Sunday, 12 November 2006

ann0unc3m3nt fr0m th3 c30 0f qw3n b|0gg!3


Qi Wen, the writer & CEO of this blog will be out for excursion to SMKCC hall.. The excursion will last for 3 weeks starting on 16th November to 4th December 2006.... This is an adventurous excursion... So, Miss Qi Wen will not have time to update qw3n bloggi3.. Kesulitan amat dikesali... Add a laugh 1st.. HAHAHAHAHAHA....... See you then after 4th December 2006... Will be right back soon after the 'excursion' that just been mentioned above...

Yours sincerely,

Qi Wen
The CEO of qw3n blogg!3

* Signature is not used as this was type in computer.. Only pic available to replace signature..

The CEO of qw3n blogg!3


sam txleong said...

Hahaha... Kesulitan amat dikesali?.. Hahaha... Very long didn't hear the sentence already..


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