Wednesday, 1 October 2008

balik kampung!!!!

Oh yeah, oh yeah.. I know this is a late post of so called balik kampung.. I know (reminding myself).. Just some story about how i balik kampung..


Friday, 26th September 2008..

2 hours of lectures!!! *yaaaaaaa..... NO MOOD!!!* Everyone's mind floating in the air & flew back home.. I got a little headache that time & the lecturer was so DAMN BORING.. Her lectures were actually short.. 2 hours back-to-back.. She spoke very SLOWLY.. Word by word, unfortunate us, she was REPEATING!!!! *blah blah blah blah* Yet, the lectures were actually VERY IMPORTANT.. Pharmacokinetics on metabolism & excretion PLUS pharmacokinetics parameter - Vd, Clearance etc..

After the lecture...
With bags, luggage, huggy stuff or what-so-ever, everyone went to their own destination that will lead them HOME... YEAH!!!! BALIK KAMPUNG!! For those who stays in KL, so sorry to say that there were no BALIK KAMPUNG feeling for them.. Well, it is still holiday anyway...

About me...
Pui Ling & I head to Chow Kit monorail station & got ourselves ticket to KL Sentral.. Balik kampung!!! (overexcited).. Hehe.. Met Shalisha, Hiang Jin, Chui Ung & Chui Yin on the way to KL Sentral..

FIRSTLY, MAKAN!!!!! Not much choice, go makan in McD.. It was about 10.35am that time & we asked the McDonaldian why there was no usual Value Meal that we want.. He told us that they sold Breakfast Set now as it was still early & the VM will be at 11am.. Well, we waited til 11am just to get VM, as it was much more valuable.. 11am, order & makan... (no further details on what I ate or how i ate)

*One funny story.. The set came with french fries which they called it McShakers.. They gave a paper bag wih chilli powder.. You filled the fries in the bag with the powder, SUPPOSE to shake it with your hand holding the top of the bag.. I missed that part & I shaked it madly.. CONCLUSION - Some of the fries popped out of the paper bag.. SHAME...*

12.30pm, we went to the counter to ask where should we wait for our train.. My friend showed her ticket 1st & the fella said she should wait in Platform 1 & mine was in Platform 2.. Ok..

*Terima kasih, encik*

*Turn away*

*What is your platform? 1 or 2??*

*Yeah, you guess it right.. Both of us asked the same question to each other*

*sweat!! SWEAT!!!!*

*Admit - we are forgetful*

Waited for the train from 1pm...... Tick tock tick tock tick tock....

*Here comes the announcement that my train Butterworth-Singapore that was scheduled at 2pm will be delayed to 3.15pn*


Oh gosh... Another hour to kill.. At last, we end up sitting on the floor.. Hehe.. Well, lotsa people did that.. So, normal stuff..

My friend's train that scheduled at 2.23pm was delayed to 3.30pm

*same fate*

*Never ever take a lift in KL Sentral.. My friend & I got into the lift & it was so weird & HOT inside... The lift didn't move, when it moved, it was so drastic.. We were kinda freak out that time but still maintain ourselves that everything is all right.. Luckily, we managed to get out at the level that we got in..*


Sam Leong said...

should concentrate during lectures la... don't memalukan bangsa with the chips...

Ielane said...

Wow! Waited for so long?
Pity pity..But worth it I guess? Coz can balik kampung! =p

Xu Vin said...

yeah delays r a sad case rite. haha. anticipating delays on my flight back. hahah.

qiwen said...

xu vin: yeah.. there's delay all the time.. malaysian time..

ielane: yeah.. balik kampung!!!!

sam: not chips la.. french fries la..

Sam Leong said...

chips are french fries la!


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