Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Cookie Museum



I've not been to this place yet, but I've tasted 2 types their cookies
Here's their official website, take a look! It is so CLASSY!

Founded in 2004, The Cookie Museum is located at Esplanade Mall, Singapore
Together with their unique and awesome HAND MADE cookies, they also have more to offer, such as:

Master Blended Tea, with great name like Botticelli's Birth of Venus and Raphael's First Kiss
Signature Liqueur Teacakes (FIRST in Singapore to serve original real liqueur cake!)

Here's are some of the recognition making this a place to be proud of:

Voted " The Best Cookies" in Singapore - Her World Magazine June 2008
World 4th Finest Tea Room -
Featured as a uniquely Singapore Souvenir - The Official Guide & Map of Singapore

First of all, just want to thank my uncle and aunt for getting us these cookies during our Chinese New Year because totally an eye opener for me and my tongue get to taste something real AWESOME!

*Drum roll*
(imagine it in your mind lol)

Don't ya just love the very classy and elegant container
Well, if you focus enough, yeah, it contains LYCHEE cookies

LYCHEE cookies!
It may not look really that awesomenicewtfish here, but if you're a lychee lover
Or someone that loves sweet cookies, here's one for your tongue to fall in love with!

Coming up is my FAVORITE!

Nasi lemak lovers, you can now screaaaaaaammmm!!!!!!

Yes right, you got it right
I can already imagine the nasi lemak cookies dancing in joy inside!

There you go, NASI LEMAK cookies
I told you, I told you.. It taste exactly like a pack of typical nasi lemak here
I was in awe when I first tasted it

I even insist to eat it when I have terrible sore throat
I miss them now!

Aunt told me they even sell LAKSA cookies *drooling*

Now, there's a new place for you guys have tea and cookies in Singapore, as well as souvenirs home!

The Cookie Museum
8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall #01-02/04, Singapore, Singapore 039802



Hilda Milda™ said...

Nasi lemak cookies? :O Wow!

Kelvin Tan said...

OMG! What strange cookie flavors. hahaha

Isaac Tan said...

ooo, who bought it for you? so nice!

missyblurkit said...

that is now on my list of to visit next month. Cookies!

hmmm I wonder if I will actually want to try the nasi lemak cookies. Sounds kinda weird:P

Henry Tan said...

wow! even got cookie museum? and nasi lemak? really WOW! but what they should have is.... COOKIE MONSTER! LOL

Anonymous said...

how much did the nasi lemak cookie box cost? br, jonas


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