Thursday, 11 February 2010

Broga Hill ~ CF Camp
Proved that I hiked up Broga Hill
til the 1st peak

31st January 2010 (Sunday)
Departed to Broga..
OUTBAC = Outdoor Broga Adventure Camp
There was a very small hall, a few rooms with double decker beds, toilets, a canopy-like eating place & a lake (i think)..
Had briefing from our camp instructors
Ice breaking
Got into our room (free-style *wink*)
I was in a room with Felicia, June, Yvonne, Ping Peng & Catherine..

Outdoor challenges (Freaky challenges)
Rock climbing
Flying fox
Leap of fate (or) death

It was so hard to explain it here...
I didn't bring camera
My pictures were here and there

I was in Group 5
With Pau, Amelia, Joan, Adrene & Angeline

Went kayak with Shalisha..
Both of us fell into the lake due to some very fast actions & mistakes
The instructor fell in as well
But he ran away after that..
Pau fell in when he tried to rescue Shalisha
I didn't know how I go out of the water so fast
Kinda left Shalisha behind that time

BBQ dinner
That was the nicest BBQ chicken wings I had..

Light up the logs in the middle
Used to see that in movie
That was my 1st experience as well
But it was so WARM that we had to fan ourselves
We sang some songs & play games

We were required to find stuff around our place
One in the list was 3 bottles of water with different sizes
My group reached 1st but we joined the person-in-charge singing with guitar
They didn't know we reached
So, when all the group reached, we considered last
We were clocked about 18 minutes 42 seconds when we were there more than 10 minutes ago
Well, we wouldn't mind anywhere.. Hehe
Then we were asked to drink all the water in the bottles
My group had bottles which were 500ml, 600ml, 1.5L...
Amelia was sent to another group in the game
So we cheated by pretending to drink and pour the water at the same time

1st February 2010 (Monday)
Woke up 5am
Walked to the entrance of Broga Hill..
It was kinda tiring for people like me (yang very lousy stamina)
All thanks to Lynn, Adrene, June & Jonathan..
For the support...
Thanks God for the motivation..
I paid attention to what was around me..
Even though it was tough, nothing I see was negative
I realised how great God is
The journey up the hill, the pathway, the obstacle
Nevertheless, the people around me
If it was not them, I might miss the chance of seeing something greater

We got to see the sunrise..
It was wonderful..
I was injured from the Leap of Fate a day before
But everything was so worth it~

Got to know a lot of new people..
Lynn, Adrene, June, Catherine, Huan Ching, Yvonne, Joan, Gina, Angeline etc
Thanks so much for all...


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Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

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