LOVE YOU".. That was the boy's voice recorded inside the teddy bear. She went on the pressed the other 364 bears. All the bears were recorded with the boy's voice saying "i love you".......

- appreciate loves one while there are still time and opportunity, do not rush in anything. most important is to think wisely before taking any action no matter it is a small or big matter. Opportunity only came once and if u r lucky, it came twice but not alwiz when u wanted -


draindrops said...

Liked the story. It was very touching. keep up the good work..


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