Sunday, 12 August 2012

Korean Cuisine: Restoran Po Cha

Quick post! 

It's 9.42am now, the UKM bus is waiting at 10.30am
I just came back from Teluk Intan yesterday at 2pm because none of my housemate wants to stay there, so I come back to re-wash my laundry again, discard some stuffs
Attached to Hospital Teluk Intan for 3 weeks in Surgery, will still go there in my next time in Paediatrics, O&G and Internal Medicine posting

Even though only less than 24 hours, never fail to call Tyng and Andrew out for a dinner together

Andrew brought us to Restoran Po Cha, a very traditional Korean restaurant
Everything is in Korean
Luckily they have English in their menu

Forgive me that I can't recall the name of the food
I'm typing this in rush!

Tyng and I

This one is really good, not really spicy for me
But really hot!
There are tofu, sausages, cabbages and pork inside

Side dishes

Potato and carrot slices seasoned with black pepper

Ok, me no like this

You just can't miss this, isn't it 

Sausages, simple enough

Eat all that with rice, super yummy!
Their rice is really different from the one I have everyday
But, very filling 

This is the best of the best!
It is a pancake made up of vegetables and seafood
Seafood Pancake!

This restaurant is somewhere near Ampang Point

It costs 3 of us RM62 for this dinner

Okay, 9.51am already, I need to get ready and go now!

Hope I can update during the Raya break :)



Kelvin Tan said...

Oh my. Looks very red and spicy but you say not spicy? Wonder what's your level of spiciness that you can take. LOL

Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

It was spicy for me but I kind of liked it too.

Andrew Chong said...

I love the pancakes!

josarine said...

I know that most people prefer Japanese food over Korean, and some say Korean food is shit... bt i've no idea why i like korean food. lol!


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