Friday, 21 September 2007

1st pu@sa w33k !n kmj

Recall back the first puasa week i had in kmj was not a very good memory about it. But, that's what life is all about. You can't be the person you can be if pressure, tension and discipline are taken out from you life. So, i learn from it.

During the first day of the ramadhan month, I was quite excited about the bazaar that would held in the car park of my college. What made me felt excited about it was the food and of course, the feel over the crowd. Filled with excitement, my roommates and I grabbed quite a lot of the food in the bazaar. The cuisines were nasi kerabu, nasi lemak, mee soto and lots of kuih. Luck was not on my way, I had minor diarrhea soon after that until the next day. It was very miserable for me to wake up at three in the morning to rush to the toilet. I did not attend classes for the next day as i still had stomach disorder and struggled about it.

The whole week was not very good in kmj. The problem was that I could not find food in the afternoon for my lunch. On Monday, Rebecca and I went to the admin cafe, the only cafe opened on that time. At first, we ordered chinese fried rice but later they told us they were out of rice. So, we reordered. When the food were served, the mee hailam was very salty. It was over the salty limit that i could take. It was terrible with the raw tastes of fish balls, vege and carrots. Very unsatisfied, we still had to pay RM2.50 for it and promised not to return during the puasa month again. In the evening, I bought nasi lemak for my dinner and quite enjoyed it. The taste was not bad and it cost RM1.50.

The next day, I had tom yam maggi hot cup. No choice, i went to the koperasi to look for bread. To my disappointment, there was no a single bread. I had the same nasi lemak that evening too. On Wednesday, I was able to grab potato buns from the koperasi for my lunch. I ate it with peanut butter jam that I brought from home. For my dinner, I tried fried mee hoon sold by the informatic science lecturers. All the food sold at that stall was RM1.00. So, I bought it again for the next day but half fried rice with fried mee hoon. That saved some of my money.

Here are some pictures of what I had the whole week. Not all, just part of it.

The nasi lemak I had for two days.

RM1.00 mee hoon.. Delicious....

My Thursday lunch.. Salmon spread with seaweed biscuits....



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