Saturday, 19 September 2009

Facts are facts...

Living in this yam-like morphology country in this bluish-green fishball-like earth, things eventually happened outside the box.. Maybe there is no box at all, neither inside nor outside.. Perhaps, inside a square.. Hmm... I am not so sure about it..

Malaysia has been a very interesting country, in terms of the people, the food as well as the way we behave... *wink*

Here are just some *special* facts that i can think of right now.. If you think you can contribute more, leave a comment, I'll add in & the credit is yours.. wakakakak....

1. 'We' (Malaysians) do love to make a place more crowded & meriah. When a lorry that involved in an accident, we will see a lot of people there.. Very helpful people.. Yeah, right.. Only when the lorry carrying stuff like watermelon, durian etc. The people there are trying to get free fruits.. *What a way to save money*

2. All right.. Here comes the siren & the ambulance.. *E-O-E-O* As a good citizen, we give way of cz.. Well, you will see a lot of car behind the ambulance just to avoid the jam.. *Sigh - So smart*

3. Eg. Petrol price will be increased to RM XX.XX after 12am... Then you will see super lots of car in the petrol station.. We love last minute stuff... *like when people pay for the tax during the last day*

4. Oh ya.. When you see a car coming from the opposite side flashing the side small lights at you, you will have to be careful.. It means 'POLICE AHEAD'.. I wonder who starts this signal to tell everyone about that & people understand that better than any other signs that we have to learn during driving lesson... *sweat*

5. Kopi kau kau satu!! RM X.XX bos... Har, so mahal arh?? Tak mau minum la.. *The next day, you will see this man enjoying coffee in Starbucks without complaining...* -by Ern-

I am still thinking.....



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