Friday, 25 January 2008

h@lfw@y thr0ugh 2nD s3m..

All right.. It's halfway through the second semester now and my mid semester break is almost reaching its end.. Time to back to college!! Assignments are coming all the way now. Biology and English assignments are the one need to be done in 3 weeks time.

We had lots of lecturer switching at this moment...
My biology lecturer - Miss Zuraidah (the head of biology unit).. I just like her teaching which i can just get what she taught on the spot..
My biology tutorial - Madam Haliza (my block c felo).. So far, so good.....
My biology practical - Miss Fatimah.. Don't really know her well as she's new..

My chemistry lecturer - Mr Qamarul.. Hardly listen to him as he likes to hold the microphone far from himself.. Not really that good in explanation.. Still prefer Mr Saha.. hehe..
My chemistry tutorial - No changes.. Madam Siti Murni...
My chemistry practical - No changes.. Madam Amily Ziana..

My mathematic lecturer - Miss Oh.. Not bad, only my understanding towards math is bad..
My mathematic tutorial - Mr Ednel Ashraff.. He's cool and great... Tall lecturer..

My english lecturer - No changes.. Miss Nur Farita..
My informatic science lecturer - No changes.. Mr Hasnul Hadi..
My cocu lecturer - Miss Nor Faezah.. She's great!!!! We had handball and futsal before with her..



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