Thursday, 17 May 2012

Niko Niko Onigiri

After dealing with challenge after challenge in my studies, finally I'm back to clear the thick dust and spider webs that were built up months ago. I was struggling to complete my 4th year, where I need to sit again for another paper in order to get into final year. Lucky me, a second chance was given to sit for the exam again. I'm very grateful that I passed the exam and I'm here officially starting my journey as a final year student. Phew~


This is mainly a post for Japanese food lover, especially if you love lots of rice in combination with seaweed - Onigiri

I myself, the first timer in this outlet as well - Niko Niko Onigiri located in Sri Petaling
Just somewhere right beside The Store Sri Petaling
This shop is still a newbie around the area with the size of half of the shop 

Being away too long not blogging, I sense the loss of sentence building in this post. Forgive me for that.

Lots of onigiri to choose from with 4 different prices
They are really nice to explain to us what's inside and how they made them

The main focus here is the Onigiri set that I ordered
2 Onigiri + Miso soup + Salad + Side dish
RM 7.90 for the set, it is quite affordable for me

Miso soup and potato salad
My pictures were pretty bad here even though I had a few tries to have achieve a better one
It was still horrible, I mean the picture
However, the food is pretty descent to me

Fresh salmon onigiri
I guess all onigiri looks the same in every picture, except you take a bite and capture again
Well, I forgot about taking picture once I had a bite on the Onigiri
So huge that I need both hand to eat them, I can't reach for my phone at the moment to take picture
Tyng also busy om nom nom already.. Haha :)

Other than fresh salmon onigiri, I picked Potato Onigiri
The other fresh salmon onigiri in the previous picture was a victim of Qi Tyng's hungry tummy
Halfway om-noming the second Onigiri, I started to feel kind of full
It is either the Onigiri is really that big or I have to admit my tummy too small

Anyway, I fully recommend the onigiri here. Just so good that you would want to go again.

The super cute side dish for the day
6 small pieces of hot dog with cheese
I can't help, this dish is just too cute and funny for me
Nothing much special though for this one

The colorful chopsticks, some are longer than the other

Try the Japanese curry rice too, my uncle likes it :)



FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

i always pass by this place! the outlet looks so small but i didnt know that they serve so many stuff! :) wanna try it soon

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Xue Ren said...

nice place! will visit one day! :D


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